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Best sunscreens for summer 2020

best sunscreen for face

It’s that time of year again! Temperatures are rising, and we are all starting to head outside a lot; especially this year with so many indoor activities cancelled due to the current pandemic!

When we are outside, it is really important to protect our skin. Sunscreen is a great way to protect ourselves from the harsh UV rays outside. It is important to use sunscreen on our face, lips, hands, and body. I have a few favorite sunscreens which target each of these areas. Without further ado, here are my favorite sunscreens for summer 2020:

Favorite sunscreens for face, lips, hands, and body from around the web, scroll to view:

What is your favorite sunscreen for the upcoming summer season?

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PRAI Beauty 24 hour neck regimen review

prai beauty 24 hour neck regimen review

From left: All products c/o PRAI Beauty / throat and decolletage serum / night cream / day cream /

Sometimes I feel like the neck is highly ignored. We are all worried about our face, and how we take care of it, but how often are we thinking about our necks? Now that I am over forty, my neck is starting to be an area of concern. The neck can often show age before the face, so I definitely want to nip that in bud!

I don’t believe in getting fillers, botox, or other forms of plastic surgery, so the skin care products I use are extremely important. As I grow old gracefully, I want to combat it as much as possible through skin care routines which work. I was excited when PRAI Beauty sent me their 24 hour neck regimen. It looked like a great way to prevent neck aging, as well as a the perfect system for combating current aging.

The PRAI Beauty 24 hour neck regimen features three, easy to use products. I always look for simple routines; I don’t do complicated! With PRAI Beauty, there is a day cream and a night cream, as well as a serum. Easy!

After I wash my face, I use the serum and then apply the cream. The first day I used the serum both morning and night, but then I got lazy and only used it at night. Despite using the serum once a day instead of twice as directed, I still noticed a difference in my skin after seven days. Of course, the creams are working hard too, so maybe I didn’t miss much.

My neck before starting the PRAI Beauty 24 hour neck regimen didn’t show any wrinkles, but the skin was starting to not be as tight as it had been when I was younger. After using the PRAI Beauty 24 hour neck regimen for seven days, I did notice my skin got a little tighter, which is a win! I plan to continue using this system in order to maintain my current neck, as well as keep the skin tight. No-one wants a loose neck! I’m not a turkey. haha

If you want to up your neck skin care game, this is the way! I highly recommend the PRAI Beauty 24 hour neck regimen.

Shop PRAI Beauty online:

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What’s new in my spring beauty bag

spring beauty essentials

What’s new in my spring beauty bag from top left: Perricone MD hand cream / Elemis eye revive mask / Estee Lauder sunscreen spf 45 / Elemis Marine Cream / Estee Lauder Rapid Brightening Treatment Ferment 2 + Vitamin C / Elemis cleansing balm / Elemis Cica Calm cleansing foam / Elemis Cica Calm Hydration Juice / (all products shown c/o of their respective brands)

Spring has sprung! This means it is time to mix up our skin care routines in order to ensure our skin stays moisturized, healthy, and squeaky clean! After all, the pollen is everywhere, and it sticks to our skin. A nightmare for people like me who have spring allergies. Yikes!

The products above are my new lines of defense against spring’s increased sun, wind, and pollen floating in the air. I have been using the Elemis Marine Creams during the warmer months for years. It’s the perfect cream for dry days, and warm days. I love how it keeps my skin even and healthy. The Estee Lauder Perfectionist Pro multi-defense UV protection is perfect to wear underneath the cream for the ultimate SPF protection. Love it!

If you like to swim a lot like I do, the Elemis Cica Calm Hydration Juice is ideal for restoring hydration to your skin. It’s also perfect for windy spring days when it feels like all the pollen on earth is blowing in your face and sticking to you! Ugh!

If you are washing your hands often now due to the current shelter-in-place and virus prevention measures, check out my post about my three favorite hands creams; it includes the Perricone MD hand cream shown above.

While these products were sent to me in PR packages for testing out, they are products I actually use. This is only roughly 20% of the products I received to review for spring. They are brands I also purchase with my own money, and the Elemis Marine Cream I have purchased on my own in the past. I would never recommend something to you just because it was sent to me. I only recommend products I actually use and love. These products are all amazing, I highly recommend them for spring skin care! A few will also stick with me for the summer season such as the Elemis Marine Cream, and the Estee Lauder products.

Which one of these products have your tried and loved?

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