2017 in review: my top ten nail polish picks

Can you believe this year is almost over? I’m in disbelief! As we head towards the New Year, I have been looking back at 2017, and reminiscing about what I liked, and what I didn’t like. There were so many pretty nail polish hues this past year, many of which are still relevant for the upcoming new year. I loved so many colors in 2017, but these are my favorite ten nail polish hues from this past year.

Christian Louboutin Loubichrome Iii spring

christian louboutin loubichrome nail polish spring 2017

Londontown Fruit Tella spring

Essie Blue-La-La summer

YSL Bronze Fever fall

YSL bronze fever nail polish fall 2017 review

Londontown Star Moss fall

londontown fall 2017 nail polish

Chanel Fiction holidays

chanel fiction nail polish holidays 2017

Diorific Emerald by Dior holidays

dior emerald nail polish holidays 2017 review

Chanel Vert no. 19 winter

chanel vert no 19 nail polish winter 2018 review

Chanel Vert no. 22 winter

chanel winter 2018 nail polish review

Chanel Washed Denim spring

chanel washed denim spring 2017 nail polish

I love so many of these colors! I can’t wait to see which nail polish colors will be hot for 2018. Which nail polish hue from 2017 was your favorite? Which color do you see yourself wearing into 2018?

Some of these colors are still in stock! I also linked to a few similar colors:

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YSL holiday 2017 nail polish Dazzling Lights review

YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection review

YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection: Red Lights and Gold Fire

When it comes to fashion, the holidays are all about sparkles, and festive style. I was looking for something festive in the world of nail polish, to compliment the festive vibe of holiday fashion, and was thrilled to find the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection; so of course I purchased it right away! The collection is back to holiday basics; sparkling red and gold.

I tested out both colors; because they are fabulous! I liked one more then the other when it came to texture; while loving both of the hues. Without further ado, here are my reviews!

YSL Holiday 2017 Nail Polish: Gold Fire

YSL gold fire nail polish holidays 2017

YSL Gold Fire nail polish is my favorite of the two limited edition hues introduced by Yves Saint Laurent for the festive holiday season. Gold acts like a neutral, so it matches everything. This is a color I can easily wear during the day, or rock at an evening soiree.

This is a glitter nail polish. The glitter bits inside YSL Gold Fire are long and don’t stick out, or cause a rough surface. I tested out YSL Gold Fire nail polish with one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. The gold color is sparkling and shiny. The texture is rather smooth; unlike many glitter polishes which can be rough and catch on things. Don’t you hate it when your nail polish snags your clothing? This one won’t! Love that!

YSL Gold Fire nail polish is long lasting, and won’t chip easily. I love how strong it is, and how festive it! This is my favorite of the two colors from the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection named “Dazzling Lights.’

YSL Holiday 2017 nail polish: Red Lights

ysl red lights nail polish holidays 2017 review

This color, YSL Red Lights nail polish, is a beautiful cherry-pink-red. Think of it as a pinkish cherry red. I love the color, and I am not a big red nail polish fan. The pink tinge is just enough to make this an easy red to wear daily without looking too much like a fire engine.

The glitter in YSL Red Lights nail polish is small. This is where the problem comes in. Since the glitter bits are small, they bunch up in the second coat. I used one base coat, and two coats of color. When I applied the first coat, I thought it looked perfect; I should have left it. The second coat is where I ran into the problem. The glitter clumped together causing a rough surface. Next time I apply YSL Red Lights nail polish, I will only wear one coat. Photo shown with two coats.

I love the sparkle in this nail polish. It really glistens in the light. It will be fun to wear with only one coat this holiday season, for special occasions. There is something very festive about this color. It just screams Christmas! Love!

The YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection, “Dazzling Lights,” is a beautiful, classic holiday collection. It has the two colors we really need to get through the holiday party season. I can’t wait to wear them more!

You can find the YSL holiday 2017 nail polish collection online here.

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YSL fall 2017 nail polish Studio 54 review

YSL fall 2017 nail polish collection Studio 54 review

The YSL fall 2017 nail polish collection is here! The YSL Studio 54 nail polish collection for the fall 2017 season is sparkling, dazzling, and so much fun! Love!

Yves Saint Laurent has introduced two sparkling nail polish hues for the upcoming cool weather season. “Bronze Fever” which is a sparkling bronze polish, and “Studio Silver” which is a dazzling white-silver glitter polish, are both glittering nail polishes which sparkle, shine, and make you want to dance the night away!

Metallics are still a hot trend as we move into the fall 2017 season. They graced the fall runways, and they are still hot on the street. Store buyers are also diving into the metallic trend and we will see metallic touches on apparel for the fall season as well as full blown metallic handbags, shoes, and accessories. This means rocking some sparkles on our nails is an easy way to wear the metallic trend everyday, without needing to think about it. Plus, who doesn’t want a party on their nails! Love it!

Here is my review of both nail polish colors from the YSL Studio 54 fall 2017 nail polish collection!

YSL fall 2017 nail polish: Bronze Fever

YSL bronze fever nail polish fall 2017 review

YSL Bronze Fever is my favorite of the two Studio 54 nail polish colors from Yves Saint Laurent for fall 2017. This is a beautiful sparkling bronze hue which is easy to wear during the day. Of course, the sparkles make it extremely festive for evening occasions as well!

I tested out YSL Bronze Fever with one base coat, and two coats of color. I did not use a top coat. The glitter in the polish helps make it really strong, so this nail polish does not chip! It is always nice to have polish on which is worry-free; it makes life a bit easier!

The bronze hue is a great neutral for the autumn season. It can easily be worn with any fall color palette; and it sparkles, so what’s not to love!!

YSL fall 2017 nail polish: Studio Silver

ysl nail polish studio silver fall 2017 review

YSL Studio Silver is a pale, sparkling glitter polish which really kicks up the glitz under lights or direct sun. This is a fun nail polish which I prefer to think of  as perfect for special occasions, or nighttime activities. Of course, it can also be worn during the day, I just prefer it for actual events.

I tested out Studio Silver by YSL with one base coat, and two coats of color. The Studio Silver glitter is a bit courser then the Bronze Fever glitter, so I found without a top coat, it has a bit too much texture; which is on the scratchy side. After one day, I applied a top coat and the texture/scratchy issue disappeared. I highly recommend using a top coat with this one!

With two coats, Studio Silver is a fabulous stand-alone nail polish color. I found with one coat, it could double as a glittering topper for black or vampy nail polish colors. Of course, even with one coat, you would need to apply a top coat to keep it from being scratchy.

Studio Silver is a color I plan to use more as the holiday season approaches. I like it for parties, or as a way to glitz up very dark nail polish. For everyday wear during the fall season, I plan to wear Bronze Fever. In fact, for this transitional period between summer and fall, Bronze Fever is my go-to polish! Love it!

The fall 2017 Studio 54 beauty collection is limited edition, so if you want to add some fun to your fall wardrobe, grab it now!

What do you think of the two nail polish colors from the YSL fall 2017 nail polish collection? Which color is your favorite?