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Fall 2016 Style Guide to Santana Row

Fall is here! This means it is the perfect time to start shopping for the fall 2016 seasons most fabulous styles.

Fall 2016 is all about boho-chic, 1970s inspiration, metallics, berry hues, shades of blue, embellishments, statement handbags, and texture. To find all of these hot-off-the-runway trends, which are even hotter on the streets, Santana Row is your one-stop-shop! Love that!

I scoured the shops on Santana Row and found the hottest trends for fall. Here are my favorite fall finds from the Row. From pieces under $100, to luxury investment items; Santana Row has everything for fall! Love!

Free People

free people 1 free people 2 free people 3 free people

From top: shoes / tee / jeans / dress / necklace / black top / button up skirt / cross body bag

The runways for fall 2016 were full of 1970s inspiration and boho-chic. What better place to find clothing and accessories to rock this trend in the autumn season than Free People! The store is full of the perfect items for the fall season. You cannot buy the wrong thing, everything is perfect!

I own several pieces from Free People. Thier clothing is high quality, and wears, and washes, well. This is important when you love a piece and wear it over, and over again! When visiting Free People, look for flares, bell-bottoms, peasant dresses or blouses, and those studded booties featured above. Love!

To  learn more about Free People, please visit their shop on Santana Row or visit them online here.

My picks from Free People for the fall season:


bcbg 1 bcbg bags bcbg fall bcbg shoes bcbg

From top: cold shoulder sweater / necklace (on sale!)  / belt (displayed with buckle in back) / gold skirt / saddle bags / hobo bag / hat / scarf / embellished burgundy shoe / safari shirt / black belt / white pants / navy dress / brown sandals / navy chevron top / white pants / black platform sandals

BCBG has fabulous, sophisticated pieces for the fall season. This is the perfect place to find clothing for the office, special events, or to mix and match for casual days. The dresses in the back of the store are perfect for gala events, cocktails parties, and any event requiring a fabulous dress. Love!

The fall collection at BCBG Santana Row reflects the current metallic trend, shades of blue trend, berry hues color trend, and 1970s influence. Think sophisticated ’70’s, that is fall at BCBG.

I am a huge fan of BCBG clothing. Their clothing wears well and is made from high quality fabrics with excellent craftsmanship. All of their clothing is a great investment and lasts for several seasons. BCBG reflects trends without being one-season-wonders. The styles embody classic flare with a nod to modern trends. This is what makes their clothing so perfect for the office, and anytime you needs to look your best.

You can learn more about BCBG Santana Row by visiting their store or their website.

My favorite items for fall from BCBG:

Kendra Scott

kendra scott 1 kendra scott fall 1 kendra scott

From the top: mixed metal bangles / rose gold necklace / druzy necklace / druzy earrings / bracelet / tennis bracelet / mixed metal bracelet set / cuff / rose gold choker / double ring / silver sculpted cuff (I own this and love it!) / silver choker pendant / gold sculpted choker / long earrings

The fall season is all about embellishments, and metallics. Kendra Scott has a large selection of every metal hue you need for fall. Their bold rose gold, silver, and gold pieces work perfectly with fall’s hottest trends; and enhance any metallic piece you are wearing whether it is an article of clothing, a handbag, or fabulous pair of shoes.

I own quite a bit of Kendra Scott jewelry and love every piece I own. They are extremely well-made, and the prices are moderate. In fact, I feel like you get a lot of bang for your buck with Kendra Scott jewelry. The mixed metal pieces from Kendra Scott’s fall 2016 collection are distinctive, on trend, comfortable to wear, and match every fall ensemble you can think of. Love!

You can learn more about Kendra Scott by visiting her shop at Santana Row or here website online here.

My favorite pieces from Kendra Scott’s fall collection:


gucci dionysus gucci fall gucci handbags gucci santana row

From top: blue Dionysus / embellished Dionysus / red white and gold shoulder bag / teal white gold and black backpack / tan Dionysus / pink Dionysus / mini pink shoulder bag / mauve mini Dionysus / rust mini shoulder bag (unlinked bags are in-store only)

Embellished handbags are the hottest trend to happen to handbags since the bucket bag. The fall 2016 season is all about embellished handbags. When looking for the perfect handbag this autumn season, look for painted bags, studs, artistic hardware, interesting silhouettes, shoulder bags (saddle bags to be specific), and single top handle satchels. If you really want to wow the crowd this fall season, look for the newest IT bag on the street, the Gucci Dionysus.

That’s right! the Gucci Dionysus is the new IT bag, and everyone needs one in their closet. Gucci at Santana Row has a large selection of large, small, and mini Dionysus handbags in stock right now. They have a good mix of simple styles, as well as painted and embellished styles. The Gucci Dionysus handbag of your dreams is in stock at Santana Row! Love! I am eyeing the blue one, isn’t it beautiful!

You can learn more about Gucci and their hot Dionysus handbag by visiting Gucci on Santana Row or online here.

