Gucci Abyss nail polish for spring 2015

gucci abyss nail polish spring 2015Pictured: Gucci Abyss nail polish for spring 2015

Gucci Abyss is a new, limited edition nail polish color introduced by Gucci for the spring 2015 season. This deep, navy blue nail polish is a beautiful deep blue hue; and an easy color to wear this warm weather season.

Shades of blue are a huge color trend for the spring 2015 season. This makes Gucci Abyss nail polish perfect to wear during the spring season since navy is in the blue family! This navy blue hue has a nautical feeling to it, and the dark saturation of the color makes it ideal for transitioning from winter 2015 into spring 2015. Love that!

I tested out Gucci Abyss nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The polish lasted eight days before chipping! I love that about Gucci nail polish. It is always long lasting. Another feature about Gucci nail polish to love; the application brush, which is really easy to use. The nail polish glides on easily and smoothly with the soft, medium width brush. There are never any streaks, and the mess is minimal.

The color difference on my nails in the photo above is due to the position of the sun when the picture was taken. I missed golden hour so I had to take the picture in direct sunlight. This caused an odd reflection on the side of the nails. Trust me, the color is even and luxurious. 🙂

Gucci Abyss nail polish for spring 2015 is limited edition. It can found exclusively online here.

Navy and stripes


Pictured: Earrings: Stephen Dweck (old, also love SAVE or SPLURGE) / Lipstick: c/o Laura Mercier “Strawberry Sorbet” / Top: JCrew / Bracelets: Tory Burch (similar), Beau Bijou / Nail Polish: Chanel “Orage” / Skirt: JCrew / Handbag: c/o Jill Milan (on sale!) / Shoes: Valentino

One of my favorite colors to wear is navy. Navy blue is a color which makes me feel confident; and the color is just as slimming as black. I also feel like navy is a great alternative to classic black during the warm summer months. So, instead of a little black skirt this summer season, I am opting for the little navy skirt! This skirt will work well with many different blouses and tops this summer and will carry me through the warm fall temperatures we enjoy here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do you have a favorite, classic color you enjoy wearing as an alternative to black? If so, please share!

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Chanel Magic nail polish review from the Nuit Magique collection


Photo: Chanel Magic nail polish. One base coat, two coats of color, no top coat. Photo taken in direct sun. 2013©

Chanel Magic nail polish is one of two new, limited edition nail polish colors from Chanel’s fall/winter 2013/2014 special collection “Nuit Magique.” This beautiful, dark yet sparkling collection was inspired by Chanel’s own autumn/winter runway, ready-to-wear runway collection. Magic by Chanel is a deep, dark blue which is the perfect shade of navy in a cream nail polish.

Chanel Magic nail polish is a brilliant segway from fall’s Alchimie and Mysterious nail polish colors by Chanel. This classic navy blue hue blends well with both winter’s color palette and resort’s brighter color palette which includes shades of blue as well as hues such as pink and green that play well with navy blue nail polish. Love that!

In addition to working with the current color trends, Chanel Magic nail polish is a dark color which will prepare nail fans for what is to come this spring; black nail polish. That’s right! Chanel will be re-promoting Black Satin nail polish in spring 2014. Remember when “Black Satin” came out the first time and it sold out in stores within 24 hours? Grab a bottle now before history repeats itself!

I tested out Chanel Magic nail polish with one base coat and two coats of colors; no top coat. The polish is dark so it shows chips easily. Magic by Chanel only lasted four days on my nails, but to its’ credit, I did a lot of housecleaning during those four days so I may have sped up the chipping process. If I had used a top coat, Chanel Magic nail polish would have lasted longer on my nails without chipping.

Chanel Magic nail polish is limited edition and a beautiful blue hue! If you are a blue fan like me, grab a bottle before it is too late! Chanel Magic is priced at $27 and can be found at Chanel Boutiques as well as

There are other navy blue options for nail polish at softer price points. Here are a few beautiful dark blues and navy blues which won’t break the bank.