Puffers jackets and vests for winter 2015

puffer coats jackets vests winter 2015

Pictured, puffers for winter 2015: Navy Puffer Coat / Black Puffer Jacket / Raspberry Puffer Vest

Now that winter is well on its’ way, it is time to think about serious outerwear for the cold weather season. One of the coziest, and trendiest, types of outerwear for the winter 2015 season is the puffer.

Puffers come in many different forms. Puffers come in three distinct styles; coats, jackets and vests. There are also different types of puffers including down, part down, synthetic down, natural stuffing and synthetic stuffing. In addition to styles and stuffing, puffer coats, jackets and vests come in different levels of warmth and many different colors! Whew! That is a lot to think about when shopping for a warm puffer this winter season!

Some of my favorite trends in puffer coats, jackets, and vests this winter season include asymmetrical zippers, winged collars, and mixed quilting. These three trends for winter 2015 in puffer coats help to make this traditional, puffy outerwear both fashionable and attractive. Love that!

I found a few amazing puffer coats, jackets and vests around the web and put them together in order to create the shopping widget below. Many of these styles are selling out fast; so now is the perfect time to buy a puffer coat, jacket or vest. I am trying to decide which one to buy myself! which style of puffer is your favorite for winter 2015?

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