Exploring historic downtown Truckee in the Tahoe area

Last weekend we went up to Tahoe for a quick trip after my daughter’s graduation. We thought it would be fun to have some outdoor fun, and further explore the area. We have been to downtown Truckee millions of times, but we never took the touristy historical walking tour before; I’m not sure why we waited!

If you are heading up to the Tahoe area and want to explore more then just the water and trees, I highly recommend taking the historic downtown Truckee walking tour! It’s really interesting to see the history behind the buildings which line the area. Many of the buildings are well over a century old and hold interesting historical tidbits about the local area. It’s incredible to see wooden structures that have been able to survive for so long; and are so well-kept!

wearing: golden drop hoop earrings c/o BaubleBar / lipstick / black top (under $20!) / turquoise and gold coin necklace worn as a bracelet c/o BaubleBar / Chanel summer nail polish / Chloe bag / side stripe jeans / black wedge espadrilles /

Since I knew we would be walking, I wore my comfortable jeans and espadrilles. Espadrilles are seriously like pillows under your feet. I am so addicted! I wore my handbag cross body which made walking around town a lot easier.

In addition to historic structures, downtown Truckee is flush with amazing restaurants. My kids were in a pizza mood, so we ate lunch at  “Best Pies Pizzaria” where I opted out of pizza, and into meatball sliders. They were so good!

If are downtown and not in the mood for pizza, I recommend “Moody’s Bistro” in the Truckee Hotel, it’s soooo good!

One of our favorite things to do in downtown Truckee is buy fudge! At “Sweets Handmade Candies” in downtown Truckee you can find so many delicious fudges! They make it all in-house, and it literally melts in your mouth. Our favorite flavor is Cookies & Cream. Yum!!

You can also watch them make fudge! It’s fun to see how they make it, plus it reminds you how fresh it is!! Double YUM!

So, if you are heading up to the Tahoe area for a vacation, and want a little break from hiking and water sports during the summer months, I highly recommend taking the walking tour in downtown historic Truckee. It’s a fun way to learn more about the local history, get some exercise, and explore all the cute boutiques Truckee has to offer. Be sure to pick up some fudge! It’s literally the best fudge you will ever eat! YUM YUM YUM!

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Things to do in Tahoe with kids during ski week

Planning a snow vacation? One of the most popular destinations for ski week for residents of Northern California, is Lake Tahoe! It is an easy road trip from the Bay Area, and there are so many things for families to do together. One of the great things about the Lake Tahoe area, is that there are several, easy activities you can do with small children, or kids who aren’t used to being in the snow.

Although our kids have been to Tahoe plenty of times, they have never really mastered skiing. We have put them in ski and snowboard lessons a handful of times, but when you only take lessons one day per year, it is easy to forget what you have learned. So we often fill the week with snow play, activities, and of course, ski lessons!

Here are our favorite things to do in Tahoe with kids during ski week.

Snowball Fight

There is nothing like a good snowball fight, especially in fresh powder. Create teams, or throw as individuals; you make the rules! -just don’t aim at the face, and stay safe!

Learn to ski at Tahoe Donner

If your kids haven’t skied before, then Tahoe Donner is the perfect place for them. This ski resort is the best place in the Tahoe area for new skiers. They have a small ski school where your kids get more individual attention then at other resorts in the area. Your kids will be skiing down these runs by themselves in no time! They really get your kids going, in a non-intimidating environment. My kids have taken both ski, and snowboard lessons here, we loved them all!

Build a snowman

My daughter is a master at making mini snowmen. Isn’t her little snowman cute? Find a patch of snow and create the snowman of your dreams; big or small! It’s a really fun family activity. You can build one snowman together, or each make your own; to create a snowman family!

Make snow angels

Make snow angels! It’s a moment of fun, and it makes a pretty angel in the snow!

Be a kid with your kids

Playing in the snow isn’t just for your kids! You got the vacation day, now it’s time to play! Unleash your inner child and go sledding, build a snowman, engage in a snowball fight, make a snow angel, and more! Just play!


You cannot beat sledding and saucering on snow! There are plenty of snow-play areas around the Tahoe area which charge a fee for snow play. Or, you can find a fresh area of snow off the road and try sledding for free. -just make sure it is safe!

Snowball fight while sledding

Sledding is fun, but having a snowball fight while sledding is a whole new level. Arm yourself with one snowball and everyone gets one shot at a pre-determined target on the way down the slope. Winner take all!!

Spend a day at Northstar

Northstar has a Candle Shop where kids can make their own candles, paint pots, make stuffed animals, and more! It’s a fun way to unwind after skiing, or to spend time while other family members ski.

Ice skating rink at Northstar

If your kids have taken lessons, and have mastered the slopes at Tahoe Donner, and Sugarbowl, Northstar has harder green runs which are good to try before switching to the blue runs. Plus, Northstar’s Village has plenty of fun things to do if your kids only like to ski a half day; like my two young ones.

There are so many other activities you can do with this kids in Tahoe during ski week; even if you don’t ski, or your kids don’t ski. In addition to sledding, snowball fights, ski lessons, and building snowmen, there are plenty of other activities. You can visit one of the outdoor ski rinks in the Tahoe area. My favorite is the Olympic rink at Squaw Valley, but it was recently damaged, and is currently under repair; watch for it to be back in business! In the meantime, there is a pretty outdoor rink at Northstar which is in the center of the village. You can go skating, and also enjoy a yummy meal at one of the restaurants.

We also enjoy taking the kids on easy hikes in the snow, as well as just playing in the snow. Kids can be creative, and can invent their own snow games! Be sure to watch them and ensure they are staying safe.

Tahoe is a giant playground. There are so many fun things to do in Tahoe with kids during ski week that I can’t name them all! If you are looking for a place to stay while visiting, I recommend renting a cabin if you don’t know someone who will lend you one. This is a great way to save money on food, since you can cook your own meals. A cabin also offers the comforts of home which is essential with kids since they tend to get tired mid-day and need to rest. A cabin is easier to relax in then a hotel room.

If you hadn’t thought of traveling to Tahoe with your kids, try it! It’s so much fun, and kids love playing in the snow! If you have additional favorite activities to do with kids in Tahoe during spring break not mentioned in this post, feel free to leave them in the comments below! I would new ideas too!

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Incline Flume Trail review | family friendly hiking trails Lake Tahoe

family friendly trails tahoe area

pictured: view of Lake Tahoe from the Incline Flume Trail

Are you wondering how to find the entrance to the Incline Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe? Or maybe you are looking for family friendly hikes in the Lake Tahoe area? Or, maybe you have heard about the unmarked, yet insanely beautiful Incline Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side of the border? If so, then you have the right place!

We love heading to Tahoe in the fall season. There are less tourists milling around, and the weather is insanely beautiful. It really is the perfect time of year to hike. The trails are not abandoned, but they are far from crowded; this makes hiking a fun experience which is both relaxing and soul rejuvenating.

My husband read an article about the Incline Flume Trail and suggested we hike it with our kids. We are always on the hunt for new, kid friendly trails in the Lake Tahoe area, so I was on board! The trail was described as having spectacular views of Lake Tahoe, a bit of history, and a flat, family friendly trail.

entrance incline flume trail

pictured: entrance to the Incline Flume Trail

The Incline Flume Trail got it’s name from being an old logging flume. It has it’s historical roots in the now defunct logging industry which used to prevail in the area. The article my husband read promised a glimpse of abandoned logging buildings, and remnants of the areas logging past. Unfortunately we did not come across any markings, or structures, which alluded to the trail’s logging past. It is possible they are out there, and we didn’t go far enough down the trail to see them. We hiked for a total of three hours round trip, so roughly 1.5 hours in and out. We did stop along the way for a snack, and we also had a rock climbing break where the kids climbed some big rocks for fun.

hiking trails kids lake tahoe

This rock was a favorite of my son’s

The Incline Flume Trail is a great hike with kids; despite the historical aspects being difficult to find. The trail is clean and well maintained. It is mostly flat, with a few areas boasting a steep edge. If you have small children, or any children, be sure to talk to them ahead of time and warn them not to run on the trail, and to be careful when there is drop off to the side of the trail.

how to find incline flume trail

Steep edge of the Incline Flume Trail; be careful with kids and warn them to not run.

There are very few parts of the trail with this steep edge. The majority of the trail is flat and easy to navigate. This helps make the Incline Flume Trail popular among families, dog walkers, and bikes. Which brings me to. . .

There are a large number of dog walkers at the beginning of the trail. The farther in you hike from the parking area, the less dogs you will see. If you are afraid of dogs, like my daughter, then be prepared to meet up with several dogs on your way into the trail. People hike in pairs, and in groups, with multiple dogs; most on leashes. They are safe dogs, and the owners are responsible, so you don’t need to worry about getting bombarded; just be ready to see them.

In addition to dogs, the Incline Flume Trail is a favorite among bikers. There are small children learning to cycle as well as professional off-road bikers on this trail. Some of the bikes will move quickly, so yield to the side of the trail when they are coming your way. They always say thank you, and are cautious as well as friendly. This is a great trail which attracts polite, nice people. It is beautiful, and a great experience through and through.

picturesque hiking trails lake tahoe

The Incline Flume Trail is bit difficult to find if you are not familiar with the area. The trail is not marked, so be sure to look at your mileage counter on your car, and look for the turnout where you can park. To find the Incline Flume Trail, which is not on GPS by the way, take Tahoe Blvd/28 to Mt Rose Hwy/431. While driving on 431, you will pass the Country Club on your right, and then look for Fairview Blvd on the right, the turnout to park will be .8 miles after you pass Fairview Blvd. A few cars can park on the right, but there is ample parking in the turnout on the left; which is what I recommend you look for.

The entrance to the Incline Flume Trail will be across from the paved, large parking turnout. There isn’t a sign, but there will be other people around, so walk between the parked cars (parked in the dirt across from the paved turnout) and you will see the entrance to the trail. The trail opens up between the trees and displays a beautiful array of trees, with a view of the lake behind you. The views of the lake get better as you hike farther into the trail; so keep going!

I hope you find, and enjoy, Incline Flume Trail! This is my new favorite hiking trail in the Lake Tahoe area so I am thrilled to be able to share it with you. Get out there and enjoy our beautiful country!

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incline flume trail lake tahoe