Dior nail polish summer 2021 review Summer Dune

dior nail polish summer 2021

Dior nail polish summer 2021 from top: Dior Mirage nail polish / Dior Hasard nail polish / Dior Dune nail polish / Dior Desert Night nail polish /

The Dior summer 2021 nail polish collection from the Dior Summer Dune beauty collection is here! I love this line of nail hues because it combines vivid, classic colors with unexpected summer shades. Love that!

In the world of nail polish, we started the year off with fresh takes on classic polish colors. As we move into the summer season, we are still seeing edgier variations of timeless nail polish hues as well as a few unexpected colors for the season. I am here for it!

Dior is one of the first designers to release their summer nail polish collection. At least, of the nail polish brands I watch, purchase, and wear, but I digress. . . Let’s take a closer look at each of the nail polish colors in Dior’s summer 2021.

Dior nail polish summer 2021: Dior Mirage

dior mirage nail polish summer 2021

Dior Mirage nail polish for summer 2021 is a bright orange polish. This is the color you want if you like bold, look-at-me hues. I love this color for warm, summer beach days and events. It will also be a fun color to wear if you enjoy wearing white summer dresses and want to add a little pop to your look. Mirage is not for the faint of heart!

I tested Dior Mirage nail polish with one base coat and two coats of colors. It went on smoothly without streaking. Mirage is a cream polish. Love!

Dior nail polish summer 2021 Dior Hasard

dior hasard nail polish summer 2021

For the summer season, Dior has a classic nail polish color to offer with Hasard. This reddish-pink is perfect for a timeless nail look as it is a bright take on a standby color. It’s very pretty, and it is easy to wear with any color palette you choose for your wardrobe this summer season. This is also a good choice if you work in a traditional environment with a dress code.

Dior Hasard is a cream polish which I tested with one base coat and two coats of color. It does not streak and applies smoothly. Love that!

Dior nail polish summer 2021: Dior Dune

dior dune nail polish summer 2021

I am in love with Dior Dune nail polish for the summer 2021 season! This is a dark, neutral polish, with a pink undertone. Dune is a fabulous neutral which can replace any nude polish you might be wearing. It is bold, yet can fly under the radar; making it perfect to wear at the office and everyday. If you work in an environment with a dress code, this polish will be perfect for you. I plan to wear this color the most out of all the shades in the collection. Love!

I tested out Dior Dune with one base coat and two coats of colors. This cream polish applies smoothly without streaking. It’s a winner!

Dior nail polish summer 2021: Dior Desert Nights

dior desert nights nail polish summer 2021

You know I always love a blue hue! When I spotted Desert Nights in the Dior nail polish summer 2021 collection, my heart skipped a beat. I feel like blue has been left out of so many nail polish collections in the last few seasons. Seriously, I was suffering blue nail polish withdrawal!

Normally in the summer months, we see bright blue nail polish colors, and often times we will see sparkling hues; especially from Chanel. This summer, Dior went in an unexpected direction and gave us an obviously fall blue hue. Dior Desert Nights mimics the night sky in a clear desert without light pollution. This night sky is deep, dark, and uninterrupted by street lights and human activity. So of course the nail polish created to mimic this sky would be a dark blue; it is just an unexpected shade of blue for the summer season, but who cares, I am here for it! I am also wearing Desert Nights as I type this post!

I tested out Dior Desert Nights with one base coat and two coats of color. This too, is a cream polish. Oftentimes with darker cream polishes we see streaking, not with Desert Nights! I was thrilled to see two coats was enough to create a smooth, even color on my nails. Love that!

One last thought on Dior Desert Nights nail polish; if you are looking for an investment polish to carry you through the summer, and well into the fall season, this is a great choice. Desert Nights by Dior is an autumn blue, so you can continue to wear it for many months ahead. Love investment polishes!

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick Nude Desert

Pictured: Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Nude Desert / Dior Hasard nail polish / sunglasses / earrings / stripe top /

The Dior beauty collection for summer 2021 includes two lacquer sticks; Nude Desert and Mirage. I only purchased Nude Desert because Mirage was a little too coral for me. Dior Nude Desert lacquer stick lipstick is a fabulous neutral for the summer season. It adds just a hint of color and moisturizes the lips. This color is understated and will play well with any summer clothing I wear. It will also play well with any color I put on my nails! Love that!

If you are looking for a fabulous neutral lipstick this summer, Dior Nude Desert lacquer stick is it! It is a great color to wear daily, and if you work in an environment with a dress code, this is a classic, understated hue you can wear to the office daily.

