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fall 2021 street style trends

BAF Weekly IT List from top left: convertible handbag (IT bag under $300) / chain pouch / G buckle belt / fall Dior nail polish / fall Chanel nail polish / green pleated skirt / grey slouchy satchel / lug sole boot / black structured hobo bag /

If there was a color of the season, I would declare it green! This fall hue has been spotted everywhere on the streets, and it seems to be selling really well too! I have to admit, I am loving green this season as well. My favorite nail polish for fall is this metallic green from Dior, and this green skirt is my favorite dressy piece.

As we head towards the holiday season, I feel like shades of green will continue to be popular. After all, it just so happens to be one of the two traditional Christmas colors! I definitely want to continue building green into my current wardrobe! What are your thoughts on green?

Touches of the 1990s are still hot this season, as well as chain details, lug soles, loafers, and structured hobos. These hot trends from the runways have definitely taken the streets by storm. Fall street style is all about 1990s style! Love that!

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What are your favorite fall trends this year?

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