Perfect black nail polish for Halloween

Dior pied de poule nail polish black

Halloween is fast approaching, and maybe this is your favorite holiday for dressing up and having fun! If you are looking for a vampy hue to grace your nails, you have come to the right place. Dior has the perfect black nail polish for Halloween.

There are so many new nail polish colors from Dior now that they have revamped their formula! Dior Pied-de-Poule nail polish is a deep, dark black polish which is ideal for the Halloween season; or any time of the year if you are a black nail polish fan!

Sometimes dark nail polish colors can be streaky, and not apply as well as they should. This is not the case with Dior Pied-de-Poule nail polish. I tested it out with one base coat, and two coats of color. Voila! It has the perfect color saturation and looks like a solid black, cream nail polish. Love that!

So, if you are looking for the perfect black nail polish for Halloween, then Dior Pied-de-Poule might be the one for you!

Here are a few of my favorite Dior nail polish colors from their new, reformulated collection:

Stay tuned! In a few weeks I will have the holiday collection for you.

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Area 51 Halloween costume idea

area 51 costume ideasarea 51 costume ideasarea 51 costume ideas

On me: Area 51 Guard costume: hoop earrings / sunglasses / lipstick / camo tee / camo pants / Buzz Lightyear toy gun (old, this one is perfect) (great for shooting at escaping aliens!) / black boots (old, this pair would be great) /

On my husband: Area 51 Raider: tin foil hat-feel free to make your own, I am sure it will turn out better than his! haha / sign-cardboard and sharpie! Easy peasy

On my son: Alien rescued from Area 51: Green Alien bodysuit costume /

“They can’t stop all of us!” That was the battle cry of the Area 51 raid in September. While the raid didn’t really happen the way the joke meant it to, it did happen just a teeny, tiny, little bit. This makes it a fun family Halloween costume!

As you can see, my two teenage girls were too cool to participate in the family costume this year. Thankfully my son still think his parents are cool, and he suggested we dress as the Area 51 Raid for Halloween. I am so glad he did, this is really fun! He even taught my husband how to Naruto Run. Did I spell that right??? He did a pretty good job, haha 😉

area 51 costume ideas

So to make this costume happen, all you need is an Area 51 Guard, an alien, and an Area 51 Raider. My husband is the raider, and he didn’t want to carry the sign around when we take our son trick-or-treating, so he tied a string on the sign so he can be hands-free on Halloween. To be authentic, you can forego the string, and carry the sign.

He also attempted to make a tin foil hat. This one flies off his head. I recommend using bobby pins to tack it to your head. The tin foil hat is key for the Area 51 Raider costume. You must protect your brain from the government, who is trying to read your thoughts. haha

The Area 51 Guard costume is easy. All you need is camo and voila! You are an Area 51 Guard. I borrowed my son’s Buzz Lightyear gun to complete the look. This Buzz Lightyear toy gun is old, but there is a new one on the market which would be perfect. You can find it online here.

Shop Area 51 Halloween Costume ideas:

This is a really fun costume the family, or a group of friends, can put together for Halloween. I hope you have fun putting together your Area 51 Halloween Costume!

What are you planning for Halloween this year?

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area 51 costume ideas