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Coach Tabby Messenger 19 review

Coach Tabby Messenger 19 review

pictured: Coach Tabby Messenger 19 in Silver Burnished Amber /

How cute is this little messenger bag! I am in love! The Coach Tabby collection is part of the brands’ classic collection, but for spring 2023, they have introduced a new messenger bag which is perfect for everyday wear. Love!

The Coach Tabby Messenger 19 handbag offers a 1970s vibe with modern, cross body practicality. The bag is just big enough to hold a small wallet, iPhone (pro, not max), keys, and a lipstick. There isn’t room for a mask or kleenex in the main compartment, just the essentials. Although, there is an additional exterior pocket where you can store additional, small items. This is the perfect size when you can be a minimalist.

There are several colors available, at varying price points. The burnished amber is offered at a slightly higher price due to the leather treatment process. I sprung a little extra for the color because it offers such a rich brown hue, and the leather is extremely good quality. I feel like it was worth the extra cost.

By modern day standards, this Coach Tabby Messenger 19 offers the same quality as a $3000 handbag, for a fraction of the cost. The leather is thick and strong, the craftsmanship is top-notch, and the style is on point. It makes it hard to justify paying more for a similar bag. If you are looking for a mini messenger, go with the Coach Tabby Messenger 19! Remember, it’s all about investment dressing and quality. This bag has both.

One thing I noticed about the leather on this Coach Tabby Messenger 19 handbag is that it reminds me of the glove tanned leather of the 1990s. While not as thick, you can care for it the same way you did back in the day. The leather scratches a bit when it’s new, then the scratches blend into the leather and create a beautiful patina. If you get scratches right away, embrace them! They will eventually fade away and the leather on your bag will turn into a beautiful patina which only adds to the value and beauty of the overall bag. This is only on select colors, some of the colors offer pebble leather or canvas.

coach tabby messenger 19 interior
coach tabby messenger 19 review
what fits inside coach tabby messenger 19 handbag

The interior of the Coach Tabby Messenger 19 handbag offers a slim pocket which is perfect for notes and receipts. If you plan to make room in the bag by not carrying a wallet, you can use the pocket for cash, credit cards, and ID. There is a snap on the pocket which can secure what you slip inside.

In addition to the interior pocket, there are two outside pockets. On the backside of the bag, there is an opera ticket pocket. Unlike old school opera ticket pockets, this one has a clean, magnetic closure. Love that! You can rest assured your tickets will be secure.

The other exterior pocket is on the front of the bag and can fit small items. This can free up space inside the main compartment of the bag or offer additional space. I haven’t used it yet, but it looks like a good spot for kleenex! This exterior pocket has a small snap closure, again, offering a secure spot for items you don’t want to fall out of your bag.

Speaking of security, the main closure, which is the “C” logo you see on the front of the bag, has a push button for security. This is a good, overall bag for keeping pickpockets away. Love that for travel, festivals, and public transportation!

So, as you can tell, I love my Coach Tabby Messenger 19! I plan to wear her quite often. You can find the Coach Tabby Messenger 19 in an array of colors. Which color if your favorite?

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coach tabby messenger 19 review styled with jeans

Tory Burch Mini Ella Bio tote review

tory burch mini ella bio tote review

pictured: Tory Burch Mini Ella Bio tote / spring nail polish / bracelet /

How cute is the new Mini Ella Bio tote from Tory Burch! It is adorable! This little mini tote features Tory Burch’s classic tote styling with her full size logo on the front, simple lines, and simple straps. It resembles the tote bags Tory Burch has been designing for years and years, but this time, it is made from an eco-friendly material which is dubbed “the bio tote.” Love that!

As designers and brands work towards a more environmentally friendly manufacturing environment, they are also working hard to find materials which are environmentally friendly and downright eco-chic. While we see mostly new and emerging brands working with these modern fabrications, it is incredibly important to see a major designer work with an environmentally friendly material and create an IT bag people will get excited to buy and wear. I am thrilled to see this right now!

The Tory Burch Ella Bio tote collection is available in multiple sizes, but for spring 2023, I decided I wanted a little mini tote in a neutral hue, so I picked out the Mini Ella Bio tote and I am in love! This cute little tote snuggly fits my wallet, keys, lipstick, and iPhone without room to spare. The detachable cross body strap can be worn over the shoulder, or cross body, depending on your current mood. This bag can also be worn hand-held or on your forearm. Love that!

For the spring 2023 season, the Tory Burch Mini Ella Bio tote in available in neutral hues, as well as seasonal brights. I have a feeling the neutral hues will remain in her regular collection, and we will see new seasonal colors every year. This is a simple, practical, eco-friendly handbag, so I have a feeling it will sell well, and become popular. I might have to pick up a black one in a large size! Love!

Shop the Tory Burch Mini Ella Bio tote online:

What do you think of the new bio tote collection from Tory Burch? Are you excited for this new era of environmentally friendly materials in handbags? I know I am!

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Gabriela Hearst Nina review

pictured: Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in black / spring nail polish /

Ah, the elusive Gabriela Hearst Nina bag. I purchased my Nina bag in black several years ago, but never wrote a review on it because the bag sold out in a hot minute. Then, the counterfeiters entered the market in droves, so I held off on a review because the real deal was still extremely difficult to come by. Now that the fakes have stopped advertising online, and the real deal is readily available from a few different stores, in a variety of colors, I decided it was time to do a review. After all, this is a beautiful handbag which is downright fun to have in your collection! Love!

I really love my Gabriela Hearst Nina bag! This is a pouch style handbag with a handle that makes it easy to carry hand-held, or on the forearm. The clasp is easy to open and close, although, due to the very open top of the bag, it is best to put it down on a counter or table when reaching inside.

The interior is quite roomy for a small bag. There is a small pocket inside which is a great for a card you need to reach for, such as an ID or similar. You can also fold dollars or receipts and store them in the pocket slot. Otherwise, the main body of the bag offers enough room for a wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, and glasses case, with a bit of room to spare.

The bag itself is on the dressy side, so while you can wear it during the day to spice up a look, it is a bag I reach for when I go out in the evenings. I enjoy wearing mine for dinner, the theater, or going out at night in general. I have worn it during the day when I am in the mood to wear it instead of a shoulder bag or satchel. Sometimes you are just in the mood for a fun bag!

I know a lot of designer bags these days fail to offer the quality they once boasted, and made thier price worthwhile. This is not the case with this Gabriela Hearst bag. The Nina bag is made from extremely soft yet sturdy leather. In the photo below, you can see the excellent condition of the bag, which I have had since 2018. It is also strong, as I have carried it with my camera inside, as well as all the items you see above. My camera is small, but still adds some weight. Full review here.

At this point, the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag has moved from IT status, into a classic and unique bag that stands the test of time. If you are interested in investing in a bag that is fun, and transcends trends, this is a great choice!

Shop the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag online:

Which color is your favorite? It still sells out quickly, so snap one up while you can!

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