Fablogue.com is THE online shop for fabulous new designers

Fablogue.com is fabulous! Fablogue.com is an “online catalog” of hot new designers where shoppers can learn about the designers as well as buy from them. Fablogue.com carries apparel, handbags and jewelry from new, up and coming designers that you may or may not have heard of. The designer items sold on Fablogue.com are produced in a very limited quantity, which means you will end up with a garment, handbag or jewelry piece that no-one else will have. Love it!

Fablogue.com has a fashion forward and unique handbag collection including new classics such as Annie Handbags as well as Luxury Vegan Bags by GUNAS. The jewelry collection includes sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones set in unique designs. The Silver Single Rose Earrings are AMAZING!

The clothing on Fablogue.com is equally beautiful. There are instant favorites such as the Draped Neck Knit Dress and the Wrap Silk Dress. Fablogue.com also has instant WOW pieces such as thePeacock Gown.  

For Fashionistas seeking new designers, Fablogue.com is the perfect place to shop! The jewelry will also make great gifts this holiday for the Fashionista on your list. Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Abstract Gold Cuff. Handcrafted 18K gold vermeil. Each piece is made to order. Designed by Andrea Corson.
Photo Courtesy of Andrea Corson on Fablogue.com.