Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano tote review

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Pictured: Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano in cobalt blue

Welcome to the first-ever handbag review on Bay Area Fashionista! Although I have discussed, and recommended, specific handbags before in the past, this is the first time I have written an actual review of a specific handbag. As someone who loves handbags, and is a former Handbag Journalist, I decided a handbag review feature on the blog was much-needed! I know many of you are handbag lovers too, therefore, I believe many of you will appreciate thorough reviews of classic, and current, handbags. I hope to review one handbag per week starting. . .now!

The Saint Laurent Sac du Jour tote is currently enjoying “IT” status on the street. Fashionistas everywhere are choosing the Sac du jour by Saint Laurent as their tote bag, or satchel, of the moment. It is no secret as to why the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour is enjoying it’s moment in the sun. The handbag is well constructed, simple, elegant, and available in a variety of sizes and colors. What’s not to love?!

Since blue is my favorite color, and I was in need of a mini-satchel (yes, I am a huge trend follower), the nano Sac du Jour by Saint Laurent fit my needs of the moment perfectly. I debated with myself for a few weeks as to whether or not I should go with the nano or small Sac du Jour. My final decision was made because I loved the fact that the nano Sac du Jour offers a wide-open interior, while the small Sac du Jour has a middle compartment which, in my opinion, takes up too much room. In addition, Saint Laurent has a slightly larger size in it’s Sac du Jour line-up which is named the “Baby.” This Sac du Jour is closer in size to the small than the nano, and offers a wide-open interior. This is very appealing and makes me wonder if I need the baby Sac du Jour in black in my life! But I digress. . .

The nano Sac du Jour fits perfectly into the mini-satchel trend of the moment. It is a mini bag with a detachable cross body strap. The strap can be worn as both a shoulder bag and a cross body bag; adding versatility to the style. Of course the strap can be detached, and the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano can be worn hand-held as a traditional satchel. Although, holding the nano can be quite cumbersome. The handles are small which does not allow a lot of room for one’s hand. I prefer to wear my Sac du Jour nano with the strap as a shoulder bag. Once in a while I switch things up and wear it cross-body. 

The Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano measures in at 8.5″ H x 7″ W x 4.33″ D. The top handles offer a 3″ drop, and the shoulder strap offers a 20″ drop. There are five metal feet on the bottom of the bag; making it easy to place on a counter-top without worrying about dirtying the leather. Although there is an interior pocket, it is much too tight to use for anything other than storing a couple of quarters, or an emergency safety pin. The interior is soft, luxurious suede; tempting you to touch the interior periodically throughout the day. Not that I do that, ok, maybe I do! Don’t judge 😉

The interior of Saint Laurent’s Sac du Jour nano can fit a fold-over wallet, coin purse, keys, lipstick, and glasses out of a case. As you can see from the photo above, with these items, minus the glasses, there is still a little bit of room inside the bag for an additional item or items.

I purchased my Saint Laurent Sac du Jour in January. After using it regularly for four and a half months, I have found the quality to be superior to that of handbags priced, or valued at, twice the price of the Sac du jour nano. The leather is strong and does not loose it’s shape. It is surprisingly difficult to scratch the leather. I thought it would scratch easily since it is smooth, but that has not been the case. Love that! Weighing in at one pound, the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano is lightweight and easy to carry throughout the day.

My only complaint about the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano is that it is quite small. I would like to be able to fit my sunglasses, in their case, inside the bag. I believe the “baby” size will solve the size issue I have found. Perhaps a baby is in my future! And yes, that does sound funny!

Overall, I rate the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano five out of five stars! I am truly in love. If you are thinking about purchasing the Sac du Jour nano, consider what you would like to carry with you on a daily basis. The nano could be the right size for you, or perhaps the baby size would better fit your lifestyle.

If you have any questions about the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano, or would like alternative information shared in future handbag reviews, please feel free to comment below and/or email me!

The Saint Laurent Sac du Jour nano can be found online here, here, here, here, and here.

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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  • Leandra

    Great review! I love this new feature. I look forward to your future reviews. The sac du jour is beautiful. Love the color

  • Ariel G.

    OMG Love! Your review is on point. This is a beautiful handbag, now you are making me want to buy one!

    • CathyLSG Post author

      Thank you! If you do buy one, you will love it! Let me know which color you choose 🙂


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