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ModCloth SF FitShop review

modcloth sf fitshop review modcloth sf fitshop reviewmodcloth sf fitshop review

I’m so excited! ModCloth has opened an actual FitShop! This is not a pop-up like we have seen in the past. The new ModCloth SF FitShop is a regular brick-and-morter shop. Loving this!

This new FitShop is a fabulous place where you can enjoy a personalized styling session, and try-on everything you love from without wondering if the items you ordered will fit. At the new ModCloth SF Fitshop, you can try everything on before you order it online. Love!

It is really easy to shop at the new brick-and-morter store. You can make an appointment online which works with your schedule. The store will contact you and ask you a few questions before your visit so they can learn about what you are shopping for. This is great because if you are shopping for a special occasion, the store can be prepared with the right looks to show you. Total time saver! For me, I was just looking for some new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe.

I made my appointment online and answered the follow-up questions via email prior to the appointment. When I arrived at the shop, I was greeted by a friendly face, and led back to the fitting room area. There was a fabulous sofa and coffee table set up, which were reminiscent of mid-century modern interior design.

modcloth sf fitshop review

This was a fun and luxurious way to start my appointment. My stylist offered me water, and we sat to talk about my personal style, and what I was shopping for. I want to stress how amazing this would be if you are shopping for a special occasion! I was just shopping to freshen up my wardrobe, but it was still important. This chat enabled my stylist to steer me towards the looks in store which fit with my style. This was such a time saver, and very luxurious!

After our chat, my stylist led me around the store and we picked out the looks I wanted to try on. She did a great job identifying items which would fit into my current wardrobe, and reflect my personal style. I found a ton of looks to try on. It was really fun!

modcloth sf fitshop reviewmodcloth sf fitshop review

The clothing on the floor at the ModCloth SF Fitshop are samples. When I was walking around with my stylist, she wrote down the item numbers of the pieces I wanted to try-on. When we were done, I relaxed on the cute sofa while she grabbed everything in my size from the stockroom. After collecting the items I was interested in, plus a few additional pieces she thought I would like, I went into the fitting room to try everything on.

It was so helpful to be able to try on the looks from ModCloth before ordering them online. I found out I needed to size up in a couple of pieces, and size down in one. It was really nice to touch the fabric in person, and see how the items would look before buying them.

modcloth sf fitshop review modcloth sf fitshop review

It took me awhile to try everything on, but it was so much fun! I found two complete outfits plus a skirt which I can wear with a top already in my closet. I’m so excited about the new pieces I found at the ModCloth SF Fitshop!

After I picked out what I wanted to buy, my stylist and I sat down on the comfy sofa and she placed my order through the ModCloth website. Everything I bought, will be delivered to my house. It’s so nice to shop and not have to carry around a heavy shopping bag! I was able to meet my friends Dawn and Brenda for lunch after my shopping appointment without worrying about bulky bags on my arms. Love that! I will have my items in 1-2 days after my appointment, with free shipping! Yay!

The shopping experience at the new ModCloth SF FitShop was fabulous! It was luxurious and fun. In addition to personal styling appointments, ModCloth also offers appointments with friends! So, maybe next time I will bring a friend and we can shop together! It’s so much fun!

Also, the shop also offers special vintage pieces! The photo below shows a few vintage pieces in-store. The selection was amazing and something to continually check out. I love a good vintage find!

ModCloth offers sizes ranging from XXS-4X, so everyone can shop there! Love that! You can make your personal shopping appointment online at

What I bought from the ModCloth SF Fitshop:

I hope you have fun shopping at the ModCloth SF FitShop!



*sponsored by ModCloth, all thoughts and opinions are my own

modcloth sf fitshop review

How to use the app to shop your screenshots and likes

how to use the app

How to use the app to shop screenshots and likes on Instagram and across social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, might be a question you have asked yourself several times since the new app came out in March. Or, you might be looking at this post and asking your laptop, “what in the world is she talking about?” If you are on Instagram, you have probably noticed the hashtag #liketoknowit on many photos posted by bloggers. You might be ignoring the hashtag, or you may have already been using by liking pictures on Instagram, and then receiving an email with all of your likes which you can shop from your mobile device or desktop; but now screenshots have entered the picture. If you are not on Instagram, you might be confused by this entire post. That’s OK, if you are curious to find out what in the world I am blabbing about, read on.

I was fortunate enough to have one of my enabled pictures re-gramed last week, which meant a lot of new eyes were on my photo by people who normally don’t see me on Instagram. With this influx of new people, brought a large amount of questions. I received several DM’s and a few emails asking me how to use the app to shop screenshots and likes on Instagram because they loved my top in the picture, and wanted to buy it. I was thrilled to have so many people like my top, at the same time, I realized there are a lot of people out there who are wondering how to use the app to shop screenshots and likes on Instagram. So, here is my tutorial! Don’t worry, it sounds complicated, but it is actually really easy to shop your screenshots and likes on Instagram! Love that!

