Handbag Spotlight: ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag

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Handbag Spotlight: ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag /

Although the world of IT bags is fuzzy right now with so many styles being hot on the street, this shoulder bag, also classified as a satchel, from ALAIA, is starting to turn heads.

The Le Teckel handbag features double straps like a classic satchel, but in this case, they are long enough to wear as a shoulder bag. ALAIA created a style which is short on height, and long on length, creating a hot dog silhouette. They are not the only fashion house to create a handbag this season in this shape, there are others out there. That being said, the ALAIA Le Teckel shoulder bag is the hottest east/west satchel on the streets; making it the IT bag of the trend.

Did I say trend? Yes, yes I did. One could argue the beautiful craftsmanship of this bag is investment worthy, but let’s face it, this style is trendy and will be relevant for a maximum of three years, possibly a little bit less. If you don’t mind a good trend, you can purchase this bag and sell it after two years in order to maximize your return. Unless of course you love it, then keep it in your wardrobe forever.

This version of the east/west satchel is priced under $2500, but you can find versions higher than that, as well as priced much lower. There is a price point for everyone this season to be able to rock the east/west satchel trend. Love that!

Shop the east/west satchel trend online:

What do think of this current IT bag? Will you be rocking the ALAIA Le Teckel? Or a similar style?

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Designer or Deal Brooch

Designer or Deal Brooch: designer brooch / affordable brooch /

The brooch is back! I am so excited this timeless look is back on the runway and about to return to the streets. The brooch is a beautiful jewelry piece which can be worn on one’s lapel or dress. it instantly dresses up a solid color garment or adds personality to an otherwise conservative look. While wearing a brooch is considered a classic look, they swing in and out of popularity. This year, the brooch was all over the runway, making it very popular and a huge emerging trend. Love that!

You can wear any type of brooch. Some brooches will be fun, such as a bird or fruit, other brooches will be a beautiful, symmetrical or asymmetrical design. You can find brooches with jewels, faux jewels, or in solid metal. The designs are endless.

My favorite brooches are vintage, but I also love costume jewelry versions of the brooch. The classic style shown above can be worn with almost anything and will be easy to wear year after year. The question is, would you perfect the designer version or the more affordable version?

Brooches found around the web:

Which style of brooch do you perfer?

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Handbags under $1000 spring 2024

Spring 2024 handbags under $1000 from top left: black shoulder bag / neutral mini tote / black shoulder bag / chocolate brown slouchy tote / black handbag / yellow pouch /

There are so many fabulous handbags under $1000 for the spring 2024 season, it is unnecessary to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag; unless of course you are absolutely in love with it and know you will get a lot of use out of it, but I digress. . .

The spring 2024 is still all about the anonymous handbag. The ultimate IT bag is a bag no one knows, unless of course, they know! haha

Handbags right now are all about high quality, expert craftsmanship, and no loud logos. Think, investment handbags!

While fun colors are hot for spring, neutrals and black are also hot right now. A fun color can be an investment just as much as a neutral or black handbag. When shopping for a color, look for a hue you love and can picture yourself wearing every spring/summer season. Don’t buy a color because you think it is trendy, buy a shade you love and will cherish for years. That will make a colorful handbag a true investment.

So, without further ado, here are a few fabulous handbags from around the web priced under $1000 and investment worthy. Love!

I hope you find your forever bag under $1000!

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