Hudson Yards on a rainy day

wearing: statement earrings / blue sweater / black parka / yellow pouch / spring nail polish / black belt / flare jeans / sneakers /

While the weather was mild during the majority of our trip, we had one really stormy day where the skies just opened up. In one brief moment, there was a break in the storm, so we took that opportunity to snap a couple photos outside Hudson Yards. Unfortunately, the Vessel was closed due to the weather, so outside photos were our only option on the day we visited.

Since my daughter is a Civil Engineering major, Hudson Yards was fun to walk around and explore. The new buildings have some interesting engineering features which are great to see up close when you are an engineering student. She enjoyed seeing the architecture and how it was executed, and so did I!

We spent most of our time at Hudson Yards inside due to the weather. There is a shopping mall which features all the stores you know from your local mall. We enjoyed a boba break at Xing Fu Tang.

It was nice to have a place to wander around inside since the storm was pretty strong when we were outside. We had weathered it earlier in the day for tea time at Laduree and seeing a few other sites.

If you are heading to New York, see if you can schedule Hudson Yards on a calm weather day, that way the Vessel will be open and you will have the opportunity to go inside. I have this on my list for my next trip to New York. It looks like it would be amazing to go to the top!

Hudson Yards is also a great stop if you want a little retail therapy. While you won’t find independent boutiques there, you will find national chains you are familiar with, and perhaps needed to pick something up from that you forgot at home.

Oh, and if you decide to grab some boba, the cookies and cream is delicious!

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