BAF Weekly IT List

holiday street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from opt left: foundation powder / fall nail polish / structured hobo bag (IT bag under $1000) / oversize black top / faux leather pants / lug sole boots / chocolate brown chain pouch (hot IT bag) / grey satchel /

Street style right now is chic, simple, and reminiscent of the 1990s; but without the dreadful and boring minimalism of the decade. I love that the good parts of ’90’s style is hot right now, without the bad, frankly boring parts. Love that!

Now that many mask mandates are coming to end, this foundation powder is a must-have! We can no longer get away with doing only our eyes, our whole face needs attention. This foundation powder is a face in one compact. Love it!

People are starting to dress up, and leave the loungewear at home. In fact, I am seeing less denim on the street and more faux leather pants, as well as skirts. It’s so chic; I love it!

Handbags are also a little bit more dressy as the structured hobo gains more and more popularity. Plus, the pouch clutch is a continuing star in the handbag world. Everyone seems to have one!

As the rainy season starts, these water resistant lug sole boots are a must-have. Plus, they have the ideal, on-trend 1990s look we all want right now. In addition, these boots are really comfortable. I bought them last year, and they are still being made this year because everyone loves them so much. If you haven’t snapped up a pair yet, what are you waiting for?

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Stay tuned! Holiday gift guides are coming up in the next two weeks to help you get started early on your holiday shopping. I am huge proponent of shopping early. This helps ensure you get what you want while it is still in stock, plus allows for slower delivery times during the busy holiday season. I love finishing up before Thanksgiving. This way, we can all enjoy the holidays and see all the pretty gifts wrapped under the tree. Love!

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BAF Weekly IT List

fall street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: foundation powder / fall nail polish / holiday nail polish / G buckle belt / black long sleeve top / green pleated skirt / lug sole boot / green statement earrings / structured hobo bag (IT bag under $500) /

Can you believe it is almost November? I am trying to figure out where October went! It is starting to feel like the holiday season is upon us; which it is! My head is still deep into enjoying fall! How are you feeling right now?

The street style trends from the fall season will definitely continue as we head into the holidays, and the winter season. Structured hobos, lug sole boots and shoes, along with style influences from the 1990s will continue to dominate our wardrobes.

Can I give a shout-out to this foundation powder really quick? I have sworn by it for close to eight years now. This powder is not just a setting powder, it has powder foundation in it. When you apply it to your face, it’s a one-stop routine. You don’t need foundation and powder, just this powder. I use a spot concealer and this powder; which I apply with a large foundation brush. It is an easy make-up routine, plus this compact is safe and convenient for travel; which we are all slowly getting back into the groove of! If you are looking to simplify your make-up routine, or you enjoy an unfussy makeup routine, this is the miracle beauty item you have been looking for!

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Holiday gift ideas for the Real Housewives fan

gift ideas real housewives fans

Holiday gift ideas for the Real Housewives fan from top left: Well, Crystal’s “Ugly Leather Pants” are sold out, but this pair is similar, and they are very cute-on my wish list! / This three-wick candle will light up the room! It is also affordable and long lasting (under $25) / Since most of us will never be able to afford the real and infamous panther ring, we can all enjoy this very affordable version without flying around the world to find it (under $50) / Popular bags with the Real Housewives: studded small tote / classic Dior tote / super trendy fabric tote /

Are you like me? Do you mark your calendar so that you won’t miss a single new episode of The Real Housewives? Or maybe you have a friend like me who is a huge fan of The Real Housewives? In any scenario, this gift guide is tailored towards anyone who loves The Real Housewives.

If Beverly Hills is your guilty pleasure, you might be craving a pair of ugly leather pants. This pair is on my wish list, and I plan on purchasing them soon! They are great for the holidays, and a comfortable alternative to jeans; plus they are dressier. Love them! I am also a huge fan of Crystal’s style. Everything in her closet is gold. I am a fan of Sutton too, although I could never pull off her looks. I am thankful her and Crystal worked it out, and they are now friends. Can’t wait to see them in the next season; which rumour has it, is starting production. Love!

If you have been watching lately, then you know about the shade surrounding the one-wick vs. three-wick candle. This holiday season, why not give out three-wick candles as a luxurious gift? They shed a lot of light, which in turn, could throw some shade across the room. Ha!

Well, I cannot fly around the world seeking a ring that costs as much as a single family home in the mid-west, so this affordable version, which comes in multiple colors, is just the right thing for some shady dinner conversation. I am eyeing the silver version with green eyes. Love!

We all know the Real Housewives own some of the most fabulous IT bags on the planet. While most of us aren’t stocking our closets full of the latest from Hermes, we can indulge in other bags they enjoy rocking on set, and in real life. Here are a few fabulous handbags which have been on recent seasons of Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Potomac, and Dallas.

What are some of your favorite objects from recent Real Housewives episodes?

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