BAF Weekly IT List

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: brown mini saddle bag / Chanel summer nail polish / Dior summer nail polish / navy top / large hoop earrings / silver bracelet / black top handle handbag / green woven handbag / ivory moon shaped bag / basket bag / black M Frame bag /

The anonymous handbag, and fun nail polish colors, are hotter than hot right now! Everyone is snapping up beautiful, high-quality handbags without logos and then having some fun on their nails with blue, purple, green, and more!

Can we stop for a minute and talk about Coach? You remember how popular this handbag brand was back in the 1980s and 1990s. They faded into the background during the height of the bling era in the early 2000s when everyone got into logo-mania. As logos faded into being popular, and not an insane “must-have,” we started to see regular, high-quality handbags enjoy some time in the spotlight as IT bags rotated every season. As this was happening, those who didn’t run after the current IT bag went back to Coach, and similar brands.

Fast forward to today, and Coach is just as popular as it was back in the day. While their styles are slightly different, and the leather is different, the handbags made by Coach offer incredible pricing for high quality fabrications and craftsmanship. I am always amazed how low their prices are for the product they produce. You can pay twice the Coach price and get half the quality elsewhere. This is why I am on such a huge Coach kick right now. You cannot beat the pricing, and the high-quality handbags are every girl’s dream.

I have invested in several of their bags over the past year, and I know you, Bay Area Fashionista readers, are investing in them too! If you are looking for a beautiful handbag which is high quality and won’t break the bank. Give Coach another look. I have linked up my current favorites below:

Getting back to summer style, if you are looking at how to create your summer wardrobe, look for understated style, an anonymous handbag, and have fun with your nail color. My summer capsule wardrobe is coming up soon too, so stay tuned!

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