New York City Fire Museum

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The official museum for the New York Fire Department is a cute little museum tucked away in SOHO and jam packed with firefighting history. I am so happy we found this museum!

The museum is a multi-story historical time capsule filled with everything from historical events dating back to the beginning of our country, to artifacts spanning centuries of firefighting in New York. There is even a room dedicated to 9-11, which brought tears to my eyes.

In addition to artifacts, there are educational timelines and videos which show events from colonial times as well as more modern catastrophes. We really enjoyed walking through the different floors and exhibits as well as sitting down and watching videos which detailed historical events.

One of the displays which really caught my eyes were these fire grenades. Some of them are made from beautiful glass and they look like fancy perfume bottles! I am stunned that they made such pretty glass bottles which are meant to be thrown into a fire and break in order to help extinguish flames. I feel like if one of these was in my home in the 1800’s I would be half asleep one day and accidently dab it on my skin thinking it was my perfume. haha

The New York City Fire Museum is located at 278 Spring Street in New York, and it is something you should definitely add to your itinerary next time you visit the big apple. There is also a section for kids, so this is an activity the whole family can enjoy. We really enjoyed it!

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