What’s in my beauty bag May 2018

May is here! This month we transition from spring into more of a summer weather pattern. As the temperatures begin to rise, we all need to adjust our beauty routine to stay balanced. While I am still using my favorite daytime Elemis face cream, Revive eye cream, and Revive neck cream, I am switching up my fragrance, lipstick, and evening skin care.

pictured: shaving products and towel c/o EOS; shave cream sensitive / shave cream dry skin /

It’s time to make sure our legs are smooth and shaved! As the temperatures soar, I will be reaching for shorts, skirts, and dresses. This means I need smooth legs! I love EOS shave cream products, they are amazing! The sensitive formula contains cucumber, aloe, wild oats, and lavender butter. It’s great for sensitive skin!

If you have dry skin, which I end up with later in summer, this is what you need! This formula contains Shea Butter, coconut oil, and mango butter. Love that! It’s perfect for nourishing dry skin while allowing you a close shave. That is perfection.

pictured: perfume c/o Givenchy / lipstick c/o Givenchy / lollipop not for sale, sorry!

Givenchy’s “Live Irresistible Blossom Crush” edt is a beautiful, light floral fragrance for warm weather. It offers notes of musk, pink peony, rose, and cocoa bean. It’s perfect for both spring and summer! I’m reaching for this scent now everyday.

I love to lighten up my lipstick in warm warmer. This beautiful plumping, moisturizing, and soft pink lipstick from Givenchy is my new obsession. It’s fabulous! It’s actually more of a lip balm which naturally reacts to your pH and creates a natural color which enhances your lips. Addicted!

pictured: products c/o Fresh; rose deep hydration cream / rose deep hydration facial toner /

So for my evening skin care routine, I am keeping things simple. I am still using the same neck cream from my daytime routine, but for my face cream I have started using Fresh rose deep hydration cream and toner. This is perfect for my skin since it tends to get dry in the warm weather from sun exposure. The cream brings intense 24-hour hydration for dry skin. The toner refines pores, and uses real rose petals! It’s the perfect summer floral! Love!

pictured: Flash Bath c/o Yuni /

This is the season for camping! I’m troop leader for my daughter’s girl scout troop, plus we love to get outdoors as a family. This means I don’t always have access to a shower or bath. Yeah, don’t hate. 😉 This “Flash Bath” by Yuni is the best thing since sliced bread. No joke! It freshens you up as if you took a real shower! It’s perfect for camping, long air travel, or days when you might be running short on time and should have taken a shower; but didn’t. You need this. You seriously need this.

Well, there you have it! All my favorite new beauty products for the transition from spring into summer. I will be using these now, and well into the summer season. What are some of your favorite beauty products for spring into summer?

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Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum review

woman by ralph lauren edp review

Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP c/o Ralph Lauren

Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum is the new fragrance from iconic New York design house Ralph Lauren. This feminine, strong, alluring fragrance embodies the modern woman, while evoking mystery, power, and feminine grace. Love that!

This modern, woody floral fragrance by Ralph Lauren offers a medium strength fragrance experience which enables it to be worn on a daily basis; yet not get lost like a skin scent.

I wore Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP for a full day to test it out, with one total spray, applying it to my wrists, and neck, at 7am. When I went to sleep at 10:30pm, I could still detect a smooth, woody base on my wrists which was fresh, clear, and alluring. I enjoyed the fragrance cycle of this eau de parfum throughout the day as it started off with a warm floral scent and moved into a warmer, woody fragrance experience as the day moved along. It is always nice to have a long-lasting fragrance which does not need to be reapplied during the day! This is that scent!

Top Notes– Pear, rhubarb, blackcurrant

Middle Notes- Tuberose, orange flower, Turkish rose

Base Notes– Sandalwood, hazelnut, vibrant woods

As we move into the autumn months, Woman by Ralph Lauren eau de parfum is the perfect scent for the season. It offers a classic woody floral fragrance experience which is modern, warm, and ideal for moderate temperatures. Due to the warm base from the woods, this is also a great perfume to wear during the winter. The warm florals also allow it to be worn easily through spring. Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP could easily be come a my signature scent-or yours! It offers a modern yet classic fragrance experience. Love!

This will also make a fabulous holiday gift!

You can fin Woman by Ralph Lauren EDP online here.

How to match perfume to your outfit

OK, you might be looking at the title of this post and asking yourself, why is she writing an article about how to match your perfume to your outfit on her blog. Well, there is a backstory here!

When I get dressed in the morning, I always choose my fragrance based upon what I am wearing, the weather outside, and the occasion. I always feel that you are never fully dressed without the proper perfume. Shortly after I started this blog in 2010, I thought it would be fun to start a second blog dedicated to matching your perfume to your outfit, but I soon realized, I could only keep up with one blog plus work, homeschooling my daughter, and the activities of my three children.

It has been a few years since I wrote about matching perfume to an outfit, so I thought I would bring the concept here; maybe it interests you?

