Handbag gift ideas holidays 2021

handbag gift ideas holidays christmas 2021

Handbag gift ideas from top left: structured black hobo (hot designer IT bag) / mini gold pouch (gold bags are hot IT bags right now) / small red slouchy hobo (up and coming IT bag for 2022) / caramel structured hobo bag (IT bag under $1000) / small green pouch (green bags are hot right now) / puffy silver shoulder bag (under $1000) / black bucket bag (classic IT bag, also-bucket bags are huge IT bags for 2022) / black pouch (IT bag under $1000) / chocolate brown chain pouch (hot designer IT bag) / structured black hobo (under $100) /

So many IT bags in one place! This is by far my favorite gift guide of the 2021 holiday season! This year, we have enjoyed multiple styles and designers who fall into the IT bag category, and as we move in 2022, there will be more!

This holiday season, why not give the handbag fan on your list an IT bag that works now, and will carry her through 2022 and beyond! Next year, the pouch will continue to be hot, as well as structured hobo bags. Adding to the list will be the return of the bucket bag, and slouchy hobo bags. All of these styles will be hotter than hot in 2022, so giving one for the 2021 holiday season will not only be ideal for right now, the gift will keep on giving into the new year, and beyond! Love that!

Neutral handbags continue to reign supreme, but as we move into 2022, look for additional hues to brighten your handbag wardrobe such as metallics (specifically gold), red, medium or mint green (steer clear of military green and hunter green), pastels, and bright hues. More on this next month as spring hits store shelves. For right now, these are all safe and hot buys for 2021, 2022, and beyond!

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I’m eyeing pouch bags and hobo bags for the holidays. Hopefully Santa is reading this post and puts at least one under the tree for me! Which bags are you hoping to find under the tree this holiday season?

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