National Sneakers Day 2023

Happy National Sneakers Day 2023! Today is a fabulous day to celebrate sneakers! We all love sneakers because they are comfortable and casual. Of course, in modern times, sneakers are also a fashion statement!

Are you a fan of designer sneakers? Then you might be wearing Gucci or Dior sneakers as we speak! Or maybe you are a cool, street style star. Then you are rocking your Nike Dunks or Air Jordan’s. Perhaps comfort, or always going to the gym is your jam., then you are rocking your Hoka sneakers!

Whatever your sneaker style, wear your favorite pair today and celebrate the fact that we are in 2023 and can wear sneakers and look fabulous!

Today is also a great day to give your favorite sneakers a little TLC. Here is my guide to keeping your sneakers clean and white!

A few of my favorite sneakers from around the web:

What is your favorite pair of sneakers? Do you have any sneakers on your wish list?

Happy National Sneakers Day 2023!


Nike Dunk review

nike dunks review

pictured: Nike Dunk High in olive and white /

It is entirely possible I have been on a sneakers kick the past two years. Ever since I started to have foot problems, I found sneakers were better for my feet than all my fabulous, sky high heels. In moving towards sneakers, my daughter introduced to me to the SNKRS app and the fun street sneakers from Nike.

Nike Dunks are a popular street sneaker which have been in high demand for many years. If you look at people’s feet, you will find people from teenagers through to Generation X, and possibly some Boomers, wearing Nike Dunks. This is a sneaker style and street style trend which transcends age and demographic. Love that!

You can find a few different types of Nike Dunks on the street. There are Nike Dunk Lows which are a traditional, low top sneaker. There are also Nike Dunk Highs which are traditional high-top sneakers, and the SB line which is geared towards skateboarding. Oftentimes, most SB styles are sold in skate shops rather than the SNKRS app or Nike stores. Although, you can find SB styles through Nike sometimes. I did manage to snag one pair!

Once in a great while, Nike will offer the chance to create your own Nike Dunk sneakers! This is really fun because you have many colors available to you, and you can design your own pair with the color combo you want. I have done this twice. Once with Nike Dunk Highs, which I ordered in blue and white, and once with Nike Dunk Lows which I ordered in mint green and a greyish-white hue. Love!

Nike Dunk sneakers are easy to wear with a variety of outfits. Of course, they can be worn with the obvious casual looks such as jeans, chinos, and shorts, but they can also be paired with dresses and skirts for a dressy yet sporty look.

What I love about Nike Dunk sneakers is that they are available in so many different colors! Many are one color plus white, but sometimes you can find them in three or more colors mixed together. They can match a certain outfit or be their own standout piece in an overall look. It is fun to find a pretty color and match it with a look! I also love my black and white Pandas because they go with literally anything! I feel like everyone needs a pair of black and white Dunks, often referred to as “Pandas.”

One of the drawbacks to the Nike Dunks is that the leather is not very soft. It is often stiff and easily creases. If you don’t mind creases, like me, then this will be OK with you. If you want your sneakers to keep their shape out of the box, you might consider adding an insert to the shoe or store them with a shoe shaper. One thing to note, the Dunk’s Nike allows you to create yourself seem to use higher quality leather which does not crease as easily, although they seem to fit a bit more snug than the off-the-rack Nike Dunk’s.

If you are like me, and need to wear orthotics, this can be a bit tricky. The insoles are glued inside the shoes. If you don’t mind ripping them out, it is easy to do. Then you can insert your orthotics. If you don’t want to rip out the insoles, you can wear an arch support band or add additional arch support to the existing sole. I wear mine with an arch support band and I am able to walk pain-free.

You can find Nike Dunk’s directly through Nike, or on the secondary market. Sometimes you will need to enter a lottery or draw through Nike or on the SNKRS app in order to snap up a pair you really want. If you can’t find the color combo you are looking for, you can buy from resellers but be careful! You want to make sure you are buying a legit pair made by Nike. I have linked to my favorites on the secondary market below. These are from reputable resellers, but always inspect them when you receive them to make sure you got the real deal!

There are plenty of colors to choose from through Nike right now. Here are my favorites! Please note, when you click on the black, grey, white pair, you will be taken directly to the create your own Nike Dunk low. Have fun designing!

I hope you enjoy your new Nike Dunk’s! They are a classic sneaker which you can enjoy for years; so, don’t be afraid to invest in multiple colorways! You can splurge all at once or invest in pairs over time. Love that!

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pictured below: Nike Dunk Low in black and white, also known as “Pandas” /

nike dunk review

Nike Dunks review

Nike by you custom sneakers

nike by you custom sneaker air zoom

pictured: Nike by you custom Air Zoom / fall nail polish /

How many times have you looked for a pair of sneakers, and then not been excited about the available colorways? This has happened to me so many times! Over a decade ago, Nike started letting customers customize sneakers through their website. The original service was known as “Nike ID,” but has since evolved into “Nike by You.”

Every once in awhile I have gone onto Nike’s website and customized sneakers for myself. The last time I did this was in 2017, so it has been awhile! Normally I would customize a pair for either the gym or running. This time around, I wanted a neutral pair to wear as a street sneaker. I decided to customize a pair of Nike Air Zoom sneakers, and I love the result!

The Nike Air Zoom sneakers, which frequently appear on their website, often have a wavy design on the side. It gives off 1970s vides and offers a colorful look. I wanted the arch support and comfort of the Air Zoom, without the retro design and eye-catching colors, so when the Nike by You Air Zoom was offered in two designs, the wavy version and this woven version, I decided to customize the woven version!

The woven Air Zoom has a fresh look to it, and I love how Nike weaves fabric with leather. It has a nice texture and a modern look. I mixed a couple neutral hues and created a sneaker I can wear all year long, with pretty much anything. Love!

So, while you are putting your fall wardrobe together, and having trouble finding the right sneakers, check out Nike by You! There are several types of shoes you can customize, and Nike rotates the styles you can customize. Have fun with it!

Shop the various customizable Nike by You sneakers currently online:

What colorway will you create?

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