Gucci Marmont Lady Bag review

gucci marmont lady bag spring 2018gucci marmont lady bag review

Ah, the infamous Gucci Marmont handbag. The Gucci Marmont handbag has been gaining popularity over the last few seasons, and by last spring, it started to push ahead of it’s sister, the Gucci Dionysus, as the IT bag du jour.

So, saying Gucci is having a moment, is the understatement of the year. While Gucci has been having a moment for a couple of years now, it is showing no signs of slowing down. Gucci is the IT designer du jour. There is no designer out there which is showing any sort of effort to knock the crown off of Gucci.

My favorite Gucci Marmont handbags:

Everything Gucci is hot. I. mean. everything! While the hottest Gucci items of the moment include the Gucci Marmont, the Gucci Princeton mules, and the Gucci logo belt, anything with Gucci’s name on it is hotter then hot.

I have been eyeing the Gucci Marmont since last year. After the holidays last year, I almost purchased the black and white striped version of the shoulder bag, but I ended up talking myself out of because it looked too much like my Chanel bags. Despite the fact that I talked myself out of the bag, I still eyed the Gucci Marmont until this season, when Gucci released their spring 2018 collection and it included this beautiful white Lady Bag with a detachable shoulder strap. Love!

gucci marmont lady bag review

One of the biggest trends in handbags for spring 2018 is the white handbag. Also, one of the biggest silhouette trends in handbags this year is the lady bag. In addition, quilted bags are getting more popular as more, and more, designers release their own interpretations of Chanel’s iconic quilted handbag collection.

Since I knew I wanted a white handbag which could fit everything pictured above, I instantly knew the Gucci Marmont Lady Bag was my bag for spring 2018! The Gucci Marmont Lady Bag comes in two sizes; small and medium. This post features the small size. Even with with everything pictured above inside the small sized Gucci Marmont Lady Bag, there is still plenty of extra room for a pair of gloves, a bag of snacks for the kids, and more!

The Gucci Marmont Lady Bag is made from strong calf leather which is scratch resistant; a bonus for those of us with kids! The outside also features one top handle, and a detachable shoulder strap. The closure is a little tricky, but easy to use once you realize it is not the common magnetic closure we are used to with other designer bags. The Gucci Marmont Lady Bag features a latch which you push up to release the flap, and open your bag.

gucci marmont lady bag reviewgucci marmont lady bag review

The Interior of the bag features a zipper pocket, large main compartment, and a slip pocket which is perfect for your iPhone. I was impressed to see how the lining of the Gucci Marmont handbag is extremely high quality. The interior lining is made from strong Ultrasuede which adds a soft, luxurious feeling to the already luxurious bag. Love that!

The quilting on this handbag offers more then the typical square or linear quilting other designers are showing. The Marmont collection offers chevron quilting on the top flap, and back of the bag; while the bottom of the front of the bag offers semi-circle quilts. Another nice touch to the Gucci Marmont handbag collection is the quilted heart found on the back of the handbag. This sweet little touch adds something special to the bag; and my daughters think it is the best thing ever! They really love hearts 🙂

As far as longevity is concerned, the Gucci Marmont ticks almost all of the boxes to qualify as a classic handbag style. Quilted handbags are considered classic, thanks to Chanel, and the Gucci Marmont collection is proving to popular among consumers in all styles; not just one bag from the collection. The Lady Bag is a classic handbag style which never goes out of style; it just enjoys IT status every few years, without ever falling out of favor.

The detachable shoulder strap adds versatility to the bag, allowing it to be worn casually with the strap, or dressier without the strap. The two-bags-in-one factor makes the Gucci Marmont a good buy; even at luxury prices!

I am in love with my Gucci Marmont Lady Bag, and am kicking myself for not buying one sooner. I love how this bag offers a soft body without looking sloppy. So many unstructured satchels look floppy and sloppy. This beautiful handbag does not lose it’s shape, despite the fact that it is soft.

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What do you think of the Gucci Marmont collection? Do you like the Lady Bag?

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gucci marmont lady bag reviewgucci marmont lady bag review

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