Top 5 winter 2022 handbag trends

winter 2022 handbag trends

Winter 2022 handbag trends from top left: bucket bags / structured hobo bags / slouchy hobo bag / mini bag / mini gold bag / black pouch bag /

The new year is bringing us updated handbag trends to look forward to! We have a few new trends, as well as a few continuing handbag trends to enjoy. Love! Without further ado, here are the top five winter 2022 handbag trends to look forward to!

1. Bucket Bags

mansur gavriel it bag

Buckets bags are back! If you invested in a fabulous Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, then you are all set! Or, you might want to add to your collection. Bucket bags for winter 2022 include small versions of the handbag style, as well as round, pot-like versions. Look for the size and silhouette which suits your style and lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with a bucket bag!

2. Hobo Bags

hobo bags winter 2022

This continuing trend from 2021 has been tweaked! Winter 2022 will offer both structured and slouchy hobo bags. Any shape of a hobo bag is hotter than hot for the winter 2022 season, as well as into the new year. Look for small, medium, and large versions of hobo bags. You cannot go wrong with any hobo bag. Choose the silhouette and size that makes sense for your lifestyle and personal style. This is a great everyday bag you will find yourself reaching for all the time. It’s about time the hobo bag came back to the handbag throne!

3. Micro mini bags

mansur gavriel mini cloud wristlet

Micro-mini bags are back in style, and the trend is huge! Unfortunately, the size is not. If you like to carry a lot of items around, you know, things such as a phone, wallet, etc., you might be out of luck. This trend works when you only carry lipstick, one credit card, and a housekey. Hey, I can do this for a formal event when my husband has roomy pockets in his suit. Otherwise, I choose a larger bag; but that’s just me. You do you.

4. Metallic Bags

chloe aby lock it bags 2020

Metallic bags are hot right now. While gold bags are the current trend, the rest of 2022 will bring more metallic hues to choose from, and to covet. Pick a metallic hue that works for you, and you’ll be hotter than hot as you move through the 2022 year.

5. Pouch Bags

pouch bags winter 2022

Pouch bags are still here! While this handbag trend has matured, pouch bags are still hot on the street, and flying off store shelves. They are turning into a great daytime or evening bag since pouch bags are roomy and chic. Love this trend! You might already own one, so you’re all set for 2022! If not, pick one up in a neutral color so it has staying power.

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There you have it! The top 5 handbag trends for winter 2022. Which one if your favorite?

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Vegan leather puffer jacket

vegan leather puffer coat jacket puffy down
vegan leather puffy jacket

Wearing: sunglasses / statement earrings / vegan leather puffer jacket / berry hued long sleeve tee / G buckle belt / structured hobo (color on sale!) / dark wash jeans / fall nail polish / faux fur boots /

During the winter months, your jacket or coat is your outfit. It covers any tops you may be wearing, so it might as well be fabulous.

This year, puffer jackets and puffer coats with horizonal, large quilts, are everything. While there are plenty of metallic, and brightly colored puffer jackets this season, I was in the mood for a classic black version of the trend. I found this vegan leather puffer jacket with attached hand covers and fell in love. The brand is turning into a highly sought-after label, and I can see why!

The jacket is lightweight yet very warm and comfortable. Plus, the way the collar stands on its own, is fabulous. I am in love! If I lived somewhere with snow, or more cold weather, I would definitely pick this puffer jacket up in more colors! Since I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, I only need one. Our weather swings from the 40’s on up to the 70’s, so one jacket is all I need.

We snapped these pictures before enjoying a yummy lunch at Dough Zone in Cupertino. It’s a fairly new dumpling place that is very good. The Dan Dan noodle were delicious, and their soup dumplings were amazing. If you are local, I recommend trying it out! It’s so good.

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What do you think of the puffer jacket and puffer coat trend? Are you rocking it?

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vegan leather puffer coat jacket

Color of the Year 2022 Very Peri

The color of the year is here! How pretty is “Very Peri” from Pantone?! This is the first year in a long time that the color of the year isn’t one of the top colors from New York Fashion Week’s spring color palette. While shades of purple have been gaining popularity for some time, this particular shade was a surprise! A good surprise, in my humble opinion.

Periwinkle is a fabulous shade of purple because it has the most blue of any purple hue. It can easily be described as half blue and half purple. Personally, I put periwinkle in the purple family because my eyes see more of the purple than the blue; even though they are evenly mixed. Although, Pantone describes it more as a blue, and they place it in the blue family. They are the world color authority, so they know!

If you go back and look at the spring 2022 color palette, you will see several blue hues, and one purple. Very Peri is a great color to tie them all together. As we move into 2022, you may not always see this exact shade of Very Peri. Use it as a guide and gravitate towards shades of blue and purple. Designers are showing various blue and purple hues which range from pastel, to vivid and bright. There is a shade of blue and/or purple for you!

I found a few fabulous items around the web which are in the periwinkle family. If you want to rock this color now, here are a few options to get you started!

What do you think of Very Peri for 2022? To read more about the color of the year 2022, please visit

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