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Pictured from top:

1) ModCloth Fit Shop store front at 222 Grant Ave., San Francisco. 

2) Dresses from left: red dress, red plaid sweater, navy dress, red/navy print dress, floral dress, cranberry dress, plum print flowing dress 

3) Store window

4) Peacock pumps

5) Store window

6 & 7) Houndstooth dress, cat purse

8) Fitting room pics from top left: dress, tank top, lace top, plaid skirt, navy top.

ModCloth has opened a new pop-up Fit Shop for a limited time in San Francisco at 222 Grant Avenue. This exciting concept allows shoppers to work one-on-one with a personal fit stylist who not only helps you find the perfect ensembles, she sets you up in a fitting room, assists you with sizes, and she can even measure you to find out your perfect fit! Love that!

Since ModCloth is an online retailer, the Fit Shop is a great way to try on their clothing before you buy something online. If you have never tried ModCoth before, this is a great way to acquaint yourself with their clothing, and see what your size would be in their apparel. This will enable you in the future to be able to shop on easily! Now THAT is fabulous 😉

I have never shopped from ModCloth before, so when I was invited to check out the store, I was excited to see what they had to offer. As expected, the clothing has a vintage, feminine feel. I loved the vibe of the store, and the wide selection. My Fit Stylist Ashley, was amazing to work with. She was extremely helpful, and knowledgeable. I had my kids with me, and she was very patient with them too; which is fabulous!

Ashley set me up with a room filled with my selections. She also brought me a few extra items to help me create complete outfits. She read my taste like a book! She brought me a fabulous navy top, which I instantly fell in love with!

The concept of the store is to enable shoppers to work with a Fit Stylist who can assist you in finding looks from their online store. While the jewelry, vintage tee’s, and select vintage apparel is available for immediate purchase, everything in the store you try on is a sample. If you like what you try on, your Fit Stylist will order the items for you, and they will be delivered right to your doorstep. This is a nice touch when you are in downtown San Francisco. After all, no-one wants to carry shopping bags around downtown; especially if you have to take BART, Cal Train or Muni home! Can we say clumsy?!!

After visiting ModCloth’s Fit Shop, I now know my size; and I will be able to easily order from the website in the future. If you like ModCloth, or have never ordered from them before, a visit to the Fit Shop is a must!

The ModCloth Fit Shop will be located at 222 Grant Ave., San Francisco, CA, until August 17, 2015. To make an appointment, please call 1-844-FITSHOP or book online here.

My favorites from the ModCloth Fit Shop for fall:

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