Chanel Vibrato nail polish for fall 2015 review

chanel vibrato nail polish fall 2015

Pictured: Chanel Vibrato nail polish for fall 2015

Chanel Vibrato is a beautiful new blue hue from Chanel’s late fall 2015 beauty collection; Blue Rythm de Chanel. This fabulous collection features two blue nail polishes, a blue eye quad, blue mascara, and complementing products which aid in creating a smokey eye look. Love that!

Since blue is my favorite color, I was thrilled to find out this collection would arrive in late fall. The two nail polish hues are a-ma-zing! Chanel Vibrato nail polish is a bright, blue hue which is roughly two shades darker than cobalt. It is a fabulous way to brighten up a dark, fall ensemble.

I tested out Chanel Vibrato nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. Chanel Vibrato is a cream nail polish. It applied evenly and streak free. Perfection.

Chanel Vibrato nail polish lasted a full eight days before I needed to remove it due to nail growth. I would also like to credit this fabulous top coat for making the nail polish long lasting, shiny, and perfect.

The bright blue hue on Chanel Vibrato is a great way to add a little color to your fall wardrobe. Fall 2015 has a lot of dark hues, and traditional autumn hues.

Fall’s mix of browns, blacks, dark green, and dark reds, can fade into the background. With Chanel Vibrato nail polish, an outfit is given a little pop of color which makes the whole ensemble complete and beautiful.

I cannot wait to wear Chanel Vibrato nail polish now, and into fall. It is a beautiful blue color, and easy to wear on a daily basis. Love that!

The Blue Rythm de Chanel beauty collection for fall 2015 is limited edition and only available online here, and here.

Stat tuned! I will be reviewing Chanel Fortissimo nail polish from the Blue Rythm de Chanel beauty collection for late fall 2015 next week!

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