Ballet Flats for 2023

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Ballet flats are back! They are already starting to hit the streets, and for 2023, they will be on fire! This means it is time to dig into the back of your closet and pull out every pair of ballet flats you can find. If they are in good condition, great! If not, see if you can polish them up and make them good as new. If they are beyond repair, recycle them and look for at least one new pair for 2023.

The pair pictured above, I recently purchased for my daughter. They are black and classic, plus they are priced under $100. Love that! If you don’t already own a pair of black or neutral ballet flats, I highly recommend starting off with a black or neutral pair you can wear often. When the spring season hits, if you want to add a fun color or pattern, go for it! Ballet flats will be hot during the spring and summer seasons, you may want at least two pairs!

If you have foot issues like me, there are ballet flats out there with arch support. You can also add your own arches for support. When the spring season starts to roll onto store shelves after Christmas, we will start to see more ballet flat options. So, if you don’t already have a pair, or you want to invest in a new pair but cannot find what you want, it is ok. Sit tight, and wait for the new year, there will be plenty of choices!

Do you like ballet flats? If this a trend you plan to rock, or skip?

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Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022

shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 sneakers boots loafers

Shoe capsule wardrobe fall 2022 from top left: teal and pink sneakers / black lug sole boots (waterproof and classic) / western style boots (so comfy!) / black and white sneakers (hot IT shoe) / loafer slides (classic) / golden boots /

My fall shoe capsule this season continues to offer comfort and support for my planter fasciitis. I love these sneakers because they come with arch support, and I can save my orthotics for my workout shoes. Not only do these sneakers offer support, they are currently hot on the streets! Love that!

These black and white sneakers, also known as “Pandas,” are extremely popular because the black and white color combo is classic and can be worn with most outfits. They are definitely the sneakers I reach for the most often! I have moved my high tops and mids to the back of the closet for the fall season since I am not a huge fan of crunching up my jeans or pants over the high-top portion of the sneaker. I will pull them back out in the spring when I switch back to shorts, casual skirts, and casual dresses. I love my low tops in the fall season.

Loafers are classic, and also hot for the fall season. You cannot go wrong with any classic pair you have in your closet. Pull them out from the back and rock them this fall! I have had this pair of loafer slides for so many years I have lost count. They are perfect for fall! Love!

Boots are always hot for fall, and this autumn season is no exception. Look for western style boots, metallic boots, and classic lug soles. This pair of lug sole boots is available every fall and winter seasons. If you don’t have a pair yet, what are you waiting for? They look fabulous, offer comfort, and work wonders in ice and snow. Love that!

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What are your favorite shoes this fall season?

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Nike by you custom sneakers

nike by you custom sneaker air zoom

pictured: Nike by you custom Air Zoom / fall nail polish /

How many times have you looked for a pair of sneakers, and then not been excited about the available colorways? This has happened to me so many times! Over a decade ago, Nike started letting customers customize sneakers through their website. The original service was known as “Nike ID,” but has since evolved into “Nike by You.”

Every once in awhile I have gone onto Nike’s website and customized sneakers for myself. The last time I did this was in 2017, so it has been awhile! Normally I would customize a pair for either the gym or running. This time around, I wanted a neutral pair to wear as a street sneaker. I decided to customize a pair of Nike Air Zoom sneakers, and I love the result!

The Nike Air Zoom sneakers, which frequently appear on their website, often have a wavy design on the side. It gives off 1970s vides and offers a colorful look. I wanted the arch support and comfort of the Air Zoom, without the retro design and eye-catching colors, so when the Nike by You Air Zoom was offered in two designs, the wavy version and this woven version, I decided to customize the woven version!

The woven Air Zoom has a fresh look to it, and I love how Nike weaves fabric with leather. It has a nice texture and a modern look. I mixed a couple neutral hues and created a sneaker I can wear all year long, with pretty much anything. Love!

So, while you are putting your fall wardrobe together, and having trouble finding the right sneakers, check out Nike by You! There are several types of shoes you can customize, and Nike rotates the styles you can customize. Have fun with it!

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