Trends from the fall/winter 2013/2014 men’s fashion week runways

Milan and Paris held their fall/winter 2013/2014 men’s fashion weeks last week and gave fashionable men everywhere new trends to covet for the upcoming cool weather season. There were sporty looks, tailored ensembles and cozy fabrics. There were also two distinct color palettes which men will need to watch for next fall.

Designers created collections for men in either dark, dismal colors or bright, festive hues. There were fall 2013 collections which offered deep, dark shades of black, charcoal, burgundy, navy, mustard and green as well as vibrant collections that featured cobalt blue, bright red and yellow.

Overall, men have a lot to look forward to in the fall/winter 2013/2014 season. Here are a few highlights of the fabulous trends men will love from the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week runways:

1)      Blue: The ultimate fall color for men. This hue looks good with almost any skin tone and is easy to integrate into one’s wardrobe. Blue has also been a popular color with designers the past few seasons so men will find they can shop their closets for this color and integrate it into their new fall 2013 wardrobe.

2)      Black: Fall is back in black. Men will find all black looks as well as black paired with bright color or deep, dark colors.

3)      Animal prints: Why should women have all the fun? Men will be spotted in shoes, jackets, sunglasses; and carrying handbags with leopard, cheetah, zebra and more. Meow!

4)      Sporty: It’s hip to be fit, so the sporty look is hot for fall. Look for stripes and sport fabrics which will look gym ready but are really work ready, dinner ready and cocktail ready.

5)      Handbags: Stop stuffing your pockets and losing your sunglasses. Get a handbag already! Handbags for men are popular and the perfect way to keep track of all your stuff. Look for sporty satchels, totes and briefs.

6)      Tailored suits: So here in Silicon Valley we love our California Casual office style; but for fall 2013, get ready to look like you are going to work! Suits are back in a big way and comfortable suits are hot for fall. Look for suiting that flatters, fits and feels good. Also look for single breasted or one button blazers with slim lapels.

7)      Slim puffy jackets: Who said puffy jackets had to make you look like a snowman? Designers created slim fitting, puffer jackets for fall which will keep you cozy and not add weight. Fabulous!

8)      Asymmetrical lines: Asymmetrical lines are no longer just for the girls! Jackets and coats are being shown with diagonal zippers and asymmetrical hems. It’s time for men to get funky. Also, men will find out what women have known for years; asymmetrical lines are slimming. Love that!

9)      Tie dress shoes: Dress shoes with laces are hot for fall. This isn’t to say slip-ons are over, just that tied shoes are fresh and on trend for the fall season.

10)   Color blocking: The trend that refuses to die. Color blocking is hot for fall and works well with the sporty trend. Hopefully you already have this in your closet, if not, then add one color blocked sweater to your wardrobe. Do not over buy this trend, it has been around for too long.

11)   Cozy fabrics: Fall is all about comfort and warmth. Designers are showing soft, slim knits and wools for fall. Look for cozy fabrics which are not too thick. Sweaters are a hot item for fall for men and can easily be worn to work, out to dinner or on the weekends. Stay warm my friends!

OK, so we could not stick to only ten trends and gave you eleven. More information is better than not enough! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous