Summer 2018 fitness routine

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Summer starts tomorrow! So I am switching up my fitness routine for the summer season. What I love about the summer season is that I have more free time to get in really good workouts. It is also a time when I can include my kids in my fitness routine. Love that!

My goal this summer is to work off ten pounds. I hope to lose a pound a week; I know I can do it! I use MyFitnessPal to track my workouts and caloric intake. Everytime I use it, it works like a charm! It’s an easy numbers game; stick to the calorie count, workout, and voila! A pound a week will vanish. Love it!

Here is my summer fitness routine:

Monday: Cardio and weights, 60 minutes (interval and strength)

Tuesday: Spin class with my daughters (cardio)

Wednesday: BodyCombat class (cardio)

Thursday: The Drop (interval and strength class)

Friday: Spin class with my daughters (cardio)

Saturday: Family hike or swimming laps with the kids (easy cardio)

Sunday: rest day

It is important to mix up cardio, interval training, and strength training. By mixing together different workout types, it works differing muscles groups, enabling a good overall workout routine.

I’m excited about my summer fitness routine because I have the time to mix together the right types of workouts into my schedule.

What are you doing this summer for fitness? Which workouts are your favorite?

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Family hike with PARA’KITO

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My family and I love to go hiking. It is such a fabulous way to explore nature, and sometimes, local history! In fact, we love being outdoors. All of my kids are in scouting, so they love to camp, hike, and just be outside. The one thing that drives me crazy about being outside, is that I get eaten alive by mosquitoes! It’s not just me, my kids do too!

We have tried everything to make our outdoor play-time comfortable; and mosquito bite free. Candles don’t seem to chase them away at outdoor mealtimes, and spraying on mosquito repellant is, well, quite repelling! Ew. I can’t stand the stickiness, the smell, and the need to shower as soon as I get home. Spray-on repellant always leaves me with dirt stuck to my skin too. It’s just gross. My kids feel the same way; I’m not alone in this thinking! That’s why I am so thankful for PARA’KITO!

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PARA’KITO mosquito repellant is a game changer. Instead of spraying sticky repellant on your skin, PARA’KITO has created a unique blend of essential oils, a patented slow-release technology, mosquito repellant pellet! These pellets can be inserted into sporty bracelets, and clip-ons. We love the bracelets! They are so easy to wear, and they keep all the mosquitoes away! Love that!

We recently explored a local hiking trail which showcases Saratoga’s quarry history. There were a few remaining artifacts from the quarry along the trail which made for some fun education for my kids. The trail is named the “Saratoga Quarry Park” and it also offers picnic tables, and a beach volleyball court. The views of the valley foothills is picturesque; and you can even see some small vineyards along the way!

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There is also a pond along the trail, and the Saratoga Creek runs through the parking area. Of course, where there is water, there are mosquitoes! So glad we were all wearing our PARA’KITO bracelets! They kept us bite free, and after the hike we were able to hop in the car and go out to lunch without worrying about stinking like mosquito repellant; or having dirt stuck on our arms!

The PARA’KITO pellets don’t just work in California’s climates. They can be worn in any climate, temperate weather, and even in tropical weather. Love that!

You can find PARA’KITO online at

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Housecalls with the Heal App | at home doctor visits in the Bay Area

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Life is so busy! The older my kids get, the more activities they are involved in. Couple this with my husbands’ work schedule, my work schedule, home-schooling two kids, and our volunteer schedules; and that doesn’t leave much time for anything else! If someone in my family needs to schedule a doctor’s appointment, it throws our entire schedule out of whack; not to mention traffic here in Silicon Valley makes it nearly impossible to keep a tight schedule.

Since I have three kids, we are always trying to fit doctor appointments into our schedule. When I heard about the Heal App, I was intrigued! The Heal App is an easy way to schedule a doctor appointment in your own home. You can pick a day and time which works well with your schedule, and you don’t have to fight traffic to get to it on time. I found I could schedule a doctor’s appointment at a time which was convenient for our family’s schedule. This was groundbreaking for us!

My son just turned ten, so it was time for his annual check-up. Since it is baseball season, my son’s baseball schedule has overtaken our calendar. In addition to his schedule, my two daughters have sports, music, Girl Scouts, and volunteer work on the calendar. There wasn’t a free day to bring him to the doctor! Thankfully, the Heal App has weekend appointments, so we were able to squeeze in an appointment for him between his baseball game and my daughter’s archery practice. Love that!

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My son’s doctor arrived for our 2pm appointment on time with a Medical Assistant and a suitcase full of equipment. They were warm and friendly, and my son was instantly relaxed and happy. They set up their tools on our coffee table and hung an eye chart on the wall for the exam. After they were set up, we went over his medical history, and talked about any concerns with his health that I might have.

It was a really fun appointment for my son; who doesn’t love being comfy in their own home during an exam! He told me after the appointment that he enjoyed having his appointment at home and preferred it to going into the office for the exam. He also liked that he wasn’t exposed to sick patients in the waiting room at the doctors’ office. For an annual exam, I have to agree with him! That is a huge bonus! By using the Heal App, you don’t have to sit in a waiting room where sick patients are leaving germs behind.

home doctor visits san francisco bay area

Here in Silicon Valley we have so many over-scheduled families, couples, and individuals. Not only are we an active bunch here in the Bay Area, we are plagued with some of the worst traffic in the country. The Heal App is an effortless way to reduce stress and schedule a doctor’s appointment on our own time. I love how easy it is to use!

Plus, the Heal App uses our insurance the same way it is used at a doctor’s office, so there isn’t any added cost to using the app. Love that! Plus, if an appointment isn’t covered by insurance, a housecall is only $99. That’s a great deal!

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We loved using the Heal App for our son’s ten-year-old wellness check-up. We will definitely use it again in the future! It’s such an easy way to schedule a doctor’s appointment that fits into our busy schedule.

You can download the Heal App onto your smart phone in the App store. For more information, please visit their website at Also, I have a $20 coupon code for my readers! Use coupon code BayAreaFashionista to save $20 off your visit! Love!

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*sponsored by the Heal App. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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