On a plane to New York Fashion Week

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Today I am on a plane to New York Fashion Week. As we prepare for fashion week, we are still experiencing the winter 2017 season; although stores are already showing us spring 2017,  starting tomorrow, we will learn all about fall 2017. Isn’t it amazing how the fashion calendar works?

We already know Greenery is the color of 2017, so as we look towards the new, upcoming trends of fall 2017, we can rest assured there should be some Greenery on the fall 2017 runways. But which trends from last fall will survive? Which new trends for the upcoming spring 2017 will prove to be lasting?

The current spring 2017 trends which are already proving popular on the street include statement earrings, denim, athleisure, mini bags, anything Gucci (which, to be frank, we can only find on Gucci’s runway haha), shades of blue, shades of pink, pale or grey nail polish, vampy or beige lipstick, and slides. Will these trends continue on the fall 2017 runway?

Last fall, we saw huge trends in lace-up sweaters, bell sleeves, creepers, saddle bags, 1990s influence, 1970s influence, and block heels. Will any of these consumer favorites continue in the upcoming fall 2017 season?

We will have the answers to these questions and more starting tomorrow! Which trends from last year would you like to see continue? Are there any trends you hope stay off the runways, and the streets? Leave a comment below and start the discussion!

What’s in my New York Fashion Week suitcase:

What’s in my New York Fashion Week beauty bag:

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