Spring 2013 trends: bright colors

Although pastels are a hot, up and coming color trend for the spring 2013 season, the bright color trend from 2012 is showing no sign of slowing down. New York and Milan designers favored the playful color palettes for their spring/summer 2013 collections and store buyers have followed suit by stocking shelves and racks with bright colors and even neon hues.

The bright colors from 2013 have carried into spring 2013; this means Fashionistas everywhere can shop their closets for spring before heading out to the store. Save money, love this!

For spring 2013, the most popular bright hues include pink, green, cobalt blue, blue, yellow and splashes of orange. Although emerald green has been the color of the year, shoppers have also been flocking to bright, candy pink for spring 2013. Hmmm . . . looks like emerald may have a little competition this season! Thankfully green and pink look quite nice together, so there shouldn’t be too much competition 

When shopping for colors this spring 2013 season, look for colors which are on the rise and will carry you into fall 2013. Emerald green and blue are two colors which have already been spotted in fall 2013 collections. These colors will make good investment purchases for the year. Pink, whether bright or pastel, is also an up-and-coming color which will make a good investment. Orange is starting to fade, so it is a good color to keep from last year, but try not to overbuy for 2013; it has not shown itself to be important in the fall 2013 collections yet.

Bright colors are easy to wear through accessories or apparel. If you are too shy to wear a bright dress or top, look for a bright pair of pointed toe pumps or a brightly colored daytime clutch. This is an easy way to add a fabulous pop of color to your wardrobe and these items can be worn with several different outfits. More bang for your buck! Fabulous!

We found a few bright items around the web and assembled them into this article. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous