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Designer handbag capsule wardrobe

designer handbag capsule wardrobe

From top left: Daily bag: drawstring bucket bag (under $1000!) / Formal gala clutch: black clutch / Work bag: classic black satchel / Dinner bag: Gucci shoulder bag (under $2000!) / Daily satchel: black doctor-style satchel / Cross body bag: off-white cross body bag  / Workhorse tote: blue simple tote (under $1500!)

Everyone is always talking about creating a capsule wardrobe which is simple, and exudes minimalism. This can be achieved with handbags too! If you are trying to buy the least amount of handbags you need to get through life, yet still want them to be fabulous, you are in the right place! This is an example of the perfect designer handbag capsule wardrobe.

There are seven types of handbags you need in your designer handbag capsule wardrobe to cover every occasion in life. These bags should be classic, and in a neutral hue, which will never clash with your attire. If you are building a designer handbag capsule wardrobe, it is best to stick with black, grey, white, beige, and tan. Why is there a blue tote pictured? Well. . .we will get to that 😉

When building the perfect designer handbag capsule wardrobe, it is important to pick styles within each handbag category which are classic and will not immediately go out of style after one season. These bags need to have longevity so that your hard-earned money isn’t wasted on a trendy item. Capsule wardrobe handbags should be simple, free of adornments, and offer clean lines. I have chosen my favorites in each category, and included them in this post.

Without further ado, here are the seven bags we all need in a designer handbag capsule wardrobe!

Daily Handbag: This is the bag you want to be able to reach for everyday. Your daily handbag should be sturdy, sleek, easy to wipe down, and have room for extras. A bucket bag or hobo bag is perfect for grabbing to run out of the house. It can take you from errands to a little league game to the mall. This is the bag you will use all. the. time! I own the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag pictured above and love love love it! It is perfect for everyday use, and fits all the extra things my kids always want me to hold for them. This bag offers sturdy construction, and can handle heavy weight inside of it; such as five water bottles, an iPad, and a DSLR camera. Yes, I have stuffed those items inside, and it worked like a charm!

Daily Satchel: Sometimes you want a more structured look for everyday wear. A hobo or bucket bag might not have the right look for running from a ladies lunch to the supermarket. A structured, daily satchel made from a sturdy fabrication which offers an understated look is perfect for days when you want to look put together, but still have a hectic schedule. I own the Givenchy Antigona daily satchel pictured above and love it! I have had it for several years and always stuff it with heavy items. The leather is sturdy and can really take a beating. It cleans off nicely, and keeps on working hard for me! I highly recommend owning one as part of your designer handbag capsule wardrobe.

Evening Clutch: This Bottega Veneta clutch is on my wish list! Everyone needs one classic, formal evening clutch in their wardrobe. This clutch is ideal for gala events, cocktail parties, and anything formal. I recommend getting one with a hidden shoulder strap for when you want to be hands free. If you like to hold a drink, and grab passed appetizers-you need a hidden strap!

Dinner Bag: This is your go-to semi-formal bag for dinner, the theater, and going out in general. I love the Gucci bag pictured above, or you could invest in a classic Chanel 2.55 or Chanel classic flap.

Cross Body Bag: Everyone needs one cross body bag in their handbag capsule wardrobe. This is the bag you will use at amusement parks, for travel, and anytime you go somewhere you want to be hands-free. This Chloe bag is a classic, sturdy workhorse bag. It is also roomier then it looks!

Work Bag: Whether you work in an office, or volunteer your time, you will need a work bag in your designer handbag capsule wardrobe. This is a bag you can fit files into, looks structured, and offers a professional vibe which demands instant respect. You may even be able to fit a small laptop inside! I own the Fendi recommended above and love it! It is my go-to meeting bag and fits files, a tablet, and additional odds and ends. It is sturdy and perfect for daily use if you work outside the home. Love it!

Workhorse Tote: So, you may have noticed I advised you to look for neutral colors when it comes to creating a designer handbag capsule wardrobe. You may have also noticed the Fendi tote pictured above is blue! Your workhorse tote is the one bag where you can have fun with color. A good workhorse tote bag can act as a beach bag, a carry-on bag, a park day bag, a shopper tote, and more! You may not reach for it everyday, but your workhorse tote bag will be the large, roomy tote you reach for on weekends, when you travel, need a diaper bag, and whenever you need to bring a lot of stuff with you! Have fun with your tote, and choose a color which reflects your personal style. Mine is blue, what’s your hue?

Well, that’s it! These are the seven types of bags you need to create a classic, durable, designer handbag capsule wardrobe. To be frank, we don’t need more then seven bags, although owning more is fun! If you are limited on closet space, simplify your wardrobe, or want to maximize your dollars, seven bags will do it! I hope you like the ones I recommend, I either own them, or have been eyeing them.

Which types of handbags do you need in your handbag capsule wardrobe?

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Mini bags for spring 2017

From top left: Gucci Marmont Camera bag (huge IT bag under $1000) / brown suede bag (under $500) / YSL mini bag (under $1000) / white bracelet bag (IT bag of spring 2017) / black mini tote (under $1000) / white tassel bag (faux leather under $60) / striped box bag (under $300) / black box bag (splurge and it’s fabulous!)

You might be wondering, “Did I read that right? Mini-bags for spring 2017?” Yup! You read that correctly. Mini bags didn’t actually go anywhere, they are still here and hot for spring 2017.

The runways for spring 2017 told a different story for spring. Designers opted for medium sized bags, small trunk bags, and duffel bags. While the mini bag did grace the runways, it did not dominant the runways like the more practical, medium handbag did. It was most popular on the Paris runways, and when Paris speaks, store buyers listen, and consumers covet. So, we have the mini-bag for spring 2017 as the hottest handbag trend of the season. Just like that!

It is possible you already own a fabulous mini-bag; after all, this is not a new trend. In fact, there is nothing “groundbreaking” about it. Chances are, you have more then one mini-bag in your closet. If so, then you are all set! If not, then now is the time to add at least one mini-bag to your handbag collection.

While mini-bags are not practical for everyday use by those of us with children, they do come in handy for a girl’s night out, date night, or to keep in a work tote for lunch break. No-one wants to lug around their work tote during lunch break. A mini-bag can be pulled out of a bulky tote and offer a nice, light load while on break. Love that!

Since another hot trend for spring 2017 happens to be neutrals, this makes shopping for a mini-bag simple. Look for a mini-bag in a neutral tone you know you will wear often. Personally, I reach for black first, but a nice caramel, light beige, grey, or white will also work well for the warm weather season.

If you are seeking the IT bag of the mini-bag world, then this cute little number by Chloe is the bag you want. If IT does not suit your fancy, here are a few more fabulous handbags of the mini variety which are perfect for spring 2017:

Mini bags for spring 2017:

Camera bags for spring 2017 (also a hot trend, and they are mini too):

Which mini-bag is your favorite? What are your thoughts on this trend for spring?

Top 10 handbag trends for fall 2016

top ten handbag trends for fall 2016

My five favorite handbags from the top 10 handbag trends for fall 2016 from top left: box bag / snakeskin black shoulder bag / mini bag / saddle bag / circle bag

The fall 2016 fashion season is upon us. Stores are starting to stock their shelves with the very best from the fall  2016 runways, and this means it is time to think about the top 10 handbag trends for fall 2016.

The fall 2016 runways gave us many fashion trends to think about for the upcoming cool weather season. The 1970s are still in full swing, and neutrals are the new color palette. Pops of autumn hues such as burgundy, navy, dark mustard, and hunter green will add dimension to our charcoal, black, and white ensembles. Texture, embellishments, and flowing silhouettes will shape the way we put our outfits together. Best of all, our handbags will complete our looks; showing the world how fabulous we really are. Because let’s face it, you are never fully dressed without a handbag, and a bright smile!

There are some handbag trends for fall 2016 which are continuing from last season, and there are some which are emerging for now, and the fashion future. Whichever handbag trend catches your eye, you are sure to find at least one trend in fall handbags to suit your own personal style. So, without future adieu, here are the top ten handbag trends for fall 2016.

Graphic Dimension

Cross Body Satchels

Circle Bags

Fringe, Tassels, and Embellishments

Saddle Bags with a 1970s vibe

Mini Bags


Box Bags (Train Cases) and Camera Bags

Logo Prints

Smartphone Mini Bags


The size of one’s handbag has always been up for debate every fashion season. For the fall 2016 season, we are starting to see a shift from small and mini bags, to acceptance of large bags. As slouchy handbags make a resurgence in the background, signalling a possible rise of the hobo bag in future seasons, medium and large handbags are starting to move into mini-bag territory. So if the mini bag has become a complete bore to you, and cross body satchels put you to sleep, think about investing in a Circle Bag, a Smartphone Mini Bag, a logo fabric bag with vintage appeal, or a soft and slouchy bag such as this one by Proenza Schouler.

There you have it! The top 10 handbag trends for fall 2016. Which handbag trend tickles your fancy? I am looking forward to the Circle Bag trend, the continuing Saddle Bag trend, and getting back into logo fabrics. Perhaps a Smartphone Mini Bag would be handy to have around too.

Happy handbag shopping, and stay fabulous 😉