I am a firm believer in investing in good perfume. Many people think fragrances have a shelf life of up to three years, but this simply isn’t the case. If stored correctly, eau de toilette’s, eau de parfum’s, parfum’s, and other fragrance types, can easily be kept for years and years. This means it is OK to have a warm weather fragrance wardrobe, and a cool weather fragrance wardrobe. If you have several types of perfumes to choose from, you can easily match your perfume to your outfit, or match your fragrance to a current fashion trend.

Without further audieu, here are five current fashion and style trends, and the perfect perfume type to wear with them for a complete look!


match perfume to outfit

The most groundbreaking of all the current trends, the floral trend. 😉 It is pretty safe to assume that most people own at least one floral item. Florals are a classic spring trend; despite their reinvention every year. That being said, if you are going to wear florals, wear a perfume which is geared towards warm weather, and offers a fruity-floral fragrance experience.

Fruity-florals are the best types of floral fragrances to wear with the floral trend. The fruity notes turn an otherwise sticky sweet floral scent into something playful, and ideal, for warmer temperatures.

For summer 2017, my favorite fruity-floral fragrance to wear with the floral trend is Escada’s limited edition “Fiesta Carioca.” It is a playful scent which evokes a party feeling; making it perfect for spring, summer, and wearing florals! You can read my review here.

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how to match your perfume to your outfit

There is something classic, feminine, and preppy about the gingham trend. Although many gingham pieces this season are offering asymmetrical lines, exaggerated ruffles, and other non-preppy features, there is something inherently timeless about the trend. That being said, a classic, warm floral scent is the perfect type of perfume to wear with this trend.

My favorite warm floral fragrance to wear with the gingham trend this year is Lacoste’s new “L.12.12 Pour Elle Magnetic.” This is a classic floral fragrance which combines violet and jasmine notes with a warm vanilla base. It is easy to wear in warm or hot weather, and offers a modern yet timeless fragrance experience. It is perfect for the current gingham trend since it is a timeless fabric pattern which has been modernized this season through ruffles and asymmetrical lines. My review of this scent is online here.

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how to match your fragrance to your outfit

Ruffles most certainly do not have ridges, in fact, they are soft and fluffy for 2017.This is a huge trend for spring and summer 2017. Since ruffles are so playful and sassy, they are perfectly paired with a citrus fragrance.

Citrus scents are sassy by nature. They aren’t sugary sweet like florals, and they offer a slightly sweet and sour fragrance experience. Citrus scents are perfect for hot weather, and they are light and fluffy; much like this season’s ruffle trend. Perfection!

My ideal citrus perfume to wear with ruffles this year is Hermes “Eau de Mandarin Ambree.” This is a medium strength citrus scent which is so refreshing, it evokes a feeling of a newly peeled mandarin orange. Yes, it might make you crave mandarin oranges, which isn’t a bad thing, they are yummy!

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match fragrance to outfit

Greenery is the color of 2017! Therefore, it is only natural that this hot color trend have a perfume category of it’s own. Actually, I am giving the greenery trend two fragrance categories to choose from; green-florals, and fruity.

You might be asking me, why two? Well, green-florals do not suit everyone. So, if green based scents aren’t your thing, fruity fragrances will work! BUT, not all fruity fragrances; it is a little more complex then just any ol’ fruit.

Let’s start with fruity. If fruity fragrances are more your speed, look for fruits which are not sweet. My favorite fruity fragrance to wear with the Greenery color trend is Wen’s “Cucumber Basil Tea.” It is not sweet at all, and offers a fresh, warm weather fragrance experience which is perfect to wear with green. So when looking for a fruity fragrance, look for one mixed with vegetables and herbs, it will offer that non-sweet, mature fragrance experience which is natural and ideal for greenery.

Green-florals are an acquired taste. People tend to love them or hate them. I have a hard time with green-florals, but I have to admit, they really are perfect to wear with Greenery. My favorite green-floral to wear with Greenery is Chanel’s “No. 19 Poudre.” It has the green fragrance experience with a powdery base from Iris. This is the only green-floral scent I will wear, and it is a classic.

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match your fragrance to your outfit

This is the trend that won’t stop! I remember being shocked when it flooded the runways last September for spring 2017 in New York. I feel like blush has been in style for so many seasons, I have lost count! That being said, it is an easy color for many people to wear, and it is also easy to wear with other colors; it almost acts like a neutral. Although, unless your personal style is feminine and airy, it can be a hard color to pull off.

Since blush is naturally feminine and sweet, it is only natural that the ideal perfume to wear with the blush trend is a sticky-sweet floral scent. When pairing your fragrance with blush, most pink liquids will yield that sweet floral scent which works perfectly with this fashion trend.

My favorite sweet-floral fragrance to wear with the blush trend this season is Gucci Bamboo. It is sticky-sweet without being sickly-sweet. It is a mature version of a sweet floral. Love it!

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There you have it! Five current trends and the perfect fragrances to wear with them.

What do you think of matching your fragrance to your outfit? Is this something you have been doing for years? Or, is this a new concept for you?

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