My favorite bags from Gucci for fall:

In addition to the featured shops in this post, check out Urban Outfitters, Kate Spade, and Anthropologie at Santana Row for fabulous fall styles you will want to wear now. To learn more about Santana Row, please visit

*brought to you by Santana Row. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Boho-chic will release your inner hippie

summer pants under $10 silver circle chokerhm summer pantshow to channel your inner hippiesmall chloe faye in blacksuede fringe vest for summer

Pictured: Earrings: Ippolita / Sunglasses: Chanel / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa / Necklace: sold out, also love SAVE or SPLURGE  / Vest: Free People (on major sale!) / Tee: H & M / Ring: Kendra Scott / Nail Polish: Chanel Cavaliere / Handbag: Chloe / Pants: H & M / Shoes: TopShop

Have you ever wondered how to release your inner hippie? I’m not sure how to do it in a theoretical sense, but I know how to release my inner hippie from a fashion standpoint! Peace 😉

As the 1970s trend matures, the hippie look, or boho-chic look, is maturing with it. Designers have shown boho-chic looks on the runways, adorned their designs with fringe, and have offered an anti-establishment vibe in their collections for the past several seasons. Since this trend is showing no sign of slowing down as we head into fall, it is perfect to wear now.

Lately, I have felt the urge to really push my own style envelope. I grew up in Marin County, which is arguably the most liberal pocket of the country. As a child, I was surrounded by aging hippies. I saw hippie vans, men with long hair, protesters, and the 1960s refusing to die despite it being the 1980s. Due to this environment, I find something nostalgic, and calming, about the boho-chic look.

Although I am far from being a hippie, I absolutely love the boho-chic look! I love fringe, loose clothing, long silhouettes, and natural hair. Perhaps inside my conservative persona, there is an inner hippie trying to break out!

This outfit feels good, and it makes me feel tall. I love feeling tall! Especially since I am short. Ha! I love the weight of this vest, it feels cool; and I love how it moves. I cannot wait to pair it with jeans, cut-offs, and long skirts this summer season. It will also flow well into the fall season.

If you want to release your inner hippie through the boho-chic look, why not try this vest as your summer go-to topper? It definitely adds a little bit of hippie to any ensemble. You can find this vest (on major sale!) online here.

I also need to give a shout-out to these pants. They are super comfortable! Plus, they were under $10. How fabulous is that!? I love the print; it is very boho, which is the perfect look when you are trying to bring out your inner hippie. They are also perfect to wear as a swimsuit cover-up at the beach, or with a tank top on a hot summer day. They will transition easily into fall when paired with a long sleeve tee, or lightweight sweater. Love!

Are you still feeling the 1970s trend? Do you find yourself drawn to the boho-chic part of this trend? Weight in with a comment below!

Brady Bunch memories

summer long sleeve mini dress 1summer mini dress 1mini dress for summer 1chloe hudson handbag 1long sleeve mini dress 1

Pictured: Sunglasses: Chanel  / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Dolce Rosa 222 / Dress: Free People / Handbag: Chloe / Ring: Kendra Scott (obsessed! Wearing everyday) / Nail Polish: Chanel Mariniere / Shoes: TopShop

I don’t often wear mini dresses. In fact, I shy away from hemlines above my knee. I like to portray a certain sense of modesty when I dress; and hemlines above the knee are a bit on the racy side for me. Another reason I shy away from high hemlines, is the way my legs look! I feel like my legs are out of shape, not tan, and really should be covered up. So why did I choose this dress you ask? Let’s discuss.

Raise your hand if you remember “The Brady Bunch.” It was one of my favorite re-runs when I was a kid. I loved the early ’70’s, late 60’s styles, and the funny situations the kids always got into; sometimes the parents too! And Alice! Oh she was fabulous. That household would have fallen apart with out her!

The girls from “The Brady Bunch” always wore mini dresses, mini skirt, or flared pants. With the 1970s, and 1960s inspiration designers have favored over the past several seasons, many of the styles remind me of the funny episodes I enjoyed as a kid from the show. But that’s not all!

Last year, my Mother remarried. My Father passed away when I was a baby, so for my entire life, it was always my Mom and me! We were a team; us against the world! Then, in my adult life, when everything seemed set for life, my Mom shakes it all up and marries a man with four adult kids my age. FOUR KIDS! I grew up an only child, now there are other kids around? Um . . kay.

Not that I am complaining, I always dreamed about having a sibling. It was quite lonely being an only child. I also grew up in an neighborhood that did not have a lot of kids, so I always had to make plans to see my friends. Having siblings, would have been a ton of fun. I watch my kids play together, and it is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Now that my family has turned into a real-life Brady Bunch, wearing a style or two which remind me of the show, seems fitting. I chose to wear this dress, not as a move towards higher hemlines in my wardrobe, but as a one-off to remind me of how happy the kids on “The Brady Bunch” were, and how happy we can all be when we get used to our new-found Brady Bunch lives.

Now about those legs which need to hit the gym, and that un-tan . . . um, yeah. Got some work to do before summer!