Pre Fall 2014 shoe wish list



From top left: Cobalt Pumps / Purple Sandals / Rockstuds / Grey Tie Booties / Black Bootie / Pewter Booties

Pre-Fall 2014 is hitting store shelves and we are getting a glimpse into the designs and trends store buyers snapped off the runways for the upcoming cool weather season. Grey seems to be the new black; although, sometimes I wonder if black is the new grey since this seems to happen so often now! Open toe booties, shoes with ties, berry hues and cobalt blue are all of-the-moment for fall 2014.

The shoes above are on my wish list for fall 2014. They are a small snapshot into the upcoming trends for autumn. I wish I could buy them all! But alas, I must leave money in my account for things like. . .I don’t know. . .food! So boring.

Which shoes and trends do you like for fall 2014? Are there any colors you are craving for the autumn season?

3 thoughts on “Pre Fall 2014 shoe wish list

  • Leandra

    Ooooooooh I love these shoes. I wish I could afford all of them too. The rockstuds are beautiful.

  • Ericka

    I really love the pewter booties. With today’s weather I wish it was fall right now. toooooo hot!

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