Twisted Silver Gurl Collection is classic and chic

Twisted Silver never ceases to amaze! The new “Gurl” Collection which debuted today offers three classic pieces which can be worn together, separately, or mixed together to create a classic, chic and unique look. Love that!

The new “Gurl” collection is made from golden brass and chalk-white beads. The entire collection not only gives off a vintage vibe, it includes a 1950’s clasp! 

The bracelet and necklace look fabulous when worn alone; but they can easily be connected to form one long necklace, or for use as a multiple strand bracelet. Fabulous!

The earrings are classic and can easily be worn on a daily basis. The white and yellow metal combination is neutral and warm; perfect for pairing with fall’s jewel toned apparel.

The bracelet can be worn alone or connected with the necklace and stacked with other bracelets for a fun arm-full of jewels!

Twisted Silver’s new “Gurl” Collection can be found online at Twisted-Silver.com. The necklace is priced at $50, the bracelet is $50 and the earrings are priced at $30. Use coupon code INSIDERS for a 15% discount. 

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From August 20-24 2012 Twisted Silver is offering free shipping and a free gift with purchase. Click here for details.
Photo #1: Full set of the Gurl Collection by c/o Twisted Silver. Photo courtesy of Twisted Silver.
Photo #2: Gurl bracelet and Gurl necklace attached and worn together as a long necklace
Photo #3: Close-up of one Gurl earring.
Photo #4: Bracelet stack: Gurl bracelet and necklace attached together, wrapped around wrist and worn together, middle bracelet is the “Rag” bracelet by Twisted Silver. The leather wrap bracelet is the “Foundation Bracelet” by Tory Burch-proceeds benefit the Tory Burch Foundation.
Photo credit for photos 2-4: Rob OBrien/2012© Bay Area Fashionista

Brooches for fall 2012: the classic accessory returns

Brooches are an iconic accessory which was a huge trend in the early 1960’s. The sparkling accessory has made its’ way in and out of fashion over the past few decades with it’s’ most recent resurgence in 2004. For fall 2012, brooches are hot, and unlike previous comebacks, the brooch is edgy.

Although brooches were worn in the 1980’s at the top of a buttoned up blouse, the jeweled accessory is normally found pinned off center on a sweater or blazer. For fall 2012, brooches are still being found off-center, but they are being worn on shirts, jackets, dresses, sweaters and coats. Brooches for fall 2012 are being shown in edgy style and a far cry from the classic and symmetrical brooches of yesteryear. In the past, brooches have, in general, been symmetrical; with a few exceptions such as a kitschy shape, a “critter” or Coco Chanel’s classic double C. Brooches for fall 2012 are being shown in cutting edge styles such as lips with a grill, skulls, things found in nature and mythical creatures. Of course, classic “critter” brooches such as leopards, butterflies and ladybugs are also perfect for the fall season.

A brooch is a great way to spice up a solid colored top, jacket or dress. The brooch also makes a great alternative to a necklace for the fall season. Brooches are also a way to add a fall 2012 update to a top, jacket or dress from a past season. Love that!

We found a few fabulous brooches around the web and assembled them into the set below. Hope you love it! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Kitten Heels for Fall 2010, The ‘IT’ Shoe

Kitten heels make a comeback for Fall 2010 as shoes fall back down to Earth after years of being sky high. The kitten heel was incredibly important roughly ten years ago as Fashionistas across the Bay Area shuffled between work and their cars. We were so busy starting companies and working for people who were starting companies, that a comfortable walking shoe was not required. Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik were on the feet of every Fashionsta from Marin to San Francisco to Contra Costa to Alameda to San Mateo and Santa Clara. The kitten heel appeared on pointed toe, clog-like shoes embroidered with beads on silk that barely let Fashionistas shuffle from their desk at work, back to their car. The kitten heel was more wearable on slingbacks, which held on tight to the heel of the foot allowing Fashionistas the ability to actually walk!

Designers thought about women’s feet this time around and have designed amazing kitten heels for Fashionistas everywhere. The kitten heel is shown with a pointed toe as a full pump or slingback. Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs dressed models in fabulous kitten heels with pointed toes and slingbacks on their Fall 2010 runways. Prada brought back the bow tie from 2003 and showed kitten heels in two tone leather; both as a pump and a slingback. Fashionista favorites such as Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo all have kitten heel designs of their own for store shelves this Fall.

This kitten heel slingback will look fabulous with Fall’s throwback to the 1950s  when paired with the perfect vintage handbag. Kitten heels also give you the opportunity to shop your closet. If you do not already own a pair of kitten heels from yesteryear, this is the perfect time to invest in a pair of feminine. kitten heels. Look for a neutral color that will be timeless such as a shade of brown or black. Cole Haan and Banana Republic also offer affordable kitten heel slingbacks with pointed toes. Happy shopping and stay fabulous.