The first thing you need to do is download the app from the app store. You can find the app right here. Once you have downloaded the app, create an account, or login to your existing account. Once you have done that, take a good look at the picture below of the green dress (which happens to be on major sale here) and continue reading.

how to use the app

This photo has been enabled. This means you can like it on Instagram, or screenshot it anywhere on the web and receive all of the links to shop this look in your app and/or via email. How can you tell if a photo is enabled? Well, take a good look at this picture. In the bottom right-hand corner there is a white heart with a circle around it. This is the symbol which tells you it is a picture which you can screenshot to shop. This symbol will appear on photos throughout Instagram and across other social media channels signalling that the photo is shoppable if you take a screenshot and have the app on your mobile device.

The symbol will appear in two colors; black or white. Normally on a dark corner, you will see the white symbol and on a light corner you will see the black symbol. You can see the black symbol in the photo below.

how to shop screenshots on instagram

It is up to the blogger or influencer whether to use the black or white symbol on a photo, so always check the bottom right-hand corner to see if it is there. While these photos appear frequently on Instagram, they can also be shared on other social media platforms. I always share mine on Facebook too, so if you don’t follow me on Instagram, only Facebook, you can screenshot my photos, and other enabled photos, via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and anywhere you see the symbol! You can even shop this blog post by taking a screenshot of the above photo, or the photo with the green dress. Love that!

Now that you know how to identify a photo which is enabled, you might be asking yourself, but how do I shop my screenshots with the app? You can either like the photo on Instagram or take a screenshot of the photo on Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere around the web you find a enabled picture. This will generate an email and place the photo in your app where you can access it. This is great if you are scrolling through Instagram, or the web, and taking screenshots of several photos. Instead of stopping to take action on every photo, you can screenshot them and then access them when you are done web surfing and start shopping, or save them for later when you decide what you would like to buy, or perhaps wait for your paycheck so you can shop.

Once you have the app, you can shop anywhere you see the symbol in the right-hand corner. In addition, the app acts like a visual social media app where you can search hashtags such as #ltkunder50 (which means something in the photo is under $50) or #ltkbump (which is great for finding maternity outfits) or my favorite, #ltkbag (which shows you more handbags than you can imagine!).  You can search any hashtag you are interested in, and find new bloggers to follow and shop from! It is like a catalog of fabulous-ness you can screenshot! Love!

So, definitely download the app from the app store and start taking screenshots of my pictures, and all of the enabled photos you find around the web. It is really addictive, you will love it! Feel free to leave any questions about how to use the app that you may have in the comment section below, or drop me an email or DM.

Thank you so much for your support and happy shopping via screenshot with!

Green dress outfit details:

Gingham top and jeans outfit details:

In the black tie optional photo, I am standing with Wardrobe Oxygen under the balloons during the finale party at the recent rewardStyle conference. Check out her blog, she is amazing!

Black tie optional gown details:


hot to shop with

Monique Lhuillier fall 2016 runway collection available for pre-order


Monique Lhuillier sent her fall 2016 collection down the New York Fashion Week runway on February 13, 2016 at the Skylight Moynihan in New York. The collection was “an artistic expression of an eccentric woman that is cool, relaxed, and rock n’ roll.” Lhuillier designed the collection for her customer who mixes unexpected combinations, and experiments with rich textures for that over-the-top elegance. The result is a collection which is both luxurious, fashion-forward, cutting-edge, and downright covetable.

Well guess what?! You don’t have to wait to shop the collection until August, or September, when the fall collections hit store shelves. The hot new concept  of “see it now, buy it now” is in full swing, and Monique Lhuillier has jumped on the bandwagon. You can pre-order her collection online now!

One of the biggest trends at New York Fashion Week was the concept of bringing the runway directly to the consumer; without the traditional, season-long wait. Many designers have adopted the concept and are allowing pre-orders of their fall 2016 designs, and/or making some pieces available immediately. Love that!

Immediately after Monique Lhuillier’s fall/winter 2016/2017 collection went down the runway, select pieces were available on her website in limited quantities. In order to highlight these shopping options, there was a handbag symbol next to each ensemble which was available for sale on her website in the run of show materials left for guests of the fashion show.

This was an amazing concept, since customers were able to shop select styles from the fall 2016 runway as soon as the last model walked off the catwalk. Then, to add to the excitement, at the end of February, Monique Lhuillier announced her full, fall 2016 collection was available for pre-order online for a limited time! How fabulous is that!

With a nod to the early 1970s, the collection is filled with metallic tapestry lame, paisley printed jacquard, watercolor roses, classic shoulder bags, playful sunglasses, thin belts, and ornate footwear. The collection is beautiful, and you can pre-order it now!

I have my eyes on this beautiful green dress I Instagrammed after the show. I am also coveting this pink coat. This pink skirt caught my eye on the runway, I was so sad I didn’t get a picture of it! It would be an amazing addition to my wardrobe. What are your favorite pieces from the collection?

You can pre-order from Monique Lhuillier’s fall 2016 New York Fashion Week runway online here for a limited time.

My favorite pieces from the runway:

My favorite accessories from the runway: