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Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote review

summer 2018 tote bag

pictured: Summer tote bag c/o Brahmin /

Raise your hand if you are constantly on the quest for the perfect tote. My hand is waaaay up! A few weeks ago I attended a dinner in San Francisco hosted by handbag brand Brahmin. The event showcased their new summer collection. After the event, they gifted us with this beautiful Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag. To say I was thrilled, was an understatement.

This tote bag is perfect for both the office and playtime. Keep reading for my full review!

brahmin julian melbourne tote bag review brahmin julian melbourne tote bag

This Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag is a beautiful yet sturdy tote which can be worn for a variety of activities. It is roomy enough to carry a DSLR camera or a laptop, yet compact enough to not feel like a large beach tote. It’s perfect for the summer. I can fit a water-bottle, a wrap for when the fog sneaks in, my camera, and more. This tote is already getting a lot of use by me, it will definitely be getting a ton of use this summer season!

brahmin julian melbourne tote bag interior

The interior of the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag has just the right amount of pockets. There is a roomy zipper pocket, a key fob so your keys can easily be found, two slip pockets which are great for lipsticks, a phone, or receipts, and a slim pocket which is just right for your favorite pen.

This isn’t a tote you will have to worry about allowing it’s contents to spill out. The bag offers a chic magnetic closure which is easy to open and close. Love that!

brahmin julian melbourne tote bag review brahmin julian melbourne tote bag exterior

The exterior of the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag offers a roomy pocket on the backside which is great for a phone or anything you need to reach for quickly; such as a passport, plane tickets, theater tickets, and more. The underneath of the tote features four brass feet which help the bag stand up straight and keep the leather clean if you need to put the bag down. There is also an understated label plate and chic hanging logo; which is understated as well. The stamped croc pattern looks real and gives the bag a fabulous richness. Love!

The exterior of the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag also offers side snaps which alter the silhouette of the bag, and can make interior larger or smaller depending on how much stuff you need to put inside.

brahmin julian melbourne tote bag brahmin julian melbourne tote bag

With the side snaps closed, the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag offers a smaller interior capacity which is great if you aren’t carrying a ton of items. It also slims down the bag, making it really easy to wear over the shoulder. This is also a great way to help keep items inside from slipping out if the bag tips over.

brahmin julian melbourne tote bagbrahmin julian melbourne tote bag

It almost looks like two different tote bag styles doesn’t it! With the snaps left open, the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote bag offers a more traditional, rectangular design which is wide open and roomy. This is ideal for carrying a laptop, folders, and other items you may need for the office. Love that!

All in all the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote is a fabulous workhorse tote which can easily be used for the office and other, more enjoyable summer activities. šŸ˜‰ It’s priced under $300 and comes in severalĀ  beautiful colors. It’s amazing how affordable it is considering all of the luxurious features this tote bag offers. Plus, the construction is exceptionally strong and high quality. Love!

You can find the Brahmin Julian Melbourne tote online here.

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*thank you Brahmin for gifting me this handbag. all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Staud Moreau handbag review

staud moreau bucket bag

pictured: Staud Moreau bag in red /

How cute is this Staud Moreau netted bucket bag! This bag started to pop up last summer when netted bags, straw bags, and wooden bags gained popularity. It wasn’t until this spring that the Staud Moreau handbag launched into cult IT bag status. The most amazing part? It is priced under $500! Love that!

I started to eye this bag last year, but was not sure which color to purchase one in. I liked the tan, but have found in the past that caramel and tan bags end up sitting in my closet. I tend to wear black, white, or colorful bags the most. So when I spotted the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag in red for spring 2018, I decided it was time to pull the trigger and buy one! I am so happy I did!

This fun little bucket bag resembles a flower pot, and for the longest time I didn’t know the official name of the bag. I have been calling it the flower pot bag! It looks like a flower pot inside of a macrame net which could be hung on a patio for decor. I think the flower pot aesthetic is what makes this bag so much fun! I have always wanted a kitschy handbag, but most of them are so specific and funky, I never wanted to spend money on them for fear I would get bored of said kitschy bag, and it would end up collecting dust on a shelf.