Shop Dior nail polish summer 2021 online:

So are you in love with the nail polish hues from the Dior Summer Dune beauty collection? I know I am! Which color is your favorite?

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dior summer 2021 nail polish and lipstick collection review

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick review

chanel rouge coco bloom lipstick plumping lipstick review

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks from left: Zenith 122 / Season 126 / Dream 116 /

Chanel has a new lipstick! Get excited!! The new Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick collection is a hydrating and plumping lipstick line which offers strong pigmentation and shine. Love!

I don’t do fillers, so plumping lipsticks are always a fun way to plump up the lips. Normally, when I try a plumping lipstick, there is a tingling sensation as the lipstick has an ingredient which irritates the lip skin, which in turn, makes the lips plump up. Chanel would never do that to us. There is nothing irritating about this lipstick. That being said, I didn’t really see a plumping effect either. So, there’s that. . .

This lipstick does do something which I love. Chanel’s Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks offer the pigmentation of a cream lipstick combined with the moisture and shine of their regular rouge coco lipstick collection. This makes the Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick collection the best of both worlds; pigment and moisture. Love that!

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick

Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipsticks from left: Dream / Season / Zenith / sweatshirt / sunglasses / earrings / nail polish /

I am a huge fan of Chanel’s various rouge coco lipstick lines. They are always moisturizing, and they offer the right color when I need it. If you are looking for a lightweight lipstick with strong pigmentation, but don’t want to wear a liquid lipstick or a cream lipstick, then this is your new lipstick!

For spring, I purchased three colors, which you can see above. I plan on purchasing lipstick from this collection again in future seasons. The pigmentation combined with the lightweight, moisturizing formula, makes this a great alternative to a cream lipstick. Love!

Shop the Chanel Rouge Coco Bloom lipstick collection online:

What do you think of this new lipstick collection?

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ShadeM Beauty liquid lipstick review

shadem beauty liquid lipstick review vegan liquid lipstick

ShadeM Beauty liquid lipsticks C/O ShadeM: online here /

ShadeM Beauty is a fabulous company which creates beautiful make-up that can worn by, and enjoyed by, anyone of any shade. Love that!

Created by beauty experts with over seventeen years of experience in the industry, ShadeM Beauty was created with a love for make-up. The founders have mixed-ethnicities, and knew there was a void in the industry with so few beauty brands representing all ethnicities and skin tones; as well as being represented through visual identity and stories.

Liquid Lipstick is perfect for days and occasions when you want your lip color to stay put; without drying out your skin. What I love about ShadeM Beauty is that their liquid lipstick does exactly that; it stays put, offers vibrant color, and doesn’t dry out the lips. Love!

cruelty free liquid lipsticks shadem beauty vegan

Three ShadeM Beauty liquid lipsticks pictured: Fierce 5 / Vivid 8 / Mauj 6 /

There is a shade for everyone at ShadeM Beauty. Whatever your skin tone, there are many colors which will work with your coloring. Their color offerings also work with any type of personal style. If your style is California Casual like me, there are toned down hues you will love (like me!), and if you enjoy pushing the style envelope, there are bold hues for you too! I love a brand which offers something for everyone.

My skin tone is medium, and my personal style is on the conservative and casual side. I consider my personal style to be California Casual with a touch of glam. For my medium skin tone, 100% of my ancestors came from Italy, so while my skin isn’t as olive as my Mother’s, it still has a Mediterranean tone. My two favorite hues from ShadeM Beauty are Vivid 8 and Desrose 10. Vivid is a fun pink for going out and Desrose is perfect for all my Zoom calls, and my future in-person businesses events.

Speaking of video conference meetings and calls, ShadeM Beauty offers vivid hues which look great on-screen. If you take a lot of video calls, or enjoy filming videos, these liquid lipsticks look amazing on camera as well as in person.

Shop ShadeM Beauty liquid lipsticks online:

ShadeM Beauty is halal certified, PETA approved-vegan friendly, cruelty-free, caring and giving, made in Italy, and embraces and celebrates cultural diversity and self-expression. You can find the entire collection online here.

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ShadeM Beauty liquid lipstick in Vivid 8

shadem beauty liquid lipstick vivid review

Pictured: ShadeM Beauty in Vivid / ShadeM Beauty in Desrose (below) / earrings / sunglasses / spring nail polish / stripe puff sleeve top /

ShadeM Beauty liquid lipstick in Desrose 10

shadem beauty liquid lipstick desrose review

*ShadeM Beauty gifted me their liquid lipstick collection. All thoughts and opinions are my own.