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Can’t get enough of my . . . Gucci Princeton mules

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Wearing classic black Gucci Princeton Mules

I can’t get enough of my . . . Gucci Princeton Mules in classic black! When the Gucci Princeton Mules first started trending last year, I instantly fell in love. They offer classic, effortless styling with just a bit of understated glam. This is totally me!

My personal style is California Casual with a touch of glam. So when the Gucci mules started appearing everywhere, I knew I needed a pair. Although they have been designed in so many different colors and patterns; it was the classic black style which drew my eye. I knew I would wear them often; and I was right!

This pair of classic black, Gucci Princeton Mules has been in my closet for a year now. I have worn them throughout the year, in all four seasons. You can see in this post a sample of the outfits I have worn them with; and this is only what has been photographed!

This is a pair of shoes I reach for several times per week; and if my feet hurt from another pair of shoes, I slip into my Gucci mules mid-day for instant comfort. These really are a true pair of go-to shoes. They are comfortable, effortless, and easy to walk in. Last summer, I walked all over Chinatown with my family in these mules, and they were amazingly comfortable!

As an alternative to flats, I find myself reaching for my Gucci Princeton Mules so often that my classic black flats are collecting dust; no joke! I can’t remember the last time I wore any pair of flats other then my Gucci mules!

In the past, I have talked about investment dressing and owning closet staples which can last through anything. These Gucci Princeton Mules are a prime example of an investment piece every fashionista needs in her closet. They are truly classic, and a must-have! I would love to own another pair in a different color; or perhaps indulge in an embroidered pair!

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Do you have a pair of go-to shoes you find yourself reaching for every season?

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