Designer shoe capsule wardrobe

designer shoe capsule wardrobe

If you are looking for the ultimate designer shoe capsule wardrobe, look no further! If you enjoyed my handbag capsule wardrobe post earlier this year, I hope you will enjoy this one too!

There are a lot of fabulous designer shoes on the market, but very few survive season after season. While these shoes haven’t been around for decades, they have survived IT status and settled nicely into possible classic status.

While these shoes are mostly designer, I had to include two pairs of non-designer shoes due to their popularity season after season. In fact, one pair is priced under $100! Love that!

designer shoe capsule wardrobe

from top left: classic loafer mules / scalloped ballet flats / Rockstud pumps / espadrille lace up wedges  (under $100!!) / espadrille wedges (under $200) / sky high pointy toe pumps /

Seasonless loafer mules: These classic loafer mules launched into IT status two years ago and have proven to be able to withstand the test of time. Countless brands have designed similar styles, and their popularity is high. These mules can be worn during all four seasons, depending on the weather in your geographic location. They are extremely comfortable, and can be worn with skirts, pants, jeans, and dresses! These mules are extremely versatile, and a closet staple!

Little black flats: Like the LBD or “little black dress,” we all need a pair of little black flats. These have been around for years and are extremely comfortable, soft, and super cute! Aren’t the scallops adorable!? These flats are timeless, seasonless, and a closet staple.

Edgy high heels: Sometimes you just don’t want to wear classic black high heels. Thankfully the iconic Valentino Rockstuds have become a classic, and a closet staple. They have withstood IT status, and the test of time. Plus, they are really comfortable! We all need one pair in black.

Lace-up espadrille wedges: These fabulous wedges have been featured season after season for many years. They are comfortable, and priced under $100. Love that! You can wear them with pants, jumpsuits, skirts, dresses, and shorts! So, they are the perfect go-to shoe in the spring and summer months.

Platform wedges: These function the same as the lace-up wedges mentioned above, but lace-up shoes aren’t everyone’s jam. So, if you prefer a buckle, these are the espadrille wedges for your shoe capsule wardrobe! They have been shown season after season, and match everything in your spring and summer wardrobes!

*If you are creating a shoe capsule wardrobe, just pick one pair of espadrille wedges, that’s all you really need; unless you want both! Then I won’t stop you-because I own both already! Ooops!

Classic high heels: These sky high heels are classic. They match everything from office attire to cocktail ensembles. We all need one pair in our closet. They are the only classic pumps we need.

There you have it! A designer shoe capsule wardrobe. Of course, this list does not include utility shoes such as rain boots, or sneakers. This is for a more fashion-focused wardrobe. If you are looking for rain boots, check out this classic pair.

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