Color of the year 2021 Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

Photo courtesy of Pantone

The color of 2021 is here! Pantone has announced that it is, once again, a double color year. Last time we saw two colors as the color of the year was in 2016. So move over Classic Blue! There is a new color, um-shall we say colors, in town!

Pantone feels that yellow and grey, otherwise known as “Illuminating” and “Ultimate Gray,” are colors which evoke a feeling of happiness, fortitude, and hope. Personally, I feel that with yellow, but the grey is throwing me.

In my mind, grey is dull and sad. While I love it as an alternative to black in fashion and interior design, I don’t look to the color grey for inspiration or feelings; to me it is too sad a color. On the other hand, yellow is well-known to evoke happiness and positive energy. I always love yellow as a ray of sunshine and hope; but grey confuses me!

Pictured: yellow tote (currently sold out, also love this one) / grey loafers / grey scarf /

I am looking forward to enjoying yellow in the new year, but grey will be an accent color for me; not one which evokes any uplifting feelings. What are your thoughts on the color of the year 2021?

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Do you think you will wear yellow and grey in the new year?

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Grey for fall 2014

Is grey the new black? Is grey the new grey? Who really knows. Every few fall seasons grey is the hot new neutral which blends with that particular season’s color palette. For fall 2014, grey is the hottest neutral hue in town. Although grey was not dominant on the runway, store buyers took a liking to the hue and stocked shelves for the upcoming cool weather season with shades of grey.

Grey for fall 2014 is being shown in everything including shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry. There are no rules when it comes to grey. Grey can be used as a neutral and combined with another color or worn alone for a tonal look. Color blocking is also being shown in small quantities for the fall 2014 season and grey is being used in the trend.

There are so many ways to wear grey for fall 2014, and since there are not any rules, you can wear grey any way you see fit. If you like grey, it is a great color to wear on a dress, or jacket, or any staple piece of apparel. If you prefer a little more color in your wardrobe, grey is a great alternative to black. You can find one pair of grey shoes or one fabulous grey handbag and use it all season long as your staple piece of grey.

I found a few fabulous grey pieces for fall 2014 around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Pre Fall 2014 shoe wish list



From top left: Cobalt Pumps / Purple Sandals / Rockstuds / Grey Tie Booties / Black Bootie / Pewter Booties

Pre-Fall 2014 is hitting store shelves and we are getting a glimpse into the designs and trends store buyers snapped off the runways for the upcoming cool weather season. Grey seems to be the new black; although, sometimes I wonder if black is the new grey since this seems to happen so often now! Open toe booties, shoes with ties, berry hues and cobalt blue are all of-the-moment for fall 2014.

The shoes above are on my wish list for fall 2014. They are a small snapshot into the upcoming trends for autumn. I wish I could buy them all! But alas, I must leave money in my account for things like. . .I don’t know. . .food! So boring.

Which shoes and trends do you like for fall 2014? Are there any colors you are craving for the autumn season?