Striped sweater and jeans

striped sweater and jeans how to style a striped sweater

wearing: silver hoop earrings / striped sweater / caramel top handle bag / holiday nail polish / black jeans / black belt / black boots /

In any given season, I have a go-to outfit. This fall season, my go-to outfit has become this striped sweater and jeans! I love how they look together, and I also love how this handbag contrasts the ensemble.

I have been wearing this outfit often, so I snapped a photo on my last trip to Valley Fair to window shop with my mom and also enjoy some delicious udon. If you are local, have you tried Marugame Udon yet? They have two locations, one in Cupertino and one in Valley Fair.

When Marugame Udon first opened at Valley Fair, the line was really long-I mean REALLY long! I knew I wanted to try the Udon, but the line seemed longer than the one at Ramen Nagi, so I kept going back to the line I knew how to navigate at Ramen Nagi. Thankfully, my mom spotted Marugame Udon and instantly suggested we go there, she was even willing to wait in line! Love!

The line moved really fast. I didn’t realize the restaurant was cafeteria style, where you are given a bowl of base udon on a tray, and you can add to it down the line. So, the line is deceiving! You don’t have to wait for a table, it is a quick line for ordering. I wish I had known that sooner! haha

We ended up eating lunch quickly, and we really enjoyed it! I had the BK Udon and I added a soft-boiled egg, tempura, and a potato vegetable croquet. Yum! I would definitely order the same combo again. My only complaint was my egg was cold, as if it just came out of the refrigerator. Other than that, the food was delicious! Again, YUM!

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So, if you are local, I highly recommend Marugame Udon. It is delicious!

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