2022 year in review

Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023

Where did 2022 go? This year flew by! That being said, it was an eventful year. Let’s ditch the trends from 2022, which are starting to look dated, and let’s welcome in the new year of trends to embrace and rock. So, without further ado, here are the trends we are saying goodbye to, and the ones we are welcoming in the new year!

Goodbye 2022

Very Peri: Goodbye beautiful periwinkle hue! Despite being so last year, I am still in love with you. Until we meet again. . .

Balenciaga: Ew

Oversized slouchy bags: Stop trying to make garbage bag sized bags happen, they are not going to happen.

Fast fashion: Consumers are waking up to the wasteful world of fast fashion. Stop spending your hard earned dollars at retailers who exploit their workers and destroy the environment.

“Look rich” handbags: handbags that people wear to look rich are so over. Sell them on consignment to an unsuspecting soul, or store them for Halloween. You know the ones I am talking about. They’re done.

Skinny jeans: RIP everyone’s favorite pair of jeans. We must store them for now.

Logo belts: Ditch the logo belt. All they do is shout to the world that you paid too much for your belt. Attempting to look rich is out. Sell the logo belt or store it, just don’t be caught wearing it.

Hello 2023

Viva Magenta: Hello party hue! This fun and bold hue is everything in the new year. Be sure to add it to your wardrobe, your interior design, and life in general. Viva Magenta!

Clean brands: Look at designers and brands with clean advertising campaigns such as Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, and more. Keep it clean in the new year.

Mini top handle bags: Mini bags are back. Apparently no-one was able to part with them. Look for mini bags in all forms and watch for the explosion of mini lady bags. The single top handle satchel in a shrunken size is all the rage in the new year.

Investment dressing: There is a return to classic pieces which can be worn year after year. Look for high quality pieces which create a wardrobe and transcend trends. Also, look for brands and designers who are more conscious of the environment and treat their workers well. This can be tricky, there is a learning curve we are all trying to absorb. We can work on this together.

Anonymous handbags: The hottest handbags are the ones people have to ask you about. Look for emerging designers or designers who don’t splash their label all over the bag. Think Mansur Gavriel, Demellier, Polene, and any clean looking bag. Only those who know, know.

Wide leg and flare jeans: Wide leg and flare jeans are where it’s at in the new year! Think 1970s chic.

Unidentifiable belt buckles: Look for high-quality, long-lasting belts with buckles that don’t give away the brand or designer too easily. The triangle from Bottega Veneta is OK, but you don’t want obvious logos on your buckle.

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Well, there you have it! Which trends are you excited to ditch in the new year, and which ones are you excited to embrace as we move into 2023?

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Top posts 2022

Can you believe 2022 is coming to a close? This past year, you have visited my nail polish and handbag review posts the most. When it comes to clothing, you like casual looks that can be worn everyday. Love that!

So, without further ado, here are the top nine blog posts of 2022!

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Well, there you have it! The posts you read the most in 2022! Here’s looking forward to the new year, and the many more blog posts that will appear right here!

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Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2022

Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2022 from top left: green woven handbag / chocolate brown chain pouch / golden hoops / ivory moon shaped bag / foundation powder / fall nail polish / caramel hobo bag / lug sole boots / classic black satchel /

Drumroll please!

These are the top sellers from the blog for 2022! You love handbags, nail polish, practical boots, and fabulous hoop earrings! You also love the simplicity of this fabulous foundation powder. I do too!

It is obvious you are all educated on fashion, style, and what’s trending. You gravitated towards beautiful handbags, not logos. You opted for classic nail polish hues over trendy shades. Classic hoops? Totally your jam. You are classic, chic, timeless, and in the know. Thank you for being fabulous and coming here to indulge in fashion, style, and more with me!

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