Father’s Day Gift Guide to Santana Row 2017

Father’s Day is almost here! This means it is time to find the perfect gift to let Dad know how special he has been your whole life. Thankfully, Santana Row in San Jose has the best selection of gift ideas for Father’s Day, as well as ways to give Dad a special day on the Row.

Before giving your Father his special Dad’s Day gift, why not treat him to brunch or lunch on the Row? LB Steak and Rosie McCann’s offer great menu’s Dad is sure to love. After a fabulous meal, why not treat your Father to a spa treatment at Burke-Wiliams! Yes, men go to the spa too; and they love it!

If he loves dessert, and most Dads do, why not treat him to a yummy sweet treat at Cocola after his spa treatment! Then, it will be the perfect time to present to him that fabulous gift you found at Santana Row! Love it!

Without further adieu, here are a few gift ideas for Father’s Day at Santana Row:

Tommy Bahama, for the Dad with wanderlust

Tommy Bahama is perfect for the Father who really needs a vacation. Why not give Dad this beautiful travel bag filled with an outfit perfect for a relaxing beach getaway, and tickets for flying there!

Be sure to stop by the Tommy Bahama shop on Santana Row for travel related gifts, or fabulous clothing for casual days. Whatever you choose, your Father will love it!

Tesla, for the Dad who feels the need, the need for speed!

Does Dad like fast things? Is he into the latest technological innovations? Why not schedule a test drive for your Father to try out every tech guy’s dream car; the Tesla. This is the ultimate IT car for Silicon Valley, so let Dad take a test drive; or better yet, surprise him with one in his favorite color on Father’s Day! Be sure to stop by the Tesla showroom at Santana Row to learn more; or call Tesla at 408-249-2815

Bonobos for the Father who wants to look good

from top: dress shirts / blazer / ties / casual shirts

Bonobos is shopping in the future. It is a beautiful showroom where you can see the clothing in person, try on a few things, and order them online. The store will place your order for you, and then your new outfit will be delivered to your doorstep. This is so convenient, I mean, who carries shopping bags anymore? I’m waiting for a store like this to open for women! But I digress, this post is about the Dad’s!

You can find fabulous clothing for both the office, and the weekend, at Bonobos. Your Father will love anything you find here! My daughter already picked up a tie for my hubby for Father’s Day. It’s the perfect gift destination! Be sure to stop by the Bonobos shop at Santana Row to learn more about the shopping concept of the future, and of course, to find the perfect gift!

Donald J Pliner, because men love shoes too

from top: loafers / belts / dress shoes / slip-on sneakers / moccasins / belts

Women are not the only people who love shoes, men love them too! Men also need new shoes; constantly! Donald J Pliner has high-quality shoes for men, many of which are on sale right now! You can find casual loafers, office-ready dress loafers, casual and comfortable moccasins, and cutting-edge cool slip-on sneakers. Dad will love whichever pair you choose! Be sure to stop into Donald J Pliner at Santana Row to find the perfect pair of shoes for Dad this Father’s Day!

Still not sure what to get? Why not give Dad a gift card to Santana Row in any denomination. You can purchase one at the concierge at Santana Row or online here. To learn more about Santana Row, please visit

*thank you to Santana Row for sponsoring this post. all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own

Father’s Day Gift Guide to Santana Row 2015

Father’s Day is almost here! This means it is time to find that special gift for Dad. Santana Row is the perfect place to find that special present to give to Dad on Father’s Day. The Row is filled with fabulous shops appealing to men of all tastes. Is Dad outdoorsy? The Row has Orvis for him! Does Dad have classic style? Why not try Brooks Brother’s! Is Dad always preparing for his next vacation, or at least dreaming about it? Tommy Bahama is the place for him! Does Dad enjoy fancy footwear? Donald J Pliner is the perfect place to find him a gift! Perhaps Dad needs new golf attire, or casual clothing. Then Bonobos is the place to find him a gift for Father’s Day. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much, much more at Santana Row!

Father’s Day is not just about gift giving, it is also about celebrating the fabulous things Dad does everyday! Why not give him a break from mowing the front lawn or tending to the BBQ, and take him out for a steak! LB Steak is a great place to treat Dad to a delicious, relaxing meal on his special day. If Dad is vegetarian, why not treat him to Veggie Grill or a plate of pasta with Marinara sauce from Maggiano’s!

While you decide where to make reservations for Dad and your family on Father’s Day, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas from Santana Row:


DSC_0091 DSC_0094 DSC_0095 DSC_0097

Bonobos has a fabulous “bricks and clicks” concept where you can see merchandise in-person, and shop the collection online. The store has everything Dad needs for life. There is a large selection of work attire, casual attire, and “Maide” which is a collection of golf clothing. The quality is high, and Dad will love it. 

To learn more about Bonobos, please visit the shop on Santana Row or visit them online at

Donald J Pliner

DSC_0123 DSC_0124 DSC_0126 DSC_0129

Donald J Pliner has an amazing selection of shoes which will wrap Dad’s tired feet in comfort, and cutting-edge style. There are shoes to suit every Dad’s own personal style at Donald J Pliner; from conservative loafers, to edgy, rock n’ roll high tops. Dad’s feet will thank you.

To learn more about Donald J Pliner and find the perfect gift for Dad, please visit Donald J Pliner at Santana Row or online at


DSC_0149 DSC_0150 DSC_0153 DSC_0154 DSC_0157

Does Dad like fishing? Of course he does! Orvis is the perfect place to find his gift for Father’s Day. They have everything a fisherman needs to have the perfect day fishing. My husband is eyeing the fishing rods. They are quite impressive!

To find the perfect gift for Dad at Orvis, please visit the shop at Santana Row or online at

Tommy Bahama

DSC_0131 DSC_0133 DSC_0134 DSC_0139 DSC_0143

Does Dad need a vacation? Or at least feel like he is on one? Then Tommy Bahama is the perfect place to find the ideal gift for Dad this Father’s Day! The shop is stocked with vacation attire, tee-shirts with goofy sayings, table games, beach attire, and more! There is even a portable backyard cooler which can go to the beach, a park, or anywhere the party takes Dad. He will love the gift of leisure!

To find Dad’s vacation mojo, please visit Tommy Bahama at Santana Row or online at

If you still cannot decide what to get Dad for Father’s Day because there are simply too many fabulous gift ideas to choose from, why not give Dad a gift card to Santana Row! This way he can choose where to spend his Father’s Day dollars. Gift Cards to Santana Row can be purchased at the Concierge located at Santana Row.

To learn more about Santana Row, please visit

Happy Father’s Day!

*Sponsored by Santana Row. All thoughts and opinions are my own.