ModCloth SF FitShop review

modcloth sf fitshop review modcloth sf fitshop reviewmodcloth sf fitshop review

I’m so excited! ModCloth has opened an actual FitShop! This is not a pop-up like we have seen in the past. The new ModCloth SF FitShop is a regular brick-and-morter shop. Loving this!

This new FitShop is a fabulous place where you can enjoy a personalized styling session, and try-on everything you love from without wondering if the items you ordered will fit. At the new ModCloth SF Fitshop, you can try everything on before you order it online. Love!

It is really easy to shop at the new brick-and-morter store. You can make an appointment online which works with your schedule. The store will contact you and ask you a few questions before your visit so they can learn about what you are shopping for. This is great because if you are shopping for a special occasion, the store can be prepared with the right looks to show you. Total time saver! For me, I was just looking for some new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe.

I made my appointment online and answered the follow-up questions via email prior to the appointment. When I arrived at the shop, I was greeted by a friendly face, and led back to the fitting room area. There was a fabulous sofa and coffee table set up, which were reminiscent of mid-century modern interior design.

modcloth sf fitshop review

This was a fun and luxurious way to start my appointment. My stylist offered me water, and we sat to talk about my personal style, and what I was shopping for. I want to stress how amazing this would be if you are shopping for a special occasion! I was just shopping to freshen up my wardrobe, but it was still important. This chat enabled my stylist to steer me towards the looks in store which fit with my style. This was such a time saver, and very luxurious!

After our chat, my stylist led me around the store and we picked out the looks I wanted to try on. She did a great job identifying items which would fit into my current wardrobe, and reflect my personal style. I found a ton of looks to try on. It was really fun!

modcloth sf fitshop reviewmodcloth sf fitshop review

The clothing on the floor at the ModCloth SF Fitshop are samples. When I was walking around with my stylist, she wrote down the item numbers of the pieces I wanted to try-on. When we were done, I relaxed on the cute sofa while she grabbed everything in my size from the stockroom. After collecting the items I was interested in, plus a few additional pieces she thought I would like, I went into the fitting room to try everything on.

It was so helpful to be able to try on the looks from ModCloth before ordering them online. I found out I needed to size up in a couple of pieces, and size down in one. It was really nice to touch the fabric in person, and see how the items would look before buying them.

modcloth sf fitshop review modcloth sf fitshop review

It took me awhile to try everything on, but it was so much fun! I found two complete outfits plus a skirt which I can wear with a top already in my closet. I’m so excited about the new pieces I found at the ModCloth SF Fitshop!

After I picked out what I wanted to buy, my stylist and I sat down on the comfy sofa and she placed my order through the ModCloth website. Everything I bought, will be delivered to my house. It’s so nice to shop and not have to carry around a heavy shopping bag! I was able to meet my friends Dawn and Brenda for lunch after my shopping appointment without worrying about bulky bags on my arms. Love that! I will have my items in 1-2 days after my appointment, with free shipping! Yay!

The shopping experience at the new ModCloth SF FitShop was fabulous! It was luxurious and fun. In addition to personal styling appointments, ModCloth also offers appointments with friends! So, maybe next time I will bring a friend and we can shop together! It’s so much fun!

Also, the shop also offers special vintage pieces! The photo below shows a few vintage pieces in-store. The selection was amazing and something to continually check out. I love a good vintage find!

ModCloth offers sizes ranging from XXS-4X, so everyone can shop there! Love that! You can make your personal shopping appointment online at

What I bought from the ModCloth SF Fitshop:

I hope you have fun shopping at the ModCloth SF FitShop!



*sponsored by ModCloth, all thoughts and opinions are my own

modcloth sf fitshop review

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