The Staud Moreau bucket bag offers a kitschy look without being too far out there; so I am certain I will actually wear it without letting the bag collect any dust! Since this bag is a bucket bag shape, it is super practical!

staud moreau bag interior

The interior of the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag is roomy and open. The round shape, and shallow depth, enables you see what’s inside, making it easy to find everything inside bag. This is what makes the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag practical and easy to wear on a daily basis.

The two handles are comfortable too! It is easy to carry either by hand, or hung on your forearm. The leather, although structured, is smooth and soft; allowing for comfortable handles. The only concern I have about the exterior is the macrame netting. I want to make sure I don’t let it catch on anything. So far, so good! That being said, the netting is quite sturdy, so if it does catch on something, it should survive OK.

staud moreau netted bucket bag reviewstaud moreau bag review

It is easy to fit my daily purse essentials inside the Staud Moreau netted bucket bag. My wallet, iPhone, lipstick, sunglasses, and keys fit easily inside with plenty of room left for the things my kids ask me to carry for them. I love the fact that this bag is roomy. In the warmer months I am always throwing extra items in my bag such as sunblock, small water bottles, and snacks.

All in all, I love this bag! It is super easy to wear as a daily handbag, and the quality is strong and sturdy. I also love the fun silhouette, and calling it my “flower pot bag.”

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staud moreau netted bucket bag

Danse Lente Johnny handbag review

danse lente handbagdanse lente johnny handbag danse lente johnny handbag review

pictured: Danse Lente Johnny in black / pictured below with bag: lipstick / phone case /

The Danse Lente Johnny handbag is so cute! I started to see this bag on the street back in September when I went to fashion week. Many of them are two-tone, and the two-tone bags are the ones I saw the most often on the street. I loved the silhouette and design of the bag when I saw others wearing it, but wasn’t sure sure which color to get it in!

For the spring 2018 season, Danse Lente started showing this mini Johnny in black. I love classic black bags, and since I couldn’t decide on a two-tone version, I decided to go with a solid black one. I’m so happy I did! As you know, black bags are easy to wear; and they transcend season. This Danse Lente Johnny handbag has turned out to be easy to wear daily, without worrying about color. Love that!

I wanted an easy to wear, everyday bag, with an unique look. The Danse Lente Johnny fit the bill! Since it looked bucket style, I assumed the bag would be one open bucket; that is not the case. Take a look at the photo below-

danse lente johnny interior

The interior of the Danse Lente Johnny handbags offers a zipper pocket which has ample room for lipstick and keys. It is a little bit difficult to get to, which is the main drawback of the bag’s interior. I only slip my lipstick inside of it, I throw my keys into the main compartment because it’s easier to reach them in the main compartment then in the zipper pocket.

On the sides of the bag, there are two flaps which don’t actually flap up. They stay horizontal and keep everything in your bag if it spills upside-down. They also offer good security if you take public transportation, or are in a large crowd where pickpockets are a concern. This is something I love about the bag.

There are two snaps in the entry to the bag. The main one, and then a second snap which connects the two side flaps. I don’t use the second snap; I find it unnecessary. I only use the top one, which is magnetic.

The interior of the Danse Lente Johnny mini bag is actually quite roomy. I can fit my wallet, sunglasses, keys, lipstick, and phone inside without a problem. There is still some room for other small items I might want to throw in my bag.

fits inside danse lente johnny review danse lente mini johnny review

The Danse Lente Johnny bag is made from structured leather. Although the flaps are stiff at first, I noticed after wearing the bag three times, they started to soften, making it easier to get in and out of the bag. I have grown to love the side flaps since they make the bag really secure; I don’t have to worry about pickpockets when I am in the city.

On the exterior of the bag, the fun hardware offers an alternative way to wear the bag. The wide piece of leather attached to the hardware actually folds up, allowing for the bag to be carried like a top handle tote. I tried to carry it this way ont he first day I wore the bag, but found the shoulder strap is much easier and more comfortable to wear. I like being hands-free with the shoulder strap. It is also long enough to wear cross body if need be. At the top of this post, you can see the two ways the strap can be configured.

All in all, I love this bag! It is a good size for days when I don’t need to carry extra items such as water bottles or cold-weather gloves. The flaps on the sides of the opening provide nice security, and the style is really unique and fun. Love that!

The best part about this bag is the price! Not only is it currently an IT bag, it is priced well under $500! LOVE!!! How often can you find an IT bag under $500! Not too often.

You can find this Danse Lente Johnny handbag online here.

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