Holidays 2018 IT list

it fashion holidays 2018

holidays 2018 IT list from top left: brown teddy coat-faux fur / clear tote bag / holiday nail polish / fleece pull-over / faux fur trimmed bootie / turtleneck sweater /

If you have been following along for awhile, then you know I am all about IT items! If you are new here, welcome! Periodically I recap the current IT items of the moment. The whole reason I go to fashion week twice a year is to forecast the trends we will wear in real life. Then from there, the trends get narrowed down by what buyers stock on shelves, and what actually sells. If an item of the moment takes off, it is more than just a trend, it is an IT item.

What defines an IT item? This could be debated. In my opinion, an IT item is something that not only reflects a current trend, it starts a trend and sells out quickly. The items in this post are either IT items which are selling quickly, or they are affordable choices from hot IT trends. I hope you love these trends as much as I do!

  • The Teddy Coat in brown: OK, so teddy coats, or faux fur coats, have been in style for several winter seasons, but this season the ultimate IT teddy coat is in teddy bear brown. You can wear other colors, but the ultimate must-have hue of the moment is brown. The one pictured above is selling out quickly-so snap it up! I bought it in grey and wish I bought the brown one too while it was in stock. Silly me!
  • Clear Tote Bags: The hottest trend in handbags right now, that people actually wear, is the clear tote bag. (cough cough-no-one actually wears fanny packs in real life as cross body bags. Like “fetch,” it’s not going to happen.) The trend in handbags people are actually buying and wearing is the clear tote. The ultimate IT bag of the clear tote world is this cute little one by Staud. You can check out my review of the smaller version here. The larger size, pictured above, is the most popular size they make.
  • Chanel Insolence nail polish: This color is almost sold out, so if you want it, snap it up now! Chanel is usually the one with the IT nail polish hues of the season, so this is not a shocker. This is the only IT nail polish color right now, so if you want IT nails, this is your color!
  • Fleece Pull-Over: The fleece pull-over is a classic, everyday casual piece. This season, it is more popular than usual. Everyone is wearing one! Leave your ski jacket for the slopes, the ultimate cozy cover-up on casual days is the fleece pull-over. The one pictured above is a soft and affordable version which fits nicely into this trend.
  • Faux Fur Trim Booties: Faux fur trimmed booties are a classic cold weather staples. The flat version is hotter than hot this year. The one pictured above is an affordable way to rock this IT shoe trend. If you like the pair I wore on the blog last month, it’s on sale and can be found online here.
  • Turtleneck Sweaters: Turtleneck sweaters are another classic that has put itself front and center this season. The IT sweater of the moment is the turtleneck. You can find body conscious versions such as this one, or the relaxed one above.

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There you have it! The current IT list of the moment. Which item is your favorite from the list?

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Fall 2018 trends: menswear blazers

fall 2018 trends menswear blazers

fall 2018 trends menswear blazers from top left: blue double breasted blazer / yellow plaid blazer (quick; what movie does this remind you of?) / black and white plaid blazer  / navy striped blazer (under $150!) / animal print blazer / orange animal print blazer /

One of the continuing trends from last year is the menswear inspired trend. Blazers were huge during the fall 2017 season, and they have proven to be a huge trend again this fall 2018 season. If you didn’t jump on the menswear inspired blazer trend last year, this might be a good time to jump right in! Blazers are a great, lightweight option for outerwear this season!

Blazers can be worn with everything from jeans, to dressy trousers. They are also a great topper for a little black dress! The fun thing about menswear inspired blazers is that if you buy one as part of a suit, then you have a skirt or pair of pants you can mix and match into your wardrobe too. Love that!

So, have you noticed an uptick in “Clueless” fashion references online lately? Well, I almost choked on my tea when I spotted this yellow plaid blazer for fall 2018. It screams “Clueless” and it also has a matching mini skirt and pants! Mmmmm, where did the inspiration for that outfit come from? Thought to ponder . . .

Here is the movie inspired look!

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I love wearing my blazer with jeans. How do you enjoy wearing your fall menswear inspired blazer?

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Fall 2018 shoe trends: kitten heels

fall 2018 shoe trends kitten heels

Fall 2018 shoe trends kitten heels from top left: black ankle pump / white kitten heel bootie (under $150!) / blue and black bow tie mule / grey animal print bootie (under $200!) / leopard print kitten heel bootie (under $250!) / black kitten heel bootie with small studs /

Theeeeeeeeey’re baaaaaaa-aaaaack! That’s right! Those tiny little skinny heels are back, and they are everywhere for the fall 2018 season. Meow!

If you have started to shop for fall 2018 shoes, you may have noticed a trend in both heel height and shape. You are not hallucinating, the kitten heel has returned for the fall season, leaving fashionistas slighter shorter this season. Where is my free height? Short girl over here asking for some inches! (See me waving my hand high and fast! No? Must be my kitten heels keeping me short, I need some height!)

Despite the fact that kitten heels only provide one inch of height at most, they are actually comfortable as long as you don’t mind balancing on a stiletto width heel. Kitten heels don’t put very much pressure on the balls of your foot, and they have just enough height to provide a bit of arch support. They are a great alternative to flats this season; especially if you are like me, and try to avoid flats at all costs.

I purchased a pair of white kitten heel booties and they are a great option when I don’t want to wear my high heel booties. I also love the 1950s vintage vibe kitten heels provide. We haven’t rocked a lot of 1950s trends lately, so it’s refreshing to take something from that decade and make it new again.

The kitten heel is being found on all of the fall 2018 shoe trends right now. You can find them on boots, booties, mules, pumps, and slides. Put a bow on the mules or add an animal print to the booties, and you have an IT item of the season. Love that!

Shop fall 2018 shoe trends kitten heels around the web:

I love kitten heels on booties, but when it comes to pumps, I prefer a higher heel. What is your take on kitten heels? Will you rock this fall 2018 shoe trend or will you skip it? What is your favorite shoe style with a kitten heel this season?

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