Spring 2019 shoe trends

spring 2019 shoe trends

From left: tan suede espadrilles / black chunky high heels / snakeskin sandals / black chunky sandals /

Spring 2019 shoe trends are here! Stores are well stocked with the most fabulous shoes for the upcoming warm weather season, and there are so many trends to look for while shopping! This spring 2019 season, you can look forward to more comfortable shoe styles, funky heels, and playful designs. It’s going to be a fun season!

Chunky Heels

The spring 2019 season is all about chunky, funky heels. Often times the heels will be multi-colored or PVC. Look for interesting heels while shoe shopping! Of course, of you aren’t into chunky funky heels, kitten heels are in too; but big and clunky is way more fun!

Espadrilles (Obvi)

Did you know espadrilles are huge for spring? Um-did you know florals are in too? Groundbreaking! Ha! Yes, pull out last year’s espadrilles because they are very, very fabulous for spring 2019.


You saw it on the streets! One of the biggest trends on the streets of New York Fashion Week was snakeskin. This is a huge fabrication for the spring 2019 season. While most of what you see on the market will be faux snakeskin-usually snakeskin print on leather; it will still have the look. I love the look of snakeskin. The texture looks fresh, making it  a great way to update your wardrobe this spring season. Love!


Well, PVC is huge. I plan to rock this trend with a handbag, but if you are brave, you can try rocking it in shoes. PVC shoes are very hot this spring, so if you think you can handle the chafing-go for it!

Chunky street sneakers

Chunky street sneakers are so big for spring, I already wrote about them! You can read my post here. This is spring’s most comfortable trend. After you kill your feet in PVC shoes, you can relax in a pair of chunky street sneakers. That works! Look for funky soles, bright colors, and statement making sneakers. Have fun with this one!

Anything Yellow

I know coral is the color of 2019, but yellow is having a moment too. Look for yellow shoes, in any style! This is a fun way to add a little sunshine to your footsies.

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What is your favorite trend in shoes for the spring 2019 season?

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