Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Dior Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 and New Year’s 2020

dior holiday nail polish collection 2019

Dior Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 collection from left: Diorific Charm nail polish / Diorific Dream nail polish  / Happy 2020 Diorific Diorama top coat / Diorific Passion nail polish /

Can you believe holiday nail polish is already hitting store shelves?! Not only has Dior released their Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish collection, they have also released a sparkling top coat for New Years 2020! Whaaaaa-aaaat????

Yup! The Diorific nail polish holiday 2019 collection is here, and it’s fabulous. There is a pretty, classic pink which is slightly darker than the pale pinks we have seen in the last few seasons. It’s a beautiful winter pink, and it’s perfect for everyday wear! In addition to pink, Dior also released a cherry red hue, and a fun purple shade. To make these colors more festive, the Diorific New Years 2020 glitter top coat incorporates all of these hues, and make any mani ready for a party. Love that!

Without further ado, here are the three Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 colors as well as the Diorific New Years 2020 sparkling top coat!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Charm nail polish

Dior Diorrific Charm nail polish holidays 2019

As I mentioned above, this is the perfect pink hue for the winter season. It is understated enough for the office, yet color saturated enough to pack a good punch; while still making a winter statement. This will be my go-to nail polish hue this holiday season!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Dream nail polish

diorrific dream nail polish holidays 2019

Looking for a fun, statement making hue? Diorific Dream is the nail polish color for you! This holiday purple will get you noticed, and blends well with the seasons’ color palette. It also looks fabulous underneath the Diorific Diorama top coat. Love that!

Dior Diorific holidays 2019 nail polish: Diorific Passion nail polish

Diorrific Passion nail polish holidays 2019

Can it be called a holiday nail polish collection without a red? Of course not! Diorific Passion is a pretty, cherry red hue, with plenty of pink undertones. It’s festive and sweet; plus looks fabulous underneath Dior’s glitter top coat, Diorific Diorama Happy 2020!

Dior Dorific nail polish new years 2020: Diorific Diorama glitter top coat

happy 2020 diorrific diorama top coat holidays 2019 dior diorrific nail polish holidays 2019 new years 2020

Happy 2020 Diorific Diorama glitter top coat will help you ring in the new year! Plus, it looks fabulous over Diorific Passion, making it great for Christmas or holiday parties too. For New Years, I plan to wear it over Dior’s purple hue, Diorific Dream. It’s festive and perfect fore New Years! Love that!

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Which one of the Dior hues from the Diorific nail polish holidays 2019 collection do you like best? I plan on wearing Diorific Charm everyday, Diorific Passion on Christmas, and Diorific Dream into the new year. I love them all, which is why I purchased all four for the holiday season! Love!

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diorrific holidays 2019 nail polish collection

Mothers Day gift ideas 2019

mothers day gift ideas

Mother’s Day gift ideas from top left: Tom Ford fragrance / black sun hat / colorful chocolates (under $50) / health conscious bracelet (under $100) / snake buckle belt (IT belt/designer luxury gift) / black bucket bag (IT bag) / camera / spring nail polish (under $30) / sleepwear (under $75) /

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! This means it’s time to gather up some Mother’s Day gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2019. It can be hard to shop for Mom, after all, she gave you life and you want the gift to be perfect. That being said, Mom knows you love her, and you can always show your love on Mother’s Day by helping her at home, cooking a meal, giving her a giant hug, and/or making her a homemade card with love.

Of course, with this gift of love, it’s always nice to show you have been thinking about her. Why not give her something fabulous, and fashionable? I rounded up a few fabulous Mother’s Day gift ideas, at various price points, that I know Mom will love. I hope you love them too, and are able to find the perfect gift for Mom!

Can I give this camera a shout-out? I was tired of lugging my heavy DSLR around to the shows at fashion week, so I picked up this small yet mighty camera to lighten my load. It was fabulous! It goes from manual to automatic mode, and has all the bells and whistles of a DSLR; without the weight. The only thing that sets it apart from a DSLR is that you cannot change the lens, or the flash. It does have a built-in lens which zooms and in and out, but you are limited to it’s range. This is a great gift for the Mom who blogs, travels, or likes to snap pictures everywhere she goes. It’s worth the price! All of my fashion week photos were taken with it, you can see examples here. Love!

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What are planning to give for Mother’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself

valentines day gifts for yourself

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself from top left: heart handbag / iPhone case / lipstick / street sneakers / lip sweater / teddy bear with candy /

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is almost here! Well, some of you might be excited, while others, might be planning a black roses themed day; but to each his or her own. That’s why instead of creating a gift guide for her, him, kids, friends, etc., I decided this year to find things that are fun, and in theme for the day; but that we would like to give ourselves. After all, aren’t we the best at giving ourselves gifts? Also, if your relationship is like mine, my hubby hates shopping. I buy my own gift, give it to him to wrap, then he gives it back to me on the given holiday. Yup, I shop for me! Let’s all shop for ourselves!

I found a few fabulous gifts we can all give to ourselves. Designer street sneakers, a fun designer bag, some candy, a little chocolate, cozy PJ’s, and more! Isn’t that we all want anyway? I hope you love these gift ideas to give yourself!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide to yourself:

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day! What are you planning to give yourself?

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