Parker Ranch Trail

Parker Ranch Trail is an easy-to-access trail which is located on the border of Cupertino and Saratoga in the South Bay. It wraps trough a rural, hilly open space adjacent to a neighborhood. If you are looking for a challenging trail, you don’t have to drive on dirt roads to find, this is your trail!

I would place Parker Ranch Trail in the medium difficulty category as the trail can get steep fast. The steep portions of the trail don’t last a long time, so if you try to steer clear of steep trails, this one isn’t too bad.

Since Parker Ranch Trail is located in a neighborhood, there are several trailheads located in the neighborhood, but please, be respectful and don’t block driveways, park illegally, or park on a cul-de-sac. I recommend trying to park on Prospect Road since this is a main street. The main trailhead is located on Prospect Road and offers a flat start to the hike; which is always a good way to warm up your muscles.

Shortly after starting the hike, you will find yourself crossing the street and being met with a steep set of stairs. These take you up into the open space portion of the trail where you can hike up to spectacular views of the valley in a short period of time. Love!

The views after the staircase are worth every breathless moment as you will be able to see clear across the valley. As you continue on the trail after the staircase, stay to the left. The right will lead back to the neighborhood, but the left, will lead you through the open space and on a great workout!

Parker Ranch Trail is very popular, and parking can fill up quickly since there isn’t a dedicated parking lot. I recommend going before 9am and parking on Prospect Road. Again, please be respectful of the neighborhood if you find yourself parking on a side street.

The main trailhead is located on Prospect Road between Parker Ranch Road and Beauchamps Lane. Enjoy!

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