The 3” bangle from Twisted Silver: the ultimate staple

There are very few “must-haves” in a woman’s wardrobe. The main “must-have’s” for a basic wardrobe include the quintessential “little black dress,” a pair of black pumps, a trench coat and a pair of jeans which fit properly. Everything else is disposable year after year; and even those four items may not have the longevity one wishes for. Think about what is in your wardrobe that you have had forever? Is it an apparel item? A pair of shoes? A handbag? A piece of jewelry? Oh back up; it’s jewelry!

Jewelry is the longest lasting accessory and fashion item a woman can buy. It does not get attacked by moths, it does not shrink in the dryer, the dry cleaner cannot ruin it, rain cannot ruin it; there are very few things that can ruin jewelry. This means when it comes to investing in an accessory that will withstand the test of time, literary, jewelry is the way to go!

When it comes to casual, everyday jewelry, there are few staple pieces every Fashionista needs in a wardrobe. Think of these items as the “little black dresses” of the jewelry box. A pair of hoop earrings, bangles, a timeless watch and diamond (or faux diamond) studs. Bangles are classic, timeless and are easy to wear with everything! They can go to work, the park, dinner, the theatre and anywhere you want to be! Fabulous!

Twisted Silver has designed a fabulous set of three bangles named the “3” bangle” which is an amazing, edgy yet classic bangle stack. This fabulous set of bangles is perfect for wearing on its’ own or paired with other bracelets. The three bangles are attached by an edgy chain and offer two Twisted Silver charms which dangle from the chain. The “3” Bangles” bring new meaning to the word “classic.” Love this!

A woman can never have too many bangles. If you do not already have bangles in your jewelry wardrobe, the “3” bangles” are the perfect bangles to include in your collection. If you already have other silver bangles, Twisted Silver’s “3” Bangles” will make the perfect addition to your collection. Love them!

Twisted Silver’s “3” bangles” debut online today at and are priced at $50. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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3″ bangle c/o Twisted Silver

Photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©