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Not packed for NYFW again

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If you have been following along, you know by now that the pandemic moved New York Fashion Week to a digital format starting last September. In February of 2021, the format remained digital, and press continued to watch the shows, and learn about the new collections, from home. For the spring/summer 2022 collections, which will be shown starting today and through the weekend, the shows are a mixed bag.

Designers have chosen one of three avenues for showing their spring/summer 2022 collections this September during New York Fashion Week. Many have continued with releasing videos to the press and to the public. This has turned out to be a more financially beneficial way to show off a new collection, as well as a way to not have to worry about the pandemic and if people have been vaccinated. This brings us to the second option designers have this week.

There are in-person shows. I repeat, there are in-person shows! I received several invitations to in-person shows, but since I am staying home, I will be watching for the press photos after the fact, instead of traveling to New York to enjoy them live. These in-person shows will mostly be shown at a new venue; not Spring Studios. The new venue is on 5th avenue and much smaller than Spring Studios, or going back to when the shows were in tents. Guests of in-person shows must prove vaccination status, and masking is highly encouraged.

The third format designers are testing out this season is by turning their fashion show into an actual show, that one would buy a ticket for. Instead of inviting buyers and press to their shows, these ticketed shows are for customers. Ticket prices will start well over $1000, and in some cases, reach into the five figures. What does that mean for the future of fashion week?

If the ticket sales method turns a nice profit, and buyers are still receptive to collections while viewing them in-studio or at market week, will designers opt for the money making fashion show as opposed to the exclusive buyer/press events we have become accustomed to over the past several decades? Will some designers continue on the digital path and never stage a live show again? This is not happening in London, Paris and Milan. Does this mean New York will lead the future of fashion shows? Or will New York become irrelevant? Only time will tell. . .

I have to admit, I am worried. In case you haven’t noticed, several large American designers are not participating in New York Fashion Week. They are staging their own shows at other times. Some designers are timing their shows with market week so that buyers can attend without making a special trip to New York. Others have staged shows at completely random times, or in other locations such as Southern California. It will be interesting to see what works this season, and which direction designers choose to take in February, when we assume the pandemic won’t be so dominant in our movements.

Outfit idea if I was attending NYFW in person this season:

For me, my oldest daughter is a senior in high school. She has a lot of milestones happening this year, so traveling to New York for fashion week this month wasn’t in the cards for me. I will still continue to cover the latest trends from the runway while wearing my fuzzy slippers, and sitting at my desk; within close proximity to my daughter who will be away at college next year. I am currently cherishing every moment I have with her before leaves for college next year.

So don’t worry! Trends from the runway, and the spring/summer 2022 color trends will hit the blog soon!

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Not packed for NYFW spring 2021

casual fall outfit ideas

wearing: blue and gold earrings / fall lipstick / stripe puff sleeve tee / black snake buckle belt / patchwork jeans / fall nail polish / lapis bead bracelet / grey bead bracelet / classic grey stamped croc loafers /

I am not packed, and I am not on a plane to New York Fashion Week! Normally at this time, I write a post letting you know I am on a plane, and off to the Big Apple to watch the runway shows during NYFW. This year, things are a little different. New York Fashion Week will be mostly online. While I did receive a handful of in-person invites, the majority of my invites this season are for live streams.

This NYFW season, I will be sitting at my desk, while my husband is on the other side of the wall working from home for his tech job, and my kids are spread out throughout the house doing online school. California is still under a shelter-in-place order, and large gatherings of people are not advised on a national level. This means New York Fashion Week will mostly be online.

An online fashion week is both a blessing and a curse. The reason I attend fashion week in person is because seeing the clothing go down the runway, and watching it move, is how I forecast for the new season. Designers set a tone and vibe for their shows, allowing me to see their  inspiration, and complete artistic vision. While they will convey this through video, it is not the same. I hope I can feel the vibe through my computer screen.

Now for the blessing! The nice part of watching fashion week online, is that, you too can watch it! You can watch the same shows as me live streamed. While some designers have invite-only links, there is a good chance those shows will end up on YouTube shortly after they air. So if you cannot attend an invite-only show, you can catch it soon after online. I hope you watch with me!

Don’t forget, Supima is live streaming their show on September 10, 2020 at 3pm eastern time. You can catch it live on their Instagram page or Facebook page.

Shop my NYFW outfit online:

I am excited to watch the shows from home this season, and see what we can look forward to in the spring/summer 2021 season. I am hopeful it will be a season of joy, renewal, and hope. A renaissance if you will. I believe we will be receiving our vaccines, large gatherings will begin to return, jobs will return, and the hardships we are facing right now will be behind us. It will be interesting to see if this sentiment and hope is reflected in the upcoming collections.

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(apologies for the off-colors in my photos. We have orange skies right now from all the wildfire smoke in California, and my photos had an orange glow. I tried my best to remove the orange. The shoes are not really this dark, they are more of a medium grey.)

fall loafer trend

Pleated skirts for fall 2019

pleated skirts fall 2019 sneakers with a skirt casual pleated skirt

wearing: sunglasses / square hoop earrings / lipstick / black puffy sleeve top (under $100) / green printed, pleated skirt (under $100) / nail polish / PVC tote / Gucci sneakers /

There is nothing like a pleated skirt to get me twirling on the street, in public! haha

When I first spotted this asymmetrical hem, pleated skirt, I was hooked. Not only was it priced well under $100, it had an asymmetrical hemline which set it apart from all the other pleated skirts for fall 2019 in stores right now.

Pleated skirts were huge a few seasons ago, and for the fall 2019 season, they’re back! I love a good pleated skirt because they offer a soft a-line silhouette which is flattering on almost anyone. They are also easy to dress up or down. This skirt will look amazing later in the season with high heel booties. Of course at fashion week, I took the comfortable route, and paired it with these walkable sneakers.

Can I give this top a shout-out too? It’s priced well under $100 and it’s the perfect black top for the fall season. It goes with anything-because it’s black, haha. It also boats on-trend puff sleeves which are a must this autumn. I can’t wait to wear it with everything in my closet! Well, all my bottoms of course, can’t pair it with any tops 😉 haha

Shop my fall 2019 pleated skirt outfit from New York:

Are you excited for the return of the pleated skirt this fall season?

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