Dinner and a sunset on the Napa River

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After Christmas, we took a quick road trip up to the Napa Valley with our kids. On the first day, we checked into our hotel around 3:30pm, and then headed over to downtown Napa to walk around and enjoy dinner. It was fun showing the kids around the historic buildings, and to walk along the Napa River at Sunset.

The river area was decorated for the holidays with lights, and pretty decorations. My kids loved seeing all the holiday decor, and checking out a new town they haven’t visited before.

For dinner, we ate at Napkins Bar & Grill which is across the street from the river in Downtown Napa. I had heard the food was good, but WOW! All five of us loved what we ordered and ate! My oldest daughter ordered the chicken dish which she said was delicious. My middle child decided to have an appetizer buffet with wings and sliders; both of which she loved. My son had a plate of pasta which he too, enjoyed. My husband had the pork chops, which he thought was cooked to perfection, and quite tasty. I enjoyed a cup of clam chowder to start, and for my entree, scallops with risotto; which was fabulous and I am craving another plate of it as I type this! If you go, definitely try at least one of these dishes, you will love it!

Our dinner was really yummy, but as all children tend to do, they asked for dessert! My husband had noticed a Ben & Jerry’s sign while we were walking around, so after dinner, we walked over to get ice cream for the kids. I was stuffed from dinner, but still managed to enjoy an entire egg nog milkshake! haha yummy!

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Stay tuned! We had a ton of fun in the Napa Valley, and I cannot wait to share it all with you!

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4 thoughts on “Dinner and a sunset on the Napa River

  • Dawn Lucy

    Need to plan a Napa getaway! Thanks for the suggestions! I’m loving that skirt too! How high is the slit? Is it school teacher appropriate?!

    Happy 2020, Luv!

  • Juliet

    Happy New Year, Cathy! Napa’s downtown has changed so much over the past ten years … its fabulous. Can’t wait to hear more about your weekend away. xo

    • Bay Area Fashionista Post author

      Yes, it’s so different!! Thank you-yes there will be more from Napa!! 🙂

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