How to fix cracked heels

how to fix cracked heels how to heal cracked heels

How to heal cracked heels from left: heel exfoliator / foot cream /

OK, this is an age-old problem with our feet which occurs every time we are getting ready to show off our feet in our fabulous spring and summer footwear. Ugh! Our heels are cracked! Now, don’t sit there and claim you have never had this problem; everyone has this problem.

For the duration of the winter season, our feet have been hidden away in socks which are hidden inside boots. All of this warmth and moisture has allowed our heels to appear fine. They are not fine. As soon as the socks come off, and the slides, mules, and sandals come on, our heels start cracking like crazy! It is an annual annoyance.

You might already know how to solve this problem, but most people, think foot cream alone will solve the cracked heel issue. I can assure you; it will not solve the problem. We need more than foot cream alone; we need to exfoliate our heels.

Some people might think a complicated routine needs to occur to fix cracked heels, that is not the case. You don’t need to bother with foot masks, sticky stickers with big claims, or other strange routines which do not produce results, or offer too complicated and expensive a solution. There is a really simple way to heal cracked heals, and some of you may already know this routine!

2 simple steps to fixing cracked heels:

  1. Exfoliate: I don’t mean use an expensive product to exfoliate. You can use an inexpensive product which can easily be cleaned and re-used year after year. An exfoliating file is the ideal way to get rid of those cracks and smooth out your heels. They work like a charm! The one I use is no longer made, but the one pictured above has really good ratings and is quite similar to the one I use. It should do the trick!
  2. Foot cream: After exfoliating, wipe off your heels and apply foot cream. L’Occitane makes a great cream which helps soften heels. I recommend applying it morning and night; and as needed.

That’s it! If your heels are really, severely cracked, you may need to do this a few times before you are happy with the results. Otherwise, I do this once a year and it works like a charm! Of course, I keep using the foot cream throughout the spring and summer seasons. Now, if winter would go away so we can actually have some sandal weather!

Here are a few products to help make your feet fabulous for sandal season!

If you have any other simple solutions to healing dry, cracked heels, feel free to comment below!

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