Fall IT bags under $1000 for fall 2023

Fall IT bags under $1000 from top left: silver handbag / convertible clutch (hot IT bag) / mini tote bag / hobo bag / small satchel / convertible shoulder bag /

Although we are in an era of timeless, investment handbags, there are a few bags which are more popular than others. For example, this black clutch, which has a hidden shoulder strap inside, sells out as soon as it hits store shelves. It is priced slightly under $1000 and has been spotted on the arms of celebrities; a sure-fire way to become an IT bag.

In addition to bags which sell-out, there are a few classic handbags which are also IT bags due to their timeless appeal, and investment status. You will definitely get your cost per wear out of these bags, and they are all priced under $1000. Love that!

Well, almost all of these IT bags are classic. The mirrored bag, which is hot for fall, is a trendy look. To make a mirrored bag an investment purchase, it would have to become an occasion bag after the trend fades; which you would store in your collection. Thankfully silver mirrored bags can double as semi-formal, or formal bags depending upon the silhouette and size. Before investing in a mirrored bag, think about if you just want it for one season, or if you want it to last. That will determine the size and style you purchase.

The anonymous handbag era is hot, and it is showing no sign of slowing down; as we are currently watching the New York Fashion Week runways for spring 2024. The handbags are logoless, and they exude quality over branding. I love that timeless, chic styles are booming. I am not really a logo girl; I have always loved more of an investment look. Therefore, I am loving this era of handbags!

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Which handbag styles are you loving for the fall season? Are you investing in bags with longevity, or going for short-term trends?

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