5 Ultra-Cool handbag designers under $1000 to know now

designer handbags under 1000

Handbag designers under $1000 from top left: Boyy tote bag / Wandler white handbag / Pop and Suki take out box handbag / Staud PVC tote (hot IT bag!) (see my review here) / By Far train case handbag /

In a world full of really expensive handbags, it’s nice to know there are IT bags priced well under $1000. In addition to handbags having an IT factor, there is an uprising of ultra-cool handbag designers which are carried by fashion insiders, and bear absolutely no logo’s what-so-ever. Hear that? I’ll say it again, no logos.

The ultra-cool thing to do at the moment, is to carry a handbag which bears no logo, and offers an unique silhouette. 2019 is all about fabulous handbags which are eye-catching, and bear the name of a designer only those in-the-know will actually be able to identify. This is not the year to flaunt your handbag designer’s name, this is the year to make people wonder who you are carrying, and make people covet your bag. Oh-but wait! There’s more!

These incognito IT bags bear one more interesting fact; they are priced under $1000. Say whaaa-aaat??

That’s right! You can carry an ultra-cool handbag, coveted by fashion industry insiders, for under $1000. This means we can all be cool on a budget. Of course, if your budget is $3000, then you can carry three bags instead of one. Loving this!

Handbag designers with bags priced under $1000 were all over the streets of New York at fashion week. Fashion buyers, journalists, and more were carrying these highly covetable bags, and those not-in-the-know, were left scratching their heads.

So, without further ado, here are five designer handbag brands to covet, watch, and buy, in 2019; and you won’t have to break the bank doing it. Love!


This cool-girl handbag brand has been around for many seasons, but starting last year, it started to gain traction. While a few of their styles barely hover above $1000, and under $1100, the majority of their handbag styles are under $1000. Boyy bags are highly desired by big name fashion journalists who work for iconic fashion publications, as well as quiet yet important fashion industry insiders. This is the bag to own now. Pick your favorite style, and be fabulous.

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Wandler is one of the coolest yet unknown handbag designers out there. They have several must-have styles priced well under $1000. The white one shown above is their most popular bag of-the-moment. This designer handbag brand is on the move upwards, so it’s a good time to invest in one now. Love!

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By Far

By Far is a hot new name on the streets, and they are creating fabulous handbags carried by insiders which are priced well under $1000. That train case has already reached IT status, it was everywhere on the streets of New York Fashion Week. Grab one before it sells out.

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Pop and Suki

Pop and Suki got on the map with their take-out box. These unique handbags are starting to pop up on the arms of insiders everywhere. They have styles priced under $500, and even under $100! Whaaaa-aaaat?! Yup, that’s right! This is an ultra-cool, cool-girl bag you can carry without budgeting for months. Grab your favorite color.

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Well, Staud needs no introduction. You have seen these bags all over Instagram, and they are continually all over the arms of fashion industry insiders everywhere. I own two of their bags, and I want more, more, and more! My greed factor is real with this one! These bags are priced well under $1000, $500, and even under $300. They have a ton of street cred, cool-girl vibes, and functionality. What did I just say? Yes, these bags are quality and easy to use on a daily basis. I have a big crush on them, and you should too!

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There you have it! If you are looking for an ultra-cool, IT bag priced under $1000, these are the brands to watch, browse, and buy. They won’t break the bank, and they are way cooler than any designer logo bag; which are so last year anyway.

Which handbag designer under $1000 is your favorite?

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