Spring 2022 fitness routine and gear

spring fitness gear routine

Spring 2022 fitness gear from top left: spin shoes / yoga mat / yoga socks / weight set / fitness shoes / hiking boots / leggings /

Spring is here, and my hip has healed. Yay!! This means I can finally get back into a somewhat normal workout routine for the spring season. Of course, a healed hip does not give me carte-blanche to go back to the way I was working out last summer, I did end up with a little bit of collateral damage.

Once my hip had healed, I decided to go on a walk with some steep hills. This was not a good idea after having not been doing anything for three months. I ended up getting some sharp pains in the arch of my foot and have been dealing with an injury to my arch since November. Now that we are into the spring season, my foot is healing, and with proper orthotics inserted into my shoes, I can finally do a fitness routine seemingly close to how I normally workout.

In order to protect my planter fasciitis tendon, I need more than proper arch support, I need to insure I am doing exercises which will not put strain on my arch yet allow me to rebuild the muscle I may have lost from months of not working out at the level I previously enjoyed. This means low impact cardio, limited squats and lunges, and allowing for rest days in between heavy days. So, without further ado, here is my current spring fitness routine!

Monday: BodyCombat (I am doing this cardio kickboxing class without jumping or any impact. I am still getting a good workout and protecting my arch.)

Tuesday: 30-minute Core class and 50-minute yoga class (this allows me to not put pressure on my foot while still getting a little workout, building strength, and stretching out)

Wednesday: Spin class (this is low impact, and if I feel pressure underneath my foot, I can sit down during the standing portions of class. This is a great way to get a cardio workout while protecting my foot)

Thursday: Cardio machine such as the PhysioStep or LifeCycle, full free weight workout, 15-minutes of core work, and at least 20-minutes of stretching. This is a great way to control my workout and build strength without injuring myself.

Friday: 30-minute walk and stretching

Saturday: Rest, rest and rest!

Sunday: Hiking with my family, who is very understanding if I need to rest and/or stop

Well, that’s it! This fitness routine for spring is currently working really well and protecting my foot while rebuilding my strength. What are your favorite spring workouts?

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