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New York Fashion Week street style fun

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wearing: vintage barrettes circa 1990s / lipstick / checkerboard faux fur coat / Biggie tee / fuschia boyfriend jeans / black pouch handbag / spring nail polish / black white street sneakers /

When it comes to choosing my outfits for New York Fashion Week, I tend to assemble looks I can also wear back home. I don’t need one-time-wear clothing hanging around in my closet. That being said. . .I saw this coat at Topshop and a bell went off in my head. What if I did one outfit, just one, that was crazy and fashion week inspired? OK, let’s do this!

I bought the coat. Then, I needed an outfit for the coat. haha, enter bright pink jeans. They looked warm for the cold weather, and since they were pink, I thought they were a step up from regular blue jeans. OK, outfit coming along! Then, I was browsing online and found a Notorious B-I-G tee. Well, the 1990s are a huge influence in fashion right now, and I lived through them. I remember the Tupoc and Biggie drama; and felt close to it since Tupoc went to Tam High School. Tam was a huge football rival of my high school-so he was close enough geographically for me to make a connection. He was born in New York, but relocated to California-and Biggie is from New York. Since this outfit was being put together for New York, and I have always felt a connection, I thought I should wear it and show my west coat love for the east coast. NYFW outfit assembled-and with meaning. Check!

When I told my fashion-partner-in-crime (Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun) about my outfit, she too said she had a black and white coat plus pink planned for NYFW. OK then, let’s wear theses outfits the same day! haha, it was so much fun! We were color coordinated! In the photo below, we were heading to lunch after the Son Jung Wan show. One photographer stopped us, then, we got swarmed. There must have been at least twenty photogs snapping our pictures. That was crazy-and fun! Dawn ended up with her picture in The Cut. I ended up being cut-on the cutting room floor. Oh well. . . haha

photo credit: Allnycee Photography

This coat was super warm, and these sneakers were a life saver; they were so comfortable! I am so glad I brought them to fashion week. We do a ton of walking and standing in line, so comfortable shoes are always a life saver.

Another funny tidbit about this coat; everyone else had the same idea. I saw at least two people each day wearing it. Oh well, I guess that means it was a great coat because everyone was wearing it!

I did get stopped twice by videographers who were filming as they stopped me. They asked me who my coat was by, and when I said TopShop, they either snickered or looked at me funny. Does everything have to be high end? Isn’t it OK to wear an affordable coat to fashion week? I don’t really like people putting a live video camera in my face; I have to admit. It’s a little pet peeve of mine that happens every fashion week. It would be nice if people asked permission before ambushing you with questions while a video camera is rolling. End rant.

The photo below is by Denton Taylor. He is a fabulous street style photographer who has snapped my picture before, and he is always so nice! This photo was taken after Custo Barcelona at Pier 59.

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Have you ever put an outfit together for fun, wondering if it will be worn again? Let me know in the comments below!

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new york fashion week street style

Photo credit: Denton Taylor

Adding a touch of spring to a winter day at New York Fashion Week

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wearing: bold gold earrings c/o Chico’s / lipstick / spring maxi dress c/o Chico’s / spring nail polish / train case handbag / faux shearling coat /

Day two of New York Fashion Week was a ton of fun! The weather was warm; much warmer than I am used to it being at fashion week in February! Normally the temperatures are well below thirty, and there is always at least one day in single digits. This season, the temperatures were hovering in the fifties; much warmer than at home in the San Francisco Bay Area!

So, for day two of New York Fashion Week, I decided to wear a winter into spring look for a busy day of shows. In the morning, through to mid-day, this spring maxi dress from Chico’s was perfect for the weather. I didn’t need a coat! Was this the twilight zone?? Why wasn’t it freezing?? That morning and afternoon, I attended Fashion Hong Kong followed by Nonie, without a coat. This dress garnered several compliments from other show guests, and was the perfect weight for the the high fifties temperatures.

When evening was getting close, temperatures fell to the forties, so I threw on my 1970s style faux fur coat over my dress, and switched up my handbag to evoke a vintage vibe with my overall look. This was a fun way to make this spring maxi dress transition from winter into spring. It is so versatile! I attended Chiara Boni le petite robe that evening which was perfect for the outfit. She had a vintage vibe on her runway, so my vintage look worked quite well.

Since the day was busy, I never actually had a chance to sit down for a meal! After Chiara Boni, I wore my spring Chico’s maxi dress styled for winter out to dinner at Pepolino’s. It’s a fabulous Italian restaurant close to Spring Studios where the shows were held. Every season I enjoy their risotto and pasta. It is a must-try next time you visit New York!

My fabulous friend Dawn from Fashion Should be Fun took these photos with my new camera. They came out really good!

Shop my New York Fashion Week day two, spring dress styled for winter:

Be sure to check out all the fabulous new, bold looks for spring that Chico’s has in store! You can check it out on Chicos.com.

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Inspired by Real Housewives

new york fashion week street style logo tee trendnyfw street style street style new yorknew york street style

wearing: gold dangle earrings / lipstick / black faux fur coat / Balmain tee / spring nail polish / black handbag / military green tuxedo pants / black boots (on major sale-order a 1/2 size up) /

OK, so if you know me, or follow my insta-stories, you may have heard me talk about being a huge Real Housewives fan. Well. . .while I was putting outfits together for New York Fashion Week, I watched an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Marlo and Nene went shopping with Eva for a wedding dress. Marlo, who has an enviable closet and great style, was wearing a black Balmain logo tee and she looked chic as ever. While logo handbags are played out, logo tee’s and clothing are still having a moment. So I decided to purchase a black Balmain tee and create an outfit around it for fashion week! Does that make me a superfan? haha

I wore my new Balmain tee with military green pants, my new Chloe boots-which are on major sale by the way, and this cozy Calvin Klein coat. It was an urban street style look which was quiet yet New York Fashion Week worthy. This is a look I will continue to wear at home too until our spring weather arrives. It’s cold in California this year! Brrrrrr! When spring hits, I will show you this tee again, and the pants, styled separately for spring. They will be spring staples in my closet!

My friend Laura from Have-Need-Want took these photos outside our hotel before we began our day of shows. Day one of New York Fashion Week was a fun day. I attended Noon by Noor, Laurence & Chico, and Badgley Mischka. Stay tuned for photos from those shows! You can see the final walks saved in my Instagram Story Highlights. They are saved in the highlight with Anna Wintor’s face as the cover photo. Trying to have a little chic fashion humor on there. haha

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Do you watch the Real Housewives shows? Have you ever taken fashion inspiration from one or more of